How to Build a Rabbit Hutch – Cheap and Easy

If you’re looking to build an inexpensive rabbit hutch this one I built might provide a bit of inspiration for you. I built the frame out of 2X4s I have a 3 by 6 frame on the top and a 3 by 6 frame on the bottom and then I have 2-foot corner posts so the hutch is two feet high. And I got a roll of 16 gauge wire – this 1″ by 2″ wire mesh and put it around the side. For the top I used some stiffer wire it’s 1 x 2 inch mess as well. I actually got this off of and old barn fan that was retired and this is pretty heavy stuff – I’m not
sure what gauge it is but its heavy enough that I’m able just
to lay this across a top it doesn’t sag
much in the middle. There is a separate peice of wire on the final two feet of the top here and I use gummy straps to keep that down and I have wire ties where it meets the rest of the ceiling
and that way I can I can lift this up and get in pretty
easily I can also then lift up the tote here that I use for shelter and I can clean that out as I need to. On the bottom here I have a couple boards that go across the bottom
frame Just to make a floor up from
bottom just a little bit and then I used a tote I got at the dollar store turn it upside down and put a hole in for
the rabbit to get in This has a tendency to slide around so I screwed these little blocks of plywood on four sides just to keep it so it doesn’t move around in there, and that makes it pretty sturdy. I fastened the wire to the sides using staples, just stapled it to the 2x4s and the wire on top I just fastened to the
wire on the side using wire ties. the rabbit hutch I had been using was a fairly small one that I got early on
when the rabbit was smaller but now that she’s grown bigger
I decided she needed a bigger space and I’m a fan of rabbit hutches that
allow access to the ground and I also like ones that are light enough that you can slide it around and give the rabbit a new section of ground and more vegetation to eat. so this one pretty much fills all of those objectives. If you found this video useful be sure to press that like button or leave me a comment below. Also, if you know of any improvements or variations on this
design I’d be interested in hearing those as well. As always thanks for watching and I’ll see you next time.

100 thoughts on “How to Build a Rabbit Hutch – Cheap and Easy

  1. Length high and with please I did not understand 3
    By six plz reply as soon as possible cos my rabbit is coming in a week

  2. Love it! But the rabbit needs a companion. They are flock animals. But thumbs up for the tractor you build for it. I have to save this for later! 🙂

  3. Rabbits are diggers/burrowers. You need to have wire on the bottom so they cannot dig out – or have a predator easily dig in. You can get 1" X 2" wire and that will allow the grass to stand up through the bottom of the cage and give the rabbit access to the ground.

  4. Similar to what I was thinking about. I like the idea of no wire in the bottom. I know that rabbits are diggers but I like to slide it around every other day for them to have different area under them. Plus they can mow my grass and add fertilizer 🙂

  5. thanks man that's just the information I was looking for I have bin wanting to get a rabbit but didn't want to pay the kind of money that the store's wanted for a rabbit hutch this has saved me a lot of money

  6. mate it looks good how much did it cost for materials n how long did it take to build ? my son wants to build one for our rabbit Eric and is concerned re costs . Thanks pal

  7. This is great.. I love the open bottom… wire is awful for bunnies feet as they have no padding on the bottom and are therefore very sensitive. I think your girl would love a boyfriend 🙂

    Awesome to see you taking such lovely care of your bun

  8. Rabbit will die faster if you leave them outside like if it was snowing they can freeze to death if it was raining it could get very sick and die and strange animals can eat them.?

  9. Thank you for your wonderful video. I don't have mud r grass. place in my ground floor can I place the hutchouse on my terrace under shade.

  10. This is an amazing video! Im thinking of getting a bunny but i cant because the cages are too expensive so this video is very helpful!

  11. Maybe leave the lid on the tote for easier removal and clean up. That way you can carry bedding and bunny poo (bunny gold) straight to the garden, mulch box, tree base or trash can and then just spray/wash off the lid , dry and return to cage. Less mess on boards and easier for you. Win, win!

