How to Care for Fancy Guppy Fish. Poecilia reticulata Million Fish. How to set up a guppy tank.

hey guys Cory from aquarium co-op today I want to talk about fancy Guppies my favorite fish I am a fancy guppy nerd and so I’m going to tell you about how to keep them alive and you know tips and tricks so you know the fancy guppy is stranger to no one everyone’s seen fancy Guppies in a store at some point or another these are what we have here the things to know they like hard water they like higher pH if you’re not giving them that they’ll fall apart so I usually want to see them at at least 7.2 pH if not 7-5 I want lots of hardness they just do better that way the male’s have all the color typically you can get some females that have some decent color but the males have what’s called a gana podium so a little stick like fin on the bottom of the fish the females are going to be less colorful like this yellow one you’re seeing here and they also saw on the bottom they have a triangle fin so on the bottom trying to get it on there for you the bottom fin is a triangle as opposed to that little stick fin and so like this tequila sunrise little stick fin there as you can see and then if I can find that female again where’d she go well there is there she is right here this yellow female triangle fin by the anal so that’s how you sex them so color and then you know that fin is a much better determination but you always want to keep more females and males a good ratio to keep in mind is two or three females for every male you have now once you get up past 10 12 15 Guppies that ratio doesn’t matter as much anymore cos is enough to spread it around these guys are a live bear so if you set your tank up correctly with lots of hiding places and things like that you will produce babies typically very easy to feed will eat almost anything so you can use flake food you can use frozen foods you can use pellets they will eat almost anything they’ll pick it algae which that’s nice you can see them doing that on the filter they’re picking out some algae they’re great for planet Incas they show off all that color against your green backdrop there’s also specialized things like you know strains of Guppies you can be breeding that stay true and there’s basically a color if you can think of a color there’s a guppy out there that matches it it tend to be relatively cheap you know we’ve got about 4 bucks here they could be as cheap as 2 or 3 or as much as you know a few hundred dollars if it’s a specialty strain I would say smallest tank you really want to keep Guppies in as a 5 gallon and that’s if you had like just a trio a male and two females but really a 10 gallon or more 20 30 40 50 gallons all those are better a fancy guppy tank whether you’re a seasoned hobbyist or you’re just getting into it it’s gonna it’s going to be impressive to everyone now people say oh I’m not gonna do Guppies they’re so overdone you know the reason they’re overdone is because everyone loves them and it makes a great display the things you want to watch out for is don’t keep them too cooled some people say well you don’t have to heat Guppies you do all these Guppies are highly inbred to get these colors and so they really do like to be 78 to 80 so keep them warm keep them well-fed keep their water clean that’s an important part a lot of people they let it overcrowd they feed too much or trying to save all the babies and they get poor water quality then you get bacterial infections and things like that and the Guppies really just start going downhill so you want to keep them healthy by keeping their water clean they do great with most types of fish corydoras peaceful tetras like neon stuff like that you wouldn’t want to put them with other aggressive species so like let’s say red tail sharks Barb’s like Tiger Barb’s you wouldn’t want to put them with any aggressive tetras nothing’s going to tear it their fins so this is you know definitely what you want for a peaceful aquarium lots of color cheap easy to maintain you know if you don’t if you’re setting up a tank for Guppies my recommendation is go ahead and use crush coral as a substrate add minerals to the water so that it stays hard and you’ll have the licking Guppies that anyone’s ever seen and that’s a good thing and you’ll enjoy and you’ll make more you’ll never run out as long as you keep them healthy and you don’t kill them they will always be producing more you can hand your friends things like that so fancy Guppies one of the best fish my personal favorite fish if I had to pick one fish I could ever keep again it would be fancy Guppies because it gives me every color gives me options I can breed them I enjoy it every day I love my guppy tank so if you guys enjoyed this video go ahead and like it subscribe to check out other species videos like this we do educational videos on bigger topics we go see people’s fish rooms things like that but thanks for watching and we’ll see you in the next video

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  1. Thanks so much for your videos and knowledge on Guppies! My daughter and I got started yesterday with our very 1st trio of assorted guppies. The male is getting busy already. Lol

  2. The things that bother me is that a lot of them look the same, so when I saw a guppy look like my old one that’s dead …

  3. Hello can any one help me after weeks of having my guppies they all passed on .I'd checked my water for ammonia and that and all seemed fine ,my tank is a used tank and had a gold fish in it. I want to try again what do u suggest

  4. My guppies are always at the surface and never swim around, they arent gasping for air tho, just swimming at the surface, whats wrong? What should I do?

