How To Apply A Spot On Flea Treatment For Your Cat: PDSA Petwise Pet Health Hub

– Hi, I’m PDSA Vet Olivia and today, I’m gonna show you how to put a spot and flea
treatment on your cat. (bright music) Find a spot on the back
of your cat’s head. This placement is to stop
them licking when grooming and accidentally eating the
substance off their fur. Part the fur so that you can see the skin. One dose should be in an
individually packaged plastic tube