How To Calm An Excited Dog (First Meeting) – Live Dog Demo!

YouTube Cesar Millan I am here Santo Domingo reporting element gana I finish a show last night this is my first time in this gorgeous island we planted a seed they are definitely becoming more a Society of the Glovers they're becoming more understanding harness empathy and compassion for animals who still see doctor in the street but you know you have to start someplace for me is more important the blaming of burning fingers for me is to bring the education I think they are the most important thing we can bring to people has make them conscious of what they are doing right and what they're doing wrong and so that way we are practicing but a few months better planet but the next episode I want to show you or the next clip I want to show you it's a live show I did in Sweden you know the shows that I do are worldwide to be is important to spread the message everywhere I'm going to show you a clip about a dog named Troy where I'm teaching the owner which I'm teaching the audience let me show you how to teach a dog how to stay calm and run a food by the dog using his sense of smell most people wanna touch a dog based on the ears of the eyes like stay leave it drop it all the stuff to me the most important part is when a dog actually learned doing is the most important and powerful scent which is his nose so enjoy the clip watch all the little details that I follow one of them that you wanna see is when a dog star yawning when Troy start yawning and then seconds later you see how he settles down and understand so it's very important to see the signs before the dog actually comes down because a lot of people aren't the way more than three seconds so I enjoy the culebras are you both how are you very good look look he's no Cielo okay so you can see so you know as you see Troy right now is somewhat you can see that he's in an excited state yes mile not high but if you if you see that he's you know exploring and excited but if you come in this is our first meeting if you go and go then you're gonna send throw it to another level yes and that becomes your first meeting that becomes you first imprint so the dog will remember you as that source all right I have food so I'm gonna I'm gonna add a layer I'm gonna add a layer of a scent because you know whatever you step on you know it's a layer of you know whatever it is and then sweating in all other so you have your own smell on top of that we're gonna bring another scent so we're gonna excite the brain a lot more don't you think yeah because it's like a layer like a cake you have a whole bunch of smells alright but it's how you approach that they relate the smell of something what that means okay okay you stay right there relax yeah so I no touch no talk no eye contact to the dog you can talk to the human you can do whatever you want it's just the energy towards the dog is calmness and the energy to the human can be excited and they know the difference okay we're coming in don't pull the leash just let it be there just a little bit don't pull the leash nobility yeah he have to figure out the leashes just for boundaries that's all right don't worry about it don't worry so we're going to ignore the behavior and then once he does the behavior we want that's what we reward with food with toys or affection right so we're not ignoring Troy we ignoring the behavior right because this is our first time meeting so if we have a baby we want a dog to become in front of the baby you're most grown-ups they actually create excitement first yeah so that right there he gives you distance distance is respect and then slowly they calm down yeah but we still have a conversation and the dog is participating from an instinctual point of view okay you see my point so the human gets to have the you know the ears eyes nose and they get to have no sightseers so with a dog is no size ears human its ears eyes nose see my point yeah yeah so food is right here we're not limiting you know we're not moving it away right it's right there but what we claiming it's oh by the way I'm holding the food I'm actually claiming it right excitement no problem there you go see it there you then you give it so at the end you see how Troy gets a little bit more excited so it gets worse before it gets better so that's a good sign yeah I've to understand you have to learn to read the signs so the dog is communicators and dogs are always communicating mother nature is always communicating so when Troy yawns and then right after Yangtze gets a little bit excited what he's saying is he's letting all the exciting go and then right after that he settles down sits down and then as soon as you do that that's when we reward that behavior so what we're doing is space calmness waiting nose eyes ears now you have exactly the spirit of a dog the heart of a dog in the instance of a dog understanding the ritual and the symbolic meaning that is for us in the formula we want them to understand you to thank you for watching we're gonna get natural simple and profound and I promise you we're gonna take the relationship to the next level or to the level it was meant to be love you very much enjoy the chance

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  1. Ei men your back you remember this?????????
    For not latin people in the video he say, at dogs never never punch, ooouou shit mother fucker dog the shit ???????????

  2. One dog used, already relatively obedient. This is fake as hell. Lets see this on tons of dogs, and how many out of all will it effect. Find dogs that are not well trained. Because this is absolutely useless information and I can promise people, will not work on a lot of dogs.

  3. If you're ever single I would love to date you ❤️
    You're such a wonderful human being with such a great heart. Best of vibes in everything you do.

  4. Una vez que tenemos a alguien que sabe y habla español, queremos entenderlo bien.
    Haz videos en español, por favor.

  5. Love your vids! Please keep them coming. Think maybe I need to use treats to keep my dogs focused on me , on walks. My dogs are good dogs, but only problem is they go crazy when they see another dog. They do good if I only walk with one, but normally I have several hounds and they go almost uncontrollable if I run into another dog on the street….

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