  5. I think you have moved on from guppies to other fish from your latest videos but this was a good one.  I have 100 tanks going, 75 are guppies, mainly the ifga type, and dumbo ears etc.

  6. I'm new gupp community and I bought four a couple days ago one of them my bought died the same night that I gotter but my tank in everything is right. I had a male this morning swimming upside down for no reason i flipped him over he is swimming fine now is that normal

  7. I'm thinking of setting up a 20 gallon long with some guppies or swordtails for my daughter and a smaller 10 Gallon for her to raise fry in her room.
    Fun to see what they grow into. Especially when you have a good variety of colors.

  8. my friend had a massive population explosion this past year with his fancy guppies, they are of a more common strain which makes them incredibly hardy and resilient fish. He gave 9 males that I keep in my 29 gallon along side 2 cobalt gouramies, 3 pepper corries and a German ballon ram. I have had this set up for about a month now, its a semi real and artificial planted tank with fluval C3 hang off back filter and teh only issue I had was a slight ammonia spike that is now going down (overfead oups). The guppies are doing extremely well in water kept at about 72-73 degrees. They are currently about an inch long, a few a bit smaller at 3/4 inches as they were born not latter then in august of 2018. They are a great fish to have in multiples and are very active.

  9. What are the best tankmates for guppies? I have a 50 gallon tank and I’m want other species in my tanks besides the usually Livebearers like the platies or mollies. Any suggestions? Thanks.

  10. Great info, thanks! In some online shops I also see coral sand (1 mm or so)… do you think it is better or worse than the crushed coral? Do you have any recommended quantity of crushed coral per volume of water and current PH/GH? What happens when the coral is used and stops buffering? Will it disappear? 🙂 Or only the tests can show that…

  11. Hey, I’m trying to decide if I should bring my pH down, it’s testing around 8.0 – I want to keep my plants alive but I know guppies like higher pH. Does anyone have any tips – should I bring it down?

  12. Neon tetras can be very annoying when paired with Guppies in a tank. If you don't keep a close eye on them they can turn aggressive and try to eat all your Guppies.

  13. I have a ten-gallon tank, with 1 pleco, 2 neon tetras, and 5 guppies. ( 2 male, 3 female) Is that enough room? F.Y.I I have java moss and baby saver plants so the baby will survive. Is 76 degrees hot enough?

  14. A story about keeping guppies with other fish, I once had a black male molly, and black and orange female, and a boy and girl guppy. The black male chewed of the male guppy fin, and he kept living for months after that. But be careful with guppies and molly. Also, the molly bred and I gave one of the mollys to my grandparents, and the fish is now 3 inches long!

  15. I currently buy my Fancy Guppies here: use my affiliate code: aquariumcoop to save 5%.

  16. I'm so embarrassed that I didn't go far enough back in the vids to see this one….thanks for remaking it today LOL! I'm now concerned that there may not be enough room in my 10 gal for a pair. I've got 3 Mystery snails & 6 shrimp with the possibility of more being added….possibility, not definite. Do you think that would overcrowd the 10 gal to add a pair?

  17. I subbed because of this video. <3 I got some from a friend who ended up with a ton of babies and I love them.

  18. Can I have a tank with just males? I'm thinking of starting a 20 gallon with 12 guppies, and I wasn't sure if having just males would be okay, since they have so much more colour.

  19. when I go to Walmart sometimes there are guppies there that will follow your finger when you move your finger on their tank

  20. Hey I have a question the shiny blue and dark gray guppies close to the beginning of the video what morph is that cause I have one just like it but is has a long straight aial then a triangle cut out of it

  21. Somebody please explain; in the media and forums, first-time-fish-owners are ripped apart for having 3 guppies in a 7 or so gallon tank, but people like this (who supposedly know what they’re doing), have a relatively crowded (I don’t know the measurements exactly) tank. I’m not hating on anyone, just wondering why the standards are so different?

