How to bath a dog – dog grooming demonstration

This is Barney, a one year old miniature poodle.
He’s about to have a bath in the hands of a real grooming expert. Jitka Krizova is one of Europe’s top dog groomers. Sasha is enjoying herself. Originally from Slovakia, she now lives and
works in Britain. She’s been showing and grooming dogs for 20 years and has won an impressive
array of awards. British Groomer of the Year Award 2006, Eurogroom winner three times in
a row and in 2011 she clipped and snipped her way to the World Championships as a member
of Groom Team England. Jitka’s sharing her champion tips and techniques to help you keep
your dog in pristine condition. As an owner it’s important to bath your dog
in between grooming sessions every one to three weeks. It is a little bit matted. Then I’m going
to help myself with antistatic conditioner, leavening conditioner, which will break the
knots. Jitka is using a slicker brush which is great
for removing tangles and mats in long haired dogs while at the same time gently massaging
the skin. We have to play close attention to dogs’ legs
and the mitten area and ears. And collar area as well. When you brush a dog at home it’s
always good to put him somewhere higher, like the top of the washing machine or a table.
It will be your grooming area at home, because the floor is now a playing area and some of
the dogs, they just won’t take you seriously. They won’t keep still. Next it’s time for a bath. Use a non slip
mat to ensure your dog feels safe. You could even invest in a dog bath helper – a mini
lead attached to a suction cap that sticks to the bath.
Check the temperature of the water. It should be lukewarm. Not too hot and not too cold. Just bath from the top of the legs towards
the tail. Keep the shower head close to the body. When bathing your dog avoid getting water
in his ears or up his nose. Water in the ear canal can cause ear irritation
and eventually ear infection, and a small amount of water in the nasal cavity can cause
bit problems for a dog’s ability to breathe. Especially small breeds. You can either cover the ear canal with your
fingers or put cotton wool in your dog’s ears. I’m using Animology Dogs Body dog shampoo.
It has very good cleaning properties and smells fresh as well. Always use a special dog shampoo as human
shampoos may contain ingredients that aren’t good for your dog’s skin. If your dog suffers
from allergies and needs regular bathing – ask your vet to suggest a shampoo that will soothe
and not irritate the condition. This time on the dog’s neck, gently massage
the shampoo into the coat. Then shampoo the head, ears and dog’s face.
Be very careful not to get shampoo or water in your dog’s eyes or mouth as this will put
them off bath time. And pay close attention to your dog’s feet where the dirt tends to
build up between the toes. You also have to keep rinsing, rinsing, rinsing
until their coat is squeaky clean. Jitka shampoos Barney twice. The first wash
breaks up any excess dirt and oils. The second shampoo penetrates deeper into the coat leaving
it nice and clean. Squeeze the water out with your hands. The
coat feels like a woolly jumper at the moment. You can make bath time enjoyable for your
dog by giving him his favourite toy or food treats. Rewarding him for calm behaviour will
make bathing a positive experience. Drying a woolly curly haired dog like a poodle
can be time consuming. It’s worth investing in a super absorbent towel to speed the job
up. Finally Jitka applies and massages in a leave
on conditioner. This will add lustre to the coat and keep it moisturised. Using conditioner help us to brush the coat
and it also is antistatic. It’s important to bath a dog at home between grooming sessions
to keep his coat nice and clean, more manageable, easier to brush. The whole procedure, bathing,
takes five to ten minutes fora small dog, and I think anybody can do that at home.

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