How to Catch, Clean and Cook a Snapping Turtle! PT 1

hi there everyone hope you're having a great day this is everything outdoors with Les Johnson you want to learn how to catch a snapping turtle I'm here to show you exactly how to do without all the BS first thing you're going to need is some line I actually bought some Mason line but this is not going to work because it's hella unafraid it just it starts unwinding itself typically when I was a kid I used what was a line that you could buy in a spool about that long about that big around is about a hundred and forty pound tests yellow line and it was used for your set lines that Mason line is not going to work so also what I bought is big cat line and it's 72 pound test and there's 150 yards here so all we're going to need is about maybe 20 yards of line but the thing is when you when you catch a snapping turtle they eat your bait so when you're pulling a man they're clawing and pushing away from you so they have really long fingernails and they can actually cut the line so you want something that's fairly sturdy this is like a braid it's almost like leadcore if you will line and what I'm using to for a hook is a Faurot mr. catfish a really nice hook it's not a circle hook they're just going to swallow it and it's going to get caught in there their stomach and you're going to be pulling them in but the secret bait so many people they use a chicken liver or whatever and what happens is when you throw that out on the pond it sinks to the bottom so you're relying on that snapping turtle smelling it and having to swim over and find it and then eat it when you think about this my grandfather is what told me how is the person that told me how to catch snapping turtles and I've caught so many of them as a kid I would set four lines for snapping turtles I would catch four snapping turtles that day so here's what you use the secret bait is just a sparrow I use Birds and the reason for using a bird when you throw it out there it's going to be floating on top of the water the the snapping turtles underneath his eyes are on top of his head on the sides and more towards the top so basically what happens is when he's setting on the bottom and that that bird hits the water he instantly sees it so he sets there and he stares at it stares at it stares at Prasoon he can't take it so he's coming up for air and he just goes up eats it goes right back down to the bottom you got yourself a snapping turtle because he'll inhale it now what we're going to do is just tie this hook on one of the things about these hooks that you're going to use you want one with a big eyelet so you can see the big eyelet here I want that big eyelet because you're using heavy line for snapping turtles you may be pulling in a 20-pound snapping turtle so I'm just going to go through and I'm going to I'm going to tie it just like a would a normal hook so I'm going to wrap it about four or five times and then I'm going to run it right through the the loop there then I'm going to run it back through now there's nothing going to pull that off whew okay then I'm going to cut off the excess okay okay now all I'm going to do is just hook a sparrow on there basically you want him to float on surface and you're either going to have to hunt your sparrows or you're going to have to pull them out of your front of your vehicle sometime and just throw them in a freezer they'll last forever so if you've got a bird I'm just going to try to bury that hook in him and hook across the backbone so he's just like that and another thing you're going to need is a fence post and I that or any other kind of post you're going to put it on the edge of the water you're going to wrap it around tie it off throw it throw your bird out there one of the secrets to doing this okay is know your predominant wind direction if you're if you're if you're putting a line out for a snapping turtle if the winds predominantly coming out of the south you want to go to the the side that the winds blowing from throw it out so that wind takes that bird out as far you don't you want it to stay out in the middle you don't want the wind to blow it to shore so basically go to the same side the wind's coming from set your line throw your aunt your your bait out there so it stays out there in the middle of the pond floating on top they will see it they will eat it and when you check your line you're going to have a snapping turtle I'm going to get this thing out and we're going to see if we can't catch one here okay I'd off to a fence post right here I put it in the ground and I put the line clear down at the bottom so that way it can't bend this over and pull it up and over I've got my bird here I've got all my line try to line it all out and all I'm gonna do remember you're not you're not using any way you want it to float on top of the surface so I'm just going to throw him out there now he's out there about 20 30 feet I've got some spare line here and he's just floating out there I'll zoom up on him here in a little bit but it's just going to float there that snapping turtle down in the bottom I don't even know if there's one in here in this lake or this pond it's a tiny pond but I'll guarantee you there there is and as soon as that thing hit the surface snapping turtle he noticed it so he's down there looking at it we're going to see if we can catch one right here we'll check the trap price or the line later today we're going to go set a few more see if we can't get a little snapping turtle line going let's go doesn't even have to be out there long ways I'm only 15 feet out there but the thing is they'll they'll sense it they'll see it and they'll go right to it need it so we're going to leave this one alone so we got four out okay the first line I had set from yesterday I checked this morning it was my first one and it was all tangled up and my bait was gone and it was wrapped around all kinds of weed so I had something I don't know what it was now I'm checking the last line that I set yesterday and when I pulled across this dam I could see the line was tight over here into the weeds so I'm assuming I've got something just the way it went up in the weeds so gloves are on and it's pretty tight we're just going to walk down the bank I imagine I've got something here got a big old snapper here see them right here in the water in front of me okay this is where it gets a little tricky so you got it playing all the weave here he doesn't want to come in at all so I got to grab his tail and he's already snapping so I don't know what's gonna happen here here's one so uh you can get close you're not nothing gonna kid you but this is what they look like right so we've got one out of I set four lines yesterday I had something on the first one this is the second line checked so we'll get him throwing the vehicle and we'll go check the other one I've got to cut this line off of him too so he's not real big he's just uh a decent one so okay I'm here checking one of my lines again and I don't have any help and I think I have a little snapper the way it looks just a little guy but little guys turn into big guys okay here's what he looks like he smells nice too but he ate that sparrow so they're just they're kind of mean you know what I mean so I'll get him off of here you quit it and get a another hook put on and rebate it and we'll see if we can't catch mama okay we've got a couple turtles we're going to get these Turtles out of the pickup I've had them in the back of my pickup for a little while and they were not liking it but we're going to at least clean one of them you can see there's one of them not very happy he's going to have better days here before long

