How To Choose a Dog Groomer- Tips and Tricks to Find the Right Groomer For Your Dog

how to choose a groomer how to pick a groomer for your dog tips to find a groomer AlaskaGranny Maltese rescue dog AlaskaSammy are you wondering how to find a groomer
for your dog ask around people like to share information that’s helpful like who is their dog groomer
if you see people that have a dog that’s similar to yours or has a cute haircut
ask them who their groomer is get references for groomers from people that you trust
maybe your veterinarian or if you’re involved with a kennel or something like
that the next tip is to read reviews about groomers look online people will post reviews of groomers they want
others to know what their experiences are they’re happy to share when people
are pleased with the results of their groomer pet they’re likely to share the good
news with you so that you can have the same experience
call any groomer that you’re interested in ask them if they have experience with
your breed of dog discuss what are the licensing and training that they have
their experience and what are the requirements in the area where you live for groomers
that’s also a good time to discuss any special needs or concerns of your
particular dog plan ahead good groomers are booked weeks and weeks in advance
that’s why my Maltese rescue dog AlaskaSammy is so shaggy looking it took me a while to find a
groomer that I felt comfortable with and then I had to wait weeks and weeks to
get an appointment tomorrow he’s finally going to get pretty again he won’t be so
shaggy after tomorrow in between grooming make sure that you bathe your
dog pet and brush him so he is familiar with the grooming process plus it’s going to help
your pet look better and feel better if he’s been regularly brushed and bathed
trust your instincts visit the groomer see how the other dogs do they seem
happy do they look cute is it well-lit is it clean and do you feel comfortable
there then say your good-byes quickly trust that you made the right decision
that your pet is in good hands and know that he’ll be well taken care of until
you return when he be looking extra cute and pretty again
try these tips to find a groomer for your dog and please subscribe to the
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