How to Care for Ferrets : Pet Ferret Diet

My name is Fran Freedman and I’m here at
Morning Starr Animal Sanctuary. I want to talk to you today about feeding ferrets, and
that’s on behalf of Our ferrets here get top quality ferret food.
We never buy ferret food from a discount place. We do serve 3 foods. One is eight in one ultra
blend, which can be bought at PetSmart, Petco. We also use ANF, which we have flown in from
Texas. It’s a high quality ferret food, and that actually is donated by ANF Ferret
Foods in Nacogdoches, Texas. We also serve Missouri, which is usually served at Olsen’s
grain. I believe you can get that also at PetSmart of Peto. Definitely, any food that
has fruit pieces in it or coloration is not proper for a ferret. Water is essential to
ferrets. They can become dehydrated very quickly. They eat every 4 hours and they usually like
a nice drink with that. On our cages we always put 2 water bowls, one on the top and one
on the bottom. If you have a multi level cage you may want to do the same, just so that
they don’t have to walk the way down after eating. Because we have multiple ferrets and
cages, we supply a lot of food; always 2 different kinds foods, so if you ever run out of one,
they’re used to the other so they can go from one to the other. But as I said, they’re
always quality. You should never ever give your ferret cat food or kitten food. Companies
spend a lot of money on researching ferret food and it has to have minimum of 35% protein.
You have to make sure that it is a quality ferret food, so do read the bags when you
buy them. Like I said eight in one ultra blend is nice. They like it, they’re coats are
good, and they’ll definitely stay healthy.

4 thoughts on “How to Care for Ferrets : Pet Ferret Diet

  1. Can i trust all this commercial food to feed my ferret??????We all heard about the pet food scandal since 2007 and most cat an dog owners do not give commercial pet food to their pets anymore..So what about this commercial ferret foods?they are the same toxic or can i trust them?or shell i go for the raw food diet?Pls let me know..:(

  2. Shee-it… My ferret would only eat Marshalls ferret food. She would starve before eating anything else even raw or cooked chicken with no spices.

  3. Bahaha! Companies spend a lot of money on research? So you're telling me that 8-1, who make food for a variety of pets, is going to spend money on researching each and every pet they make food for? And when they did all this research, you don't think they would have learned that CORN is not good for an obligate carnivore? I'll stick to high quality, grain free, meat based cat food 🙂

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