How To Brush Your Dog's Teeth And Train Dogs To Cooperate

hi I'm Clinton and this is my little girl Roxie dental health is extremely important for your dog in fact I remember my first two Lassa absolute dog pepper and max I had to take them into the fat clinic every few years just to get their teeth clean because of tartar buildup and to get their teeth clean they had to get under general anaesthetic and as you can appreciate that's never a good thing not to mention the costs involved so when I got my new Lhasa Apsos Roxie and her brother Chester I decided to brush their teeth as part of their daily routine grooming now you might be asking how do you brush a dog's teeth how do you even get a dog to cooperate in getting their teeth brushed well I'm going to show you the exact steps that I took to Train Roxie and her brother to get their teeth cleaned the first step that must be done is to train them in terms of touching them anywhere you want in fact this type of training should commence immediately as soon as you bring your new puppy home you want to train your dog when he or she is still young now ideally you should be able to touch your dog anywhere so I can touch Roxy anywhere in the paws underneath the back the tail yes even the bomb just in case if I have to clean her dirty bump and of course anywhere in the head I should be able to touch her anywhere in the ears okay last axles are also notorious for discharge around the eye area so I can touch Roxy anywhere in the eyes and then of course inside the mouth and basically to start training your dog to cooperate when you do that is you basically stick your finger inside their mouth okay right there Roxy good girl good in both sides other side yes that's good now for a new puppy he or she might start nibbling on your fingers they probably think it's some type of game but you just have to be assertive you just have to be Stern and show the puppy who's boss it's not a game you can stick your fingers in their mouth whenever you want that's the first step now to introduce your dog to toothpaste first of all never and I repeat never used human toothpaste for your dogs they will ingest the toothpaste and if they ingest human toothpaste they will get sick so what you have to do is you have to go to the pet store and buy some special pet toothpaste now it's not as bad as it sounds because pet toothpaste comes in all sorts of flavors that dogs love it comes in chicken flavor beef flavor I've got some right here and actually the first step that I did to introduce my dogs to pet toothpaste all you do is you take a little bit of toothpaste you just dab some on your finger just like that and you let your dog sniff it your dog will lick it so she loves this stuff so she knows what this is all about but this is exactly what you do have a new puppy now after you get that done put a little more on your finger and this time what you want to do this you want to place a little bit of this toothpaste on your dog's tooth just like this open there you go and she's gonna lick it so she knows this is good stuff to progress you want to put some more toothpaste again on your finger and this time you want to use your finger as if it's just like a toothbrush so just like before when you stick your finger in your dog's mouth that's what you want to do you want to stick it into the back there and just pretend that you're brushing her teeth on both sides with your finger and she's gonna lick it and she loves the stuff that's the progression that you take also in the front now you do this for a few days so that your puppy is used to this he's used to having your finger in her mouth also with the toothpaste the next step is entirely optional you can use what's known as a finger brush basically it's a Roman peace like this it's got some bristles you just place it on your index finger like so you can also get at the pet store a glove basically it's a glove brush and a glove brush is just a plastic glove that fits over your hand and it's got some built-in bristles where the fingers are same idea but the way you use a finger brush is exactly what you did with your fingers so you basically put some toothpaste on the bristles here you'll let your dog lick it put some more and then you basically put it inside her mouth and just use the same action that you did with your fingers again this is entirely optional I used a finger brush for my first to last absol but with Roxy and her brother I didn't even use this I completely skip this step I read straight to a toothbrush and you could do that as well if you should choose so now to introduce your dog to the toothbrush you could get a pet toothbrush at a pet store and they're basically brushes that are a little bit angled and sometimes they have a larger piece and a smaller piece depending on the size of your dog now I didn't bother with a pet toothbrush I just went straight to a regular toothbrush because I happen to have extra toothbrushes from my dentist and it's not a problem my dogs use a regular toothbrush all the time here's what you do so you put some toothpaste on the brush like so okay and what you're going to do is you're going to put it inside on the cheeks so I'll put it inside the cheek there okay and what I do is I close I keep my other hand to close the mouth and now I brush good girl and then I go over to the next position the other side I do the same thing and then finally a little bit in the front that's like a first step the second step I repeat the same thing except I have the mouth open so I again I use one finger pried open okay there you go Roxy now I can see what's going on do the bottom and also the top excellent and then now the other side use my finger here to pull it back a little bit so I can see what I'm doing very gentle I brush the bottom and then the top okay good girl and then I brush the front so I'm holding on to her head so she won't move too much and she knows what it's all about and that's it done very easy good girl I see nice clean teeth this is my boy Chester this is Roxy's brother I'm going to do the same thing with Chester so you can see what I'm doing but a little bit more of a close-up now we're going to do Chester same thing I have some toothpaste on the brush here what I'm going to do is I'm going to insert it in the muff good boy inside the cheek and then I bolt the mouth closed now you don't have to hold the mouth closed I just do because I like to do it in two steps a lot of people don't do it this way good boy okay other side good excellent now the front good boy okay now the second step now this is what most people do just the second step so I take my finger I open up the mouth so I've seen what I'm doing there's the teeth to the bottom good now the top excellent okay other side use my finger to private okay let me see Chester good boy and then the top boy okay now the front all right now the veterinarian's they say that you actually don't have to brush the inside of the teeth just outside teeth that counts but if you want to and if you can you could try brushing the inside of teeth as well and sometimes I do with my dogs okay I just do the insides a little bit okay another side good boy that's it that's it for brushing dogs teeth quite simple the whole idea is you have to get me started when they're young let me see you a nice clean teeth Chester Wow very nice fresh crowd – excellent okay so don't ever neglect your dog's dental health it's extremely important for them hope you found this very useful

