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  1. My cats are use to small animals. Not sure if my older cat that hunts outside would be good with a bird but he was good with hamsters (where they are like mouse) and he didn't go after them. But my younger cat did so idk how she deal with a bird..

  2. HELP I NEED MORE INFO! My mom has always been afraid of birds, and im scared my cats will attack them because there is a bird toy the love and it would die if it were real.. I need more information on how to introduce a bird to two cats!

  3. What if you have two rabbits? I want as much as my favourite animals as I can get, the ones I can get are birds, rabbits and horses so how to are introduce a bird to a rabbit?

  4. I'm getting another parakeet and the only pet I have is an African Clawed Aquatic Frog. I don't think I should be super worried. Right?

  5. Could a dog transmit a disease because I have a beagle and I don't want the bird to get sick or the bird maybe transmitting disease to the dog.

  6. these people doing bird videos know nothing about birds. i have watched several from them and i am shaking my head. bad information being put out there…. ugh.

  7. I just need to know how to not have my doggo not eat my new birb.

    This video just literally reiterated what I already knew.

  8. I have 4 cats and 1 dog and I told them that I looked at a ton of safety videos about how to keep them safe but they still say no 🙁

  9. I got an Indian Ringneck named Skittles(I like naming pets after candy okay???) and I really don't know how to introduce him to my cat. My cat's fascinated by my parrot and stares at him, to which he will respond by going to the bottom of the cage and try to bite my cat. He doesn't look scared, just trying to defend himself. So should I introduce them?

  10. This is tragically generic and common sense. I think most people who click on this are looking for methods. While the new bird/parrot is in it's 2-3 week incubation period in it's cage becoming acclimated to the owner and his/her routines, should the owner permit the dog or cat to be inside the room or area with cage? Should the two animals meet while eating or is that counterproductive?

  11. I want a small dog and my parrot's cage is on a table so that work she also only stays on her cage cause she is afraid of the floor.

  12. My sister’s dog literally wouldn’t hurt a fly, but my sister is just scared that the BIRD will hurt her pathetic dog. Lol. But I love the dog anyways!!!

  13. i have two dogs and a cat (the cat is practically a skeleton at this point though and only one of the dogs would be interested because the older dog was bitten by one of my pet rats when she tried to get at it a few years ago) so this was pretty helpful.

  14. Dog's behavior with birds depends on their personality. My new cockatiel is afraid of my beagador, Maisy. Yes, she is part beagle. Maisy definitely won't chase him or anything, she's really sweet towards anything that's not a squirrel, (And once she even caught a squirrel, then didn't know what to do with it, so she just let it go. She is not a hunter). All I need to know is how to introduce them. My tiel, Cicero, like I said, is afraid of her. The thing is, Maisy is afraid of Cicero too. He don't wanna come near her, which I respect. I just don't want them to be afraid of each other like that.

  15. My dog is afraid of my bird and it is funny my bird runs up to my dog and my dog gets up and goes to the other side of the room

  16. I have a small cat and big bird but today my cat attack my mynah birds ?? and i kick a cat with strong foot and he crying what i do?

  17. Bird in cage is not good for them to begin. Having wings and sharp vision, highly intellegent yet never to beat their wings is torment, kills their instinct to fly, roam, causing anxiety. Get chickens instead if you wanna mix

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