How to approach and greet a new dog

hi I'm Tracy Hotchner the author of the dog Bible and I know there are people who don't have dogs hard to believe and many of you are not comfortable with dogs so what I'd like to help you do is learn how to greet a dog you don't know or a dog you're a little worried about the first thing you want to do is say to the owner is your dog friendly but often people will say yes and they haven't really stopped to think about it so you have to look out for yourself the first thing you want to do is not come over on top of a dog that's a very threatening aggressive move to a dog you don't want to reach over their head to Pat them if you wish to Pat them or teach your child how to Pat them Pat them on the shoulder or Pat them under the chest not over the top of their head another huge mistake people make is to take their fist and put it right in the dog's face as if to say here smell me I promise you dogs can smell us from a mile away we're very fragrant and they have very sensitive noses you don't have to put your hand in their face for them to be able to smell you if the owner tells you the dog is friendly and you see friendly body language a wagging tail a relaxed body then you can get down like this to the dog's level and let the dog come to you pat them down here just not over the top of them one of the things that you want to look out for is that a dog that seems alright in the beginning if you keep coming at them it might seem threatening to them let the dog come to you let the dog make contact with you if you have fears and doubts about whether you're comfortable with a dog the best thing to do is to keep your distance don't keep coming you'll probably frighten both of you in the meantime enjoy whatever dogs you do meet

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  1. I don't agree, even though they can smell you by putting your closed fist near their nose you are breaking the ice as the first contact and you can tell if they'll let you pat their head, plus if you don't know them you do not want to get to their level by their head, that's an easy target to bite especially if you make them nervous

  2. Thank that is helpful
    today my family and I are going to my aunts house and she just got a new dog and she said she is a trouble maker

  3. Today I touched a dog I was shaking to death I was scared that it was going to bite me then it licked my fingers so I put my one finger on the dogs head

  4. Once got bitten by a medium size dog, at age 11. I came biking into the house entrance and it ran right up to me and bit me in the leg. It was just a surface bite but I gave out a shout and it just ran away…. The owners actually took it more serious than me because we had two dogs ourselves at the time and did not see dogs as a treath. Now it is different

  5. What about the ones off-leash that come running off their lawns to maul you? Then what? Am I fucked? All my life I've had to run. And nowadays, I don't have very much stamina. ?

  6. When I meet a strange dog, I let him sniff my hand but I keep my fingers and thumb curled against my palm until I'm sure he's friendly. That way, he can't bite one of your fingers. After that, if you scratch a dog behind his ears, he'll be your friend for life. 🙂

  7. "Get down to their level".  This is very important. Looming above a dog sets many of them off, in a defensive way.  I have gone so far as to put my beard on the ground, in front of very small, nervous dogs, and offered them my ear, and they always light up like a Christmas tree at this small effort to make them feel less tiny, in my presence.

  8. cool made up statistics bro. The point is, your own dog isn;t going to be nervous around you. These points are specifically about when you approach a strange dog that doesn't know you. Your own dog knowns if you lean over it or put a fist in its face you aren't going to hurt it, but a strange dog doesn't.

  9. duh, I knew she was talking about meeting strange dogs. But if you didn't know, over 10,000 times a day people get bitting by their own dogs. And that could've been 1 out of the 10,000 times that day.

  10. We are assuming that you have already asked the owner, "Is your dog friendly?" With the positive go ahead from the owner and positive body language from the dog, (ie. wagging tail etc.) Then proceed with the physical contact.

  11. 0:31 Why you took a big risk and did it, if it's very threating to a dog? And you could've made a huge mistake yourself by pitting your fist in the god's face 0:44. You're lucky that dog didn't do you nothing.

  12. @youSweetPotato I'd say, yes. This video is about how to be polite to dogs in a language they understand, but they in turn also need to be polite to you. Jumping on you when you didn't invite them to do that, can mean they're trying to dominate you. That's pretty rude, but quite common in young happy-go-lucky dogs.

    Correct it, and offer a different greeting style (one you're okay with) instead. 🙂
    Ideally the owner should be correcting it, though.

  13. @mathan1990 start with puppies, they are playful in every breed and they don't bite for aggression only playfulness. Then move on to small dogs, they are less threatening and more widely accepting to strangers. Help out at Pet shops where you learn a lot about how to approach dogs.

  14. okie i got a question, im a teenager so i would like to know this… I love dogs, every breed no matter if they bite me, scratch me, lick me, growl at me, idc i love them but what I would like to kno is, how do u get a dog to like u when u go to ur friend's house and it barks at u and sometimes bites ur ankle or pants leg? i dnt get mad cuz i kno the dog just doesnt kno me that well and my friend always backs the dog away but I want to kno how do I get the dog to either like me or respect me?

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