HOW TO Breastfeed in Public

congratulations you've actually made it out of that you probably need him how to breastfeed in public step 1 find your spot two feet and that's not it look for the universal sign for designated nursing area yeah it doesn't exist settle for a place that serves food step two attempt to cover up remember that fancy nursing cover that you got at your baby shower your baby hates it just grab something that'll cover a little shoulder because no matter what you do step 3 prepare to be stared at whether it's in admiration disgust or I don't know what that guy's thinking but you know what you just step 4 own it because you are a breastfeeding Rockstar this is hard and you are doing it you're like hey I'm nourishing my kid what are you doing ma'am ma'am would you like to order oh yeah step 5 take the show on the road you earned it girl get a little foot massage hop a plane ride take it poolside just remember once you're in your own home do whatever the heck you want thank God I'm starving no problem have it have a nice day

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  2. I don’t know if this unrelated or not, but am I the only one who wasn’t breastfed as a baby? I’m not against breastfeeding though.

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