How to Apply Weed, Bug, and Pest Control With Ortho Dial N Spray

When it comes to weed and pest killers, the last thing you want to do is worry about how much to add or whether you mix them correctly. I say
leave the mixing in measuring in the kitchen and get your hands on the Dial ‘n Spray hose-end sprayer from Ortho. It eliminates the guessing, giving you
great application results every time. This awesome sprayer makes it easier than ever to apply liquid weed killers, insect killers, fungicides and even
fertilizers. It combines the convenience of Ortho’s Ready-to-Use products with the coverage of a concentrate. It’s easy to use since you can connect Ortho’s concentrate bottles directly to the Dial ‘n Spray meaning
less mess and no measuring. Just set the dial, attach a
hose and start spraying. It really is that easy. Of course, if you don’t want to connect
directly to the concentrate bottles you can still use the Dial ‘n Spray by simply pouring the concentrate into the plastic jar and attaching the sprayer. Dial ‘n Spray
features fourteen different dial settings to automatically mix the right amount
of ortho concentrate, and three spray patterns. The shower setting is a low pressure
spray that’s perfect for spring fruits, vegetables and flowers. The fan setting has a flat spray pattern
that’s ideal for covering large areas like the lawn. The jet setting is a
high-pressured stream that’s great for reaching high places like the tops of
trees. The Dial ‘n Spray’s unique extended grip
makes using this sprayer even more comfortable and easier to use than ever before. The
hose connection sits behind your hands. Best of all the Dial ‘n Spray is backed by a
10 year warranty. So stop measuring, pouring and guessing.
Make this simple connection, and pick up the Ortho Dial ‘n Spray hose-end sprayer. Part of the Ortho family of products.

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