24 thoughts on “How To Brush Your Dog's Teeth And Train Dogs To Cooperate

  1. I can’t tell you how helpful this is. We just adopted a puppy and I was looking all over for a tutorial on how I was gonna get my pup to cooperate to let me brush his teeth. Thank you for taking the time to post this video, gonna try all your suggestions now?

  2. Very Helpful Thanks, we have a Lhasa Apso who does not like getting his teeth brushed. I will use these techniques.

  3. Isn't that a little harsh using a human toothbrush for your dog? I guess not, your dog is handling it whereas my dog wouldn't. I tired training my dog since she was a puppy but never did she give in and now she's almost 5 years old and I'm very concerned about her oral hygiene because I still have not been able to brush her teeth and there are signs of tarter build up. One thing I haven't tried was using food flavored toothpaste, hopefully the change of toothpaste will make it easier to brush my fur baby's teeth. Thank you for your demonstration.

  4. As a practical matter, I find that lying your dog on his side on top of a counter makes this process much easier to perform. The dog is more comfortable and you have more control when brushing – and yes, the inside of their teeth is also important to clean. If you brush the inside of your teeth, and heaven forbid that you don't, why would you think otherwise with regard to the inside of your dog's teeth?

  5. If they avoiding you brushing more than usual that means there is pain..stop take them to the VET i couldnt imagine suffering tooth pain and not be able to tell anyone. Ugh

  6. What well behaived dogs. Unfortunately I got my girl when she was 4 and she does not have any submisse bones in her body. However I persist and whether it is nail clipping or tooth brushing she resists emphaticsaly.

  7. I learned the hard way, 3k in surgery, driving 300 miles for special anesthesiologist as local vet said he couldn't finish due to low heart rate, so she had to be put through the pain of surgery TWICE over it…

  8. i suffered 2 strokes leaving me with the use of my left arm. i have 3 dogs, can you show me how to clean their teeth using one hand please?

  9. Nice job , Clint. One thing I would add. Use the softest brush and NON-Abrasive dog toothpaste you can find. Dogs only have 1/3 the thickness of human enamel. Enamel does brush away over time, exposing the softer dentin underneath.

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