How to be a responsible pet owner

for many of us a pet is an important part of our family isn't that right Bailey they make us happy help us to get enough exercise and a great company let's go baby as a pet owner it's important that you understand your responsibilities and the relevant laws to keep your pet and neighborhood safe every week pets are found wandering the streets they can get hit by a car be attacked or attack a person or animal it is a legal requirement that you keep your pet confined to your property keep your dog in your yard and your cat indoors at night and make sure your pet is cared for when you go on holidays the law requires that you register your pet pet registration also makes sure that our Rangers can reunite you with your pet if they escape your property and become lost we receive reports of dog attacks on people and other animals you are legally responsible if your dog attacks a person or animal and you could be taken to court so keep your dog on a leash while outside your property except in designated off-leash dog parks after all even well-trained dogs can behave unpredictably if you find a wandering animal carefully approach it and once you've contained the animal call our 24-hour ranger service on nine two one seven two one seven or who will collect the animal and ensure it is reunited with its owner it is an offense to keep a lost pet and you maybe find another common issue we see is barking dogs if you're bothered by a barking dog in your neighborhood start by speaking with your neighbor as they may not even be aware that their dog is barking if this doesn't help contact us and we'll help you to resolve the issue for more helpful tips on how to be a responsible pet owner visit our website at you

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