How to Beat Chapter 3 Moon EASILY! | The Battle Cats (E.o.C.)

yo what's up guys John Boogle here and yes this time I did record the rare cat capsule opening and we're gonna do the first uber air pull on this account and I do not have the live reaction for it but I will voice over it but yeah this was for the galaxy girls when there was a hundred percent uber chance and I did have the first time discount and you'll see what we got in a minute right here and as you can see here are all the rumors that we do have a chance of pulling and maybe we'll pull more than one you never know but yeah let's showcase the cat capsule opening and here we go if you want to guess right now what will be we pulled guess it in the comments right now and see if you got it right and starting off with pirate cat of course of course an amazing anti red unit and rocker can't we got there and anti floating units I'm gonna need these because I will need it for the white cyclone and all the Cyclones and yes this is voiceover by the way I do not have the live reaction so I already know what's gonna be the uber and another anti floating cat that we will it's the mean the legend archiquette we're gonna need him to go for more and it is going to be the guaranteed uber and let's see which over we got and almost there this is the last one another pirate cat and the uber is if you guessed it right it is windy and amazing to have this unit cuz it is anti floating so yeah let's hop into the chapter three moon guide now now you already know how we do these guys I'm gonna showcase all the treasures you will need the lineups and all the cat levels and stuff like that and yes this is a chapter three moon for Empire of cats guide and let's start off with the treasure so first of all you need to make sure you have chapter one and two treasures all superior as you can see you got chapter one superior and chapter two superior 48 out of 48 get those done then come back to Chapter three here are the treasures that you will need to beat this guide and properly do it so worker cat efficiency is also a must need and we got the worker wallet which is a must need and cat production speed this is a big one for chapter 3 because you want to get those stallers out quick and we don't need those this is optional you can get this if you want to but doesn't make that big of a difference cat health you absolutely need cat health and another important one is cat attack power absolute important one and I think that's about it the rest is all optional and you can come and get the rest once you're done with chapter three moon but yeah that's the treasures you will need now let's head on to the cat levels that we got as you can see I got plus ones and twos on some units and luckily enough my dragon is at plus four which is a big help but it works if it's level 20 anyways because of the ataque treasure so yeah those are all the levels and that showcase the valkyrie level cuz you valkyrie cap for this stage where's valkyrie yet there she is level 20 as you can see and another unit you will need is this camera here Samba cat or the devolved form boogie cat and you will need this as a Staller and it's only I believe 90 cat food or 50 it's really cheap so make sure you pick that up and now let's head into the lineups now this right here is the base line up you can use and I'm gonna show you some replaceable units and as you can see we got the Samba cat there and all the other units key units are long-distance attackers and/or anti floating units and I'm gonna showcase some anti floating units here and a good substitute for UFO is Paris cat if you do have Paris make sure you substitute it for UFO whale cat is very optional and Titan is optional also Valkyrie cat is a must need though but let's hop into some anti floating units that will help out Fisher man of course knock back floating enemies and we got the legend ultra cat and yes it is anti floating if you did not know so make sure you have that in your lineup and another good anti floating unit and it comes with area attack too so that's a plus and of course we only got one uber which is windy and if you do have windy make sure you put her in the lineup because you'll beat this level no problem now let's finally hop into the in-depth guide and if you do have any power-ups you can bring on a sniper cat or a rich cat to help you out and here we go when we started off we won't install the enemies towards our base stock up on a little bit of money upgrade your work account wall at once and we're gonna stall this enemy right here and wait for the seal to come out and the main method to beat this stage is stacking yes you are going to stack dragon cats and I'm going to explain a big issue that people run into when taking on this level so make sure you watch through and listen carefully so what you want to do is just get rid of all the pesky units like the rabbits and such with your stallers and the Dragons should stack up and be able to take out anything else that's in the way and slowly start stacking up your dragons and only spawn in your stallers when necessary when you have no stallers left only spawn them in and as you can see I'm not spawning anything else but walls now so as soon as you get close to the middle of this stage right here right underneath the cat guard what you want to do is just start only spawning walls dragons and I spawned in some whales to clean up some enemies here like the seals all you wanna do here is just spawn in your wall cats and your dragon cats and such and any long distant high DPS attackers like if you have Aphrodite spawner right here alright so now let's discuss the first big issue that people run into as you can see I'm not spawning any stallers right now because as you can see in the front right there there's a lot of walls that are stacked up and you want to avoid stacking up too many to the point where you cannot deploy any more units and that is one of the big big factors in this level not being able to deploy any more units now you must be wondering how do you avoid that so what you want to do is you want to let some of the stallers die and this part is heavily heavily dependent on your stalling time your stall timing and also your stall prediction so what I mean by stall prediction is you want to predict when you're stacked walls will die and you want to time your stall so your wall cats will be there before any of the enemies damage your dragon stack so once your walls stop stacking up too much that's when you can proceed to spawn in the wall cat stall again so only wall cats and some samba cats here and there but not too many because you do not want to get that unit limit and as you can see I predict it stalled a Titan cat so once the bonbon comes out here he will be there to tank some hits and this is where you go full-out offense so spawning the Valkyrie cat before the bonbon comes out because you want to have that cycle going where the Valkyrie cat can spawn in at a constant rate without the bun bun destroying the dragon stack and also you want to be constantly spawning into your wall cats and dragon cats as much as you can because you want to get a big stack so you can get that 50% damage in the first dragon stack yes there's gonna be two dragon stats you need to do to defeat bun-bun and the first one you want to get as much damage done as possible so he's gonna spawn out any mini here and we got everything ready and here comes the boy bun-bun and this is where you start spawning in your Sambas and this is where you go full-out offense and start spawning in your LD attackers or long-distance attackers like the legs and dragon cats and keep that stall up and get some AOE attackers out there too like every once in awhile get your UFO or Paras out there to take out the enemies behind bun-bun and make sure you bring out that Titan cat once in a while to tank some hits from the seal and you want to avoid letting anything get through to your dragon stack as much as possible and boom there we go our first dragon stack is already down as you can see this level is not easy at all so now we're gonna begin on our second stack so start the second stack will include the legs cat also and not only just dragon cats and boom or Valkyrie is down this is where we start building up our stack once again and that first stack should have done a lot of damage trim as you can see we were getting lots of knock backs so just make sure you keep up that stall and do not let the bun-bun interest ack too many times and we've cycled the creek at twice already so you want to keep an eye out for the Valkyrie cats recharge and be absolutely ready to spawn it out and here we go once again with the stack and the Valkyrie is coming out once again I think this is for the third time the Valkyries coming out and this is probably the last push you will need and if you do not finish bun-bun off after this push it's gonna get real risky so make sure you do as much damage as possible on this third Valkyrie cat cycle and if you do not finish bun-bun on the third cycle and in this guide we did not because I did not bring any anti floating units and if you do have Paris or anti floating units bun-bun should die on the third Valkyrie cat cycle but if you're doing this complete basic line up it will take one more cycle so all you want to do is just stall it out till your Valkyrie can't recharge it one more time and make sure you keep getting out those AoE attackers to clean up the dragon cat stacks way and the dragon cats will get all those hits on bun-bun and the legs you want to make sure you get those out too and keep the stall up as much as possible alright did a little speed up there and boom this is the fourth Valkyrie cat and this is where the bun-bun should take its fall and bun-bun will fine my moon dado boom the last nog back bun-bun is gone and it took four Valkyrie cat cycles and our dragon stack is looking nice there and this was the chapter 3 moon guide if you are so confused or need more help make sure to put it down in the comments I will reply to you and try to get you some extra help that you need so make sure you post it in the comments below but yeah here we go it's finally the end we beat bun-bun and next we are going to start the sol stages and get that urine run wolf and then we're going to go for the crazed cats so keep an eye out for those updated crazy cat guides so yeah that's it for this video I hope you did enjoy and we're going to showcase the rewards here and the bahama cat that we got boom chapter 3 moon is completed let's skip this and all the rewards and we got the cat through stages unlocked so that's a nice Bahamut cat there it is and I think that's it yep and yeah leave a like if you did beat chapter 3 moon with this guide and subscribe if you knew we're so close to 5k very very close and we have no Expedia Maxell bahama cat but yeah hope you enjoyed this video guys that was it for the chapter 3 boon guide this man John bubu and seal

