How to Care for Tortoises : Picking a Tortoise

Ok. Now, you decided you want to get a Greek
tortoise, or maybe you’re just looking at tortoises in general. A Greek tortoise is
a great place to start if you’re-it’s your first tortoise. They are a desert species,
and they don’t get very big. What you’re looking at here is an adult, six inches. They get
six to seven inches. Again, like I said, they’re a desert species. And so we’ve decided that
we’re going to get one of these guys today. How do we pick a good one? Well, like with
any reptile, you want to get them out and you want to make sure he’s attentive and active.
You want to make sure his eyes are clear and clean. You don’t want any goop or gook around
them. Same with his jaw. Make sure his jaw is all intact, and there’s no discoloration
or breakage or anything like that. You know, check his feet. Make sure there’s nothing
strange going on, or unusual. And, of course, don’t hesitate to flip him over and get a
look at his tail and vent. Make sure there’s no poop encrusted there, or it’s not discolored
or swollen, just so we make sure we don’t have any health problems in the future. Also
get a look at his shell. Make sure his shell is nice and shiny and clean, and it doesn’t
have any cracks or chips or what we like to call pyramiding, which is when the shell builds
upon shell upon shell, and you get like little pyramids on each scoot, which is what these
little scales are called on the shell. So, that’s going-how we choose our tortoise for
today. And next, we’re going to talk about how to set up a cage for him.

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  1. It is hard to tell with Greek Tortoises because they have a large color variation within the species. However, severe discoloration I have seen will look like spots opposed to the square pattern seen on the back of the carapace.

  2. If there is a crack and the tortoise is bleeding or oozing, the tortoise needs to be taken to a vet… But if you cannot afford that zoomed has a repti wound-healing aid that can help. Also, with a proper high fiber and low protein diet the tortoise can go back to normal with time.

  3. I can read tortoise minds, "Uhm … mmmmmh … wut? …. blargh … maybe backwards? … no, urgh ….. wtf? get your finger out of my face ….uuuuuuuh, aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah …" …

  4. @oVALLACKo You can not get rid of it completly, but you can definatley prevent it from getting worse. Just feed it a diet high in fiber and very low in protein. Feed him stuff like grass, dandelion, collard, and mustard greens. Commercial turtle food isn't the best for them. Also, not too much fruit.

  5. im thinking of getting one and does any1 know which tortoise stays the smallest? or are they all the same size at adult?

  6. Ask where the tortoise was acquired. Most in the pet industry are wild caught – IF they survive, most will have parasites (which you won't see) – make sure you have plenty of money for vet bills! Walk out and find a reputable breeder.

  7. @KAAM48 Pet stores are horrible most of the time. Large corporate pet stores no nothing about the animals that they sell and the acquire these animals from cheap sources, meaning that the animal will probably not be used to captiveity and probably unhealthy. As you said get an animal from a breeder.

  8. I would like get one but my parents dont wont let me buy it and got one at home cause they think i dont gonna take care of it 🙁

  9. hi i am 13 and looking in to geting a new pet i already have a ball python and the pet i been looking into is a tortoise do u think it will be an easy and nice pet for me to have??

  10. Vita shell is proven to do literly "Nothing" healthy for your tortoise shell, yes it can make it glossy but it is known to trap bacteria in the scutes of the shell. No vita shell

  11. How to get a good tortoise? Don't buy from a pet store, where they are wild caught. Go to a reputable breeder for a captive-born tortoise (or adopt one in need of a home) It's the only responsible way.

  12. You dont need to buy a greek tortoise for a beginner pet mine was a sulcata and to this day I still have her

  13. Thank You, now I will buy a greek tortoise since 7 inches is ok, now I need to get the tank and I cant wait!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  14. Hello, I have a small tortoise that I inherited from a family member. I don't know much about them but I have read about them and tried to learn. Unfortunately it seems the tortoise is suffering from pyramiding. This isn't a huge problem, but what grade of sanding paper do I need to smoothen the shell? Do you guys do it by hand or use power tools to rectify your own tortoises?

  15. these Tortoises live in Barqa or east of Libya, nothing more adorable than baby Libyan Tortoises, btw they live in the green area not in the desert.

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