44 thoughts on “How to Catch, Clean and Cook a Snapping Turtle! PT 1

  1. Noooo leave it alone stop what if you are that snapping turtle probably you would like that so let it go let it be wild don't kill it you don't know how old it is you can take the fish but not the snapping turtles

  2. He bought cheap twisted mason line bricklayers uses braided line. That type of line is only used for jack lines

  3. This dude looks and talks like a young R. Lee Ermy. Liking him already except he's an evil turtle eater. He's kind of mean and unhappy b/c he knows your gonna chop him up and eat him. 😛

  4. Here in Mobile Alabama, due to the trot lines, holding them under water, and droning them, and the fire Ants, eat turtle eggs, after the female lay"s her eggs, buried along the Dog River banks, and also due to all of the development, there are no more Alligator Snapping Turtles, here in Alabama, but a few on the delta, and Alligator Snappers which have 3 rows protruding along the top of their shell, not like the common snapper in this video, and if you are willing to ship express mail, or over night, by way of Fed – Ex or U.P.S. and know where there are 4 to 6 small babies, less than 6" across ? I want to pool raise a few. Call me, Jonathan Williams Central Standard time zone: Call 251 – 447 – 6969

  5. Take a large joint of good weed, marijuana is in the country, where he is, but for pain just in case he bites you, as you are F – – ked if that turtle locks his jaw on you, or burn him with a cigarette lighter as a friend did,. he got stoned, and had to get 16 stitches on his left hand.

  6. Watched one suffer for to long to ever watch an idiot clean one of
    these special "apex predators" slaughtered.
    I'm pro hunting but feel like Snappers are special &
    should be left alone to do there work.

  7. This is not good killing innocent animals, eat some vegetables and fruits if you are hungry… u white moron…

  8. I hope I get to catch you on a hook, go through all this, torturously pull on the line, have you in the back of a- presumably hot- truck (When you are meant to be in water) and cook you some time. Ever heard of a grocery store hillbilly? Please remind me, what city do you live in again? I hope Karma whoops up on you. Thanks for putting me in a bad mood. Jubbba dooba doo, hillbilly boy…… I put a- reflective- curse on you and all the others that do crap like this when it's not essential for survival. I've hunted before, and know how to survive, but am not ignorant enough to do it until it's needed.

  9. why is it that every time I see a video of hunting or gaming wildlife for kill…it is always, I mean always narrated for some dude who talks like he did not go to school past the 3rd grade.

  10. Under the water, there is an alligator making a YouTube video on how to catch rednecks, using turtles for bait…

  11. He's not real big? Nah he's just a turtle ?that lived a good long live till your red neck ignorant ass took him out his environment

  12. Will all you snowflakes calm down! Getting rid of snapping turtles is actually a good thing. They eat all the fish in the ponds plus if you have cows that like to wade into a pond to cool off these snapping turtles will bite off their nipples causing infection and making them unable to be milked or feed their calves. Plus you can eat a snapping turtle so it is a win win! He’s not killing box turtles only these very aggressive pond destroying turtles

  13. Gross. Eating that thing is like eating shit. Turtles eat trash. Among other things. They are bottom feeders. Whatever falls to the bottom And rots, the turtle will eat. If you don't be careful you could get super sick if you don't clean the meat.

  14. Survival way my ass… as idiotic as the Chinese eating everything, what's next?
    Eating horse? Cats or dogs? What about eating other stupid redneck?…

  15. I’m from Alabama , been huntin and fishin all my life and this dude cracks me up , he’s s
    Something serious!!

  16. I am against eating them. I Will eat anything. Buffalo iguana I mean just about anything. I would try horse too.but not turtles. Turtle are chill animals.

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