  12. I just made the hutch last week, following your video, and I just found my rabbits 5 minutes ago outside of their new cage. They did dig their way out =/ Now I have to figure out what to put under the cage. It's too bad since I wanted to have their mess fall directly to the ground without using wiring that could injure their feet. What to do…

  13. If you don't want the rabbit burrowing enough to get out of the cage, you could build a bottom out of wood and fill it with dirt and grow grass there. Over the dirt you could make the rest of the cage.

  14. Use caution with that plastic tote, we used a couple for some temp hutches, and the little buggers ate them! If at all possible, get yourself some wood Apple Crates.

  15. Hi I know this is an old post but I have a question, what size nails or screws did you use ? This is a great idea I like leave my on the grass while I'm outside with her and this is exactly what I need?

  16. How big is rabbit? I'm trying to make one for my jumbo guinea pig so I can take him outside every once in a while so he's not locked up all day but I'm not sure how big I should make the cage. This seems like it would be perfect if he's around the same size as your rabbit and I know he would love having fresh grass to chew on if I made it for him.

  17. Dear GCA, do you have any issues with the rabbits trying to dig out of the tractor? I have a retired chicken tractor, thinking of adding wheels and welded wire across the bottom as our bunnies have demonstrated a propensity for digging when we put them in pen for grazing. Thanks.

  18. Build that if you want your rabbit to escape. Oh and domestic rabbits should be housed indoors for several reasons

  19. Thanks! this was great inspiration for my rabbit hutch! cheap and easy, just wondering how much all of this would cost?

  20. OMG thank you so much! I'm getting a bunny for a late birthday present, The cage looks perfect and easy for my dad to build. We don't want to buy a cage at the pet store because they are too little for bunny's.

  21. Love that you wanted to give bun proper space so he/she is happy. Looks great too! Only thing is bun needs more shelter from the weather. And make sure he/she can't dig out.

  22. I love this simple plan. I think I can build this, even with my very beginning skills. Questions: 1) Have you had trouble with the rabbit chewing the tote? Also, I think I might put a wide wire mesh on the bottom, just for safety. I've got a few predators and also, rabbits can dig. Thoughts?

  23. I like it im getting a rabbit/bunny but in the winters i love near Dallas and it get very cold in the winter but can i put like wood so my rabbit/bunny will not dig him self out so i might build this so yeah thanks

  24. I thought it was terrible. The plastic hut without ventilation extremely heats or freezes. The sun and have rain would go straight in there. Maybe good intention in relation to space, but insulation and rain protection not considered at all. Bunnies, guinea pigs are extremely sensitive to weather conditions. They do not cope with extremely hot neither extremely cold… and wet soil can give them lots of diseases.

  25. Thanks for posting. I'm looking at ways to make my bunnies more comfortable outside. Right now they have a two-level wire and metal condo with a wire panel enclosure so they can run around outside of it. It's on my deck outside the patio door covered with tarp and plastic for the elements when its chilly, but I move them in and out of house depending on the weather.

  26. Has somebody already said you definitely need to put wire on the bottom. It can be even the 2-inch wire so that fresh vegetation can come right through. Because without it the rabbit will dig a hole out easily. Plus you can still move it around with the wire. Looks good

  27. I love this. We have a little guinea pig pasture and are looking to secure it from coyotes. I'm not super handy (and don't have many tools), but I can manage something like this. Terrific! Thanks!

  28. Really good except a better and safer option is using a wire that is smaller so flies can’t get in. I’d be afraid of my bunny getting infected by fly eggs.

  29. It's far too small. Rabbits need a LOT of space. This still isn't big enough. They need an 8ft by 6ft in order to run and exercise properly!

  30. Thanks very much! This is the best design. I'm going to use a recycled/cheap plastic cooler box with a door cut out for the hut to keep it insulated like that Omlet eglu.

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