  22. I really enjoyed this video. I am trying to breed guppies right now. So far I have about 35. 6 of my females are pregnant. Im excited for more to come!! Thank you.

  23. I took notes using this video on guppies since I want to buy guppies when my sister leaves for college so that I can keep them in our room without having to ask her.Also I almost filled up a whole page.I've never had guppies so want to make sure I do ALL of my research.I also wanna breed guppies eventually so I wann get everything right before I start actually breeding the guppies.

  24. Nice video! When you say hard water are you talking about over 220 T.D.S? I have a 20 long with lots of seiryu stone and I heard from a youtube Cichlid keeper that says that it will eventually raise the hardness. I used an A.P.I test strip and its high but I will need to test with a gh test kit to know for sure. I lost all my tetras in that tank first two rummy nose then all my glowlight tetras but not all at once. I set up this tank back in August of 2018. I started loosing tetras about a month ago. I did regular water changes and it was lightly stocked, only 5 tetras and two ammano shrimp.

  25. Hello! I'm thinking about getting guppies but I only have experience with goldfish. I have an empty 20 gallon tank, I dont want to crowd them, what is a good amount of guppies so they r comfortable?

  26. Thank you for all the great info! I have a question about water chemistry… My ph and kh are right for guppies, but my gh is way too low. I use RO water. Any advice on how to balance these numbers? Appreciate the info!

  27. I’ve been trying to convert 105 litres into gallons for a while now, yet the results always differ depending on if it converts to imperial gallons or the American version. Usually online it will just say ‘10 gallons per fish or 20 gallons per fish’ etc. Help!

  28. My guppy died today…. sadly was eaten by my other fishes after it died and all i could find was it's fins left ?

  29. Just started looking about these topics today, after we lost over 30 babies that we were super excited to have, a day after they were born. They started dying one by one, and I didn’t know why or what to do. The more they died, the faster the others followed. The water started to become really nasty-looking and I found some very small brown dots moving around on the edges of the tank and specially around and inside the little incubator tank for the babies. This all happened in a matter of hours. I have a phobia with fish outside the water, so I can’t put my hand inside the tank or move them to another one, and it was very painful to me to feel so powerless and lose our little guys. The aquarium is always been my dad’s, but after this happened, I’m taking charge and getting informed. As much as I can’t be too close to them, I will not tolerate any animal being neglected because someone was lazy to even get informed on what they need. They are beautiful and they need to be taken care of. So thank you for the information. Could it have been because there were too many babies inside the incubator? The mom died too. I wonder if she was sick? Or just too much food leftovers in the tank? We have a few of these gray ones that supposedly clean the bottom of the tank, and one of those who sticks to the glass, so my dad doesn’t believe me about the over feeding. I still got him to clean the whole entire tank and rocks and stuff and put new water so that I can take care of them from now on, and they look a bit happier, I think.

  30. This video was so helpful! I am new to owning guppies i have owned bettas but never had guppies before so excited! I have some questions. How do you make the water hard? How many times should i clean my tank i have 5 guppies and one molly and a female betta. Thank you so much!

  31. I don't know how to sell fish but I have a split fin guppy the colors are: Yellow,redish, and black with leapord print design. I'm not sure if their rare but yeah.

  32. I was wanting to set up a guppy tank for a long time. I happened across this channel and I now have three tanks set up and counting. I have a 29 gallon, controlled lighting, CO2 planted tank and I want guppies only, snails of course but I wanted a few ottos or fancy matching cory's. I see them in this tank but are they ok together. what about otocynclus(sp) ?

  33. If I did a trio in a 5.5 gallon, would they need to be male and 2 females? Or could I do all male or all female? I feel like keeping them in a 5.5 wouldn't be right if they were to keep breeding

  34. How many guppies do you think I can keep in a 55litre tank with strong filtration and weekly water changes?

    Edit. I want fish to thrive!

  35. When I had my guppy tank as a kid I used to get all of these leopard spotted ones. I was kinda surprised to hear in this video that they will die in soft water, because we never really treated our water and it was really soft.

  36. Hey!I have a question could I keep 2-3 Cory catfish and 3 guppies in a five gallon or is that to small?? Thanks for the video! ?

  37. Guppy costs $5.95 each where I live for male or female they are just mutt guppies bred for no real colouring genes etc.

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