How to butcher a rabbit

Start by removing the hind legs, cut through the meat and the spine where the legs join the body. Pop and twist the spinal joints if it’s too difficult to cut through. Cut the front legs away from the ribs, cut between the rib cage and the saddle using a heavier knife to cut through the spine if necessary. Discard the rib cage and trim away any loose flesh from the saddle. Chop the saddle into two pieces through the back bone Your rabbit is now ready to cook.

10 thoughts on “How to butcher a rabbit

  1. They wasted meat, made an extra break in the spine before cutting it that could have left shards of bone that would be quite unpleasant to have to eat. I am afraid to say that for all their gourmet leanings, they don't know a thing about efficiency.

  2. english maybe but not the scots my friend…. we eat the fuckin lot and feed the giblets and bones to the dog

  3. No man take it from some one that know…it is crap just toss it (lol jk) no but for real you make stock out of bones and it may not look like it but what she tossed out had a lot of meat on it I have in the pass got close to 2 pounds of meat of the ribs and neck.

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