39 thoughts on “How to Beat Chapter 3 Moon EASILY! | The Battle Cats (E.o.C.)

  1. I will use ufo cat because his damage so high but i got him +13 that nake me have floating cat can beat bun bun in first killing

  2. I’m just confused that how do you spawn the tank cat and boggie such like cheap cats how do you keep spamming em


    I've done all the prerequisites or whatever.

    and tried over and over and over on the level and it doesn't work

  4. dang it y is it so hard for meee. its hard to get xp. got any tips other than xp stages because they give ya nothin

  5. I beat ch 3 moon u dont need all treasures must have: attack power,defense,energy drink and gaint safe if u rly need it. U also dont need samba u can replase ir by warrior must have cats:wall cat,basic cat,dragon,titan,valkyrie,an uber (if you have one)fisherman cat(if you have him)also you dont need sniper if you do what i say:so ur gonna stack dragon DONT SPAWN VALKYRIE UNTIL U HAVE LIKE 15 DRAGONS when the little wave of moths come send out valkyrie or uber and start sending fisherman cats too when bun bun comes out your uber and varkyrie will prob die but by then they come back they will prob die too not long after same for dragon stack but bun bun should be low so send like another couple of dragons and he should die hope this helped

  6. "Get all treasures gold" bruh I tried 13 times to get bronze on south africa ch. 1. How to get fricking treasures?

  7. John boogle a game I recommend is dragon ball legends I’m a big fan of dragon ball and I play this game I have amazing characters and has amazing graphics.The same creators of Dokkan battle plz reply to this comment and I want to verse u in this game!!

  8. I dont understand he kills my dragons and valk in one hit I can get him down to about 38% the strategy did help

  9. How do I kill the enimies behind bun bun especially the moth. Because bun bun is blocking me from attacking them.

  10. but what if we don't have boogie cat and can't afford him either because the only cats in this load out that I don't have issues boogie cat but all the others are +5 and higher

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