How to Care for Fruit Trees : Pest Control for Fruit Trees

One of the other things that you want to do-
when the tree is dormant, you want to spray it with dormant oil. Here is some dormant
oil, and you put it in a hose sprayer. It will tell you how to use per gallon on the
bottle and then your hose sprayer will tell- you can fill it up with that and you can place
a setting that will- there’s a setting on the top that will put out one tablespoon per
gallon, one cup per gallon- so you can rotate this circular measuring device that allows
it to mix as you spray. And then all you do is just, you have your hose attached and you
spray it and it mixes it as it sprays. So this dormant oil is very important for your
fruit. Otherwise you’ll have worms. It takes care of worms, scale insects, spider mites,
white flies, mealy bugs.

6 thoughts on “How to Care for Fruit Trees : Pest Control for Fruit Trees

  1. Dormant oil you use in order to enhance bud breaking in deciduous fruit trees like apple and peach. You apply it in the dormant season not in full foliage

  2. OMG…the description already states what type of oil is used, thats the only thing that is of any importance in the vid… expert village.

  3. please do explain. Where does one get citrus oil. I am trying to go organic without paying a million dollars on organic over priced crap

  4. Didn’t mention even how to get rid of the fruit flies. If you post a video that says for fruit flies. Then mention it in the video. Not recommended

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