How to Avoid Cat Bites

How to Avoid Cat Bites. Cat bites can be painful as well as dangerous,
but you can avoid being bitten if you take the right precautions. You will need Cat toys Body language recognition
Unoccupied room Water Litter box Warm, soapy water Antibiotic cream Bandage Medical attention
and heavy blanket (optional). Step 1. Be careful about how you play with a cat. Cats are programmed to chase and catch small
moving things, such as birds and mice. When you play with a cat, use a toy rather
than bare hands. Stop playing if the cat becomes overstimulated,
which can lead to biting. Step 2. Don’t pull away if the cat claws or bites
during play — this will encourage the cat to try to catch your moving body part. Instead, move the body part toward the cat. Step 3. Recognize the body language of a cat when
they become aggressive. A cat that is about to bite will generally
assume a crouched position, lay their ears back, and curl their tails inward. Step 4. Avoid any cat that is growling, hissing, or
lashing out with their claws. Frightened or aggressive cats will likely
run away from a threat, but, if they’re cornered, they won’t hesitate to bite. Step 5. Give an aroused cat plenty of time to calm
down. Cats’ brains are wired differently than a
human’s, and cats can stay aggravated or aroused for 24 to 48 hours. Quarantine an aroused cat in an unoccupied
room supplied with water and a litter box and wait for the cat to relax. Wrangle the cat into an unoccupied room by
wrapping it in a heavy blanket. Step 6. Clean a cat bite wound immediately if you
do get bitten. Wash the wound with warm, soapy water and
then apply an antibiotic cream and bandage the area to prevent infection. If the wound is severe, seek professional
medical attention. Did you know At some time in their lives,
about 40 percent of cats carry the bacteria that causes cat scratch disease.

98 thoughts on “How to Avoid Cat Bites

  1. Are those infections harmfull? becouse I just finished playing with my cat. And I look like freddy krueger murder victim.

  2. My cat don't bite me but he bite my sister so when he bit her I give him more food and let him bite her again ;P

  3. Hey, smart people, lf a cat or ANY animal bites you it's because it DOESN'T LIKE YOU !  If you refuse to discipline the animal  it will CONSTANTLY show you who's boss. Once the animal realizes that YOU are the boss, he will  show you respect.

  4. Step 1: Spray a bit of water on them if they bite you or do something bad, or you can clearly see them about to do something bad.

    Step 2: Associate a certain sound and some body language of your own with this phenomena, and eventually (mostly) all you need is to make the sound and body language to remind them that they're stepping out of line.

    Cats can be trained and disciplined just fine.

  5. When he/she bites you, just say "NO" or "AU" That is always the situation by my Cat, but she only bites when we play (not always)

  6. I was bit by a cat a minute ago but no blood but it was so nice I was petting it and it was rubbing up against
    Me then it strait up bit me

  7. !!! FAIL !!! NO NO NO!!!!. Simply bite the cat back immediately just 1% harder than the cat bites you, and within milliseconds of it biting you. I hold the hind leg in my mouth to accomplish this. This is a PERMANENT SOLUTION. One thing though, the cat will rarely bite other people, but it will never bite you ever again. To stop scratching, simply cut their nails. It's like these people that make these videos have never actually owned a cat.

  8. today i was bitten and scratched by a cat and it was very painful my blood also comes out , and thats made me changed my mind about cats now i dont like them anymore

  9. That guy was not only playing with his cat, he was teasing his cat as well! so that's why his cat scratched and bit him! he had it coming!  because his pretty cat looked like it wanted to be left alone!

  10. As a cat owner, over the years the cat's own bacteria gets transferred to you, making your body accustomed to it. But if the cat and whoever is playing with it gets bitten without that accustometion it can get bad.

  11. Nice and I can also recommend this guide that explain almost everything about cats behaviour

  12. I have the same cat but only grey lol he Doesnt bite or Scracht but my aunt cat Scratched me and there came a everyday Blood from my hand

  13. None of this stuff is nessary, cats know how to play bite and cats wont get too rough . Sometimes when they are young they get too rough, but cats play bite in ways that do not hurt.

  14. My cat doesn’t be lol aggressive like hissing or real biting but when she plays she gets really into it so she will like her a hold of my hand and pull it towards her and claw and bite/nibble

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