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Hi guys and welcome back to creativepetkeeping
my little bunny named Mochi recently underwent surgery to remove and eye to help her fight
an infection and abscess that formed under her eye and this was her tiny little hospital
cage where she recovered well its about time for her to get an upgrade this is the space
that I am going to use and its an extra spot near the couch where spend a lot of time and
I think it will be a good spot for her cage so for the sides I am using wire storage cubes
also known as C&C grids you can use baby gates or you can use playpen materials, expens are
really good, but this is what Ifound at my local bad bath and beyond Ishould have an
amazon link down below for you to get them ahh usually they come in white or black Igot
black Iwill also be using a yoga mat to protect the floor from any accidents and also cable
ties to tie it all together. When building a cage definitely have someone
help you out as you can see Muki is causing trouble but if you are younger have someone
help you out. I got a paper cut trying to open this box
and I m 24 so you know always always have some help
you out oh yea here’s a close-up, it’s Hello Kitty because I’m like that. SO this is what the C&C grids look like when
you open then I kinda like this brand because all of them consistently obviously are the
same size although they do these weird shelf like bonus uhh two grilds you can probably
get creative..probably make a shelf out of it for your bunny but I like how consistent
they are in size. Back then when I used to buy C&C grids sometimes
they used to have a set where a couple were small and others ones have larger gaps the
the larger ones were always kinda useless to me so that’s awesome. Before you get started definitely lay out
all your pieces so you can get an idea of how large your cage is going to be and also
play around with the different configurations to see what will work the best for you. Then it is time to get your cage ties and
start to attach your pieces. So this is what it looks like with the cage
ties attached be sure to snip off any excess parts that hang out and if you want your umm
cage to kinda open and close a lot easier or for the pieces to fold attach your cable
ties at an angle. So here is what my progress looks like as
I start to attach different pieces together. Bunnies are great jumpers but some not as
much Mochi is not really a big jumper so I attached two panels using some cage ties in
the middle to add some height to sides to make sure she doesn’t escape her cage and
as you can see because I am overlapping the grids it keeps the grids from falling over
and kinda supports them. If you need something a lot taller I recommend
supporting it with possibly some extra pieces of wood. As your bunny leans on the cage you want it
to be able to support the weight. So here I am putting everything together I
had a really cute fleece blanket that’s on the bottom the nice thing about it is Im using
the cage walls to keep it in place and I can wash this blanket out every week or every
other week. Afterwards I ended up adding all of the accessories
and check out how cute this cage looks, now Imay or may not add a top on top of it I’m
not really sure what I am going to do yet my bunny does get along with my cats really
well so I don’t really mind that they would go inside especially now that she has recovered
from her surgery a lot more but I think this cage turned out really cute. I did put a little piece fo wood in the corner
to prevent her from chewing the couch as well as some granite so she can lay down and cool
on top of it some little untreated wood blocks to play with cute little decorations and I
have a water dish as well as a water bottle so she can choose if she wants to drink from
the water bottle or from the dish. So that is my cage setup and now it is time
for Mochi the bunny yo check it out. For those of you that are new umm may not
know that Mochi did have surgery to remove her eye so she is a little sensitive and still
spooks as you can see here she got a little startled when I blocked her from getting out
but she is doing well to adjust to the life you know having one eye she is using her other
senses her sense of smell as well as her hearing Iwanted to make sure that this cage didn’t
have very much for her to bump into and was very easy and simple to navigate Ialso wanted
her litterbox/food/hay corner to for her to be able to get out of it a lot easier so usually
with litterboxes it is best to get litterboxes with a lot higher corners aaa usually those
really talled walled litter boxes are great for bunnies in her case Iwanted something
as low as possible so from different angles she can jump in and out I also added that
little wood chew in the corner so she dosent bump her face into that corner so its like
a big bulky object thats a lot easier for her to notice that will kinda help keep her
safe and uhh she can chew on it whenever she feels like it. So that is kind of what this cage looks like,
be sure to also check out Mochi the bunnies gofundme there will be a link down below we
are gathering funds to help pay for her surgery all of her medical procedures and if we have
any leftover money that we don’t use we are going to donate all of it to the vet bill
for the red door ahh animal shelter that takes care of and helps a lot of bunnies. So I hope that you enjoyed this video and
seeing this new awesome home for Mochi

23 thoughts on “How to build a CHEAP DIY Rabbit Cage | Winter Theme

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  2. Nice video ❤! I don't want to be that person that is disliked by everyone for being a "hater" but, this cage needs a small bit of constructive criticism. I think, that you need to get rid of the water bottle (rabbits can barely drink out of them) and get a bigger water dish because rabbit can drink as much and even more water then smaller adult dogs. Sorry, for the criticism. besides the water, I loved your video. ?❤?

  3. I tried doing this the same exact way a while ago before I came across your video and it was so flimsy and didn't work I was sad xD

  4. I know I'm a little late, but my question is that is this cage stable?
    Cause my rabbit is really "active" and she often climbs on the wires or chew on them 😀

  5. This is a nice cage for a disabled rabbit, definitely not big enough for a healthy rabbit… also, I think you should add a hidey house

  6. I want to build this for my 2 year old bunny. How do I get her potty trained to always poop and pee in the bucket?

  7. Bunny’s aren’t supposed to have a cage! Ugh this annoys me so much!!! Rabbits are free roam animals and don’t deserve to be in a cage all the time! They are not even supposed to be near one! They are supposed to have a cat sized litter box and they are not supposed to have a water bottle they are supposed to have a water dish/ bowl!!

  8. hi! just came along your page and its very cute but one thing water bottles aren't the best for bunnies since its not really natural im just saying but if it works for your buno than thats great!!

  9. No don’t keep that bottle … get ur bunny a bowl with water instead it way more natural for them and it’s not enough water coming out of that bottle . A rabbit drinks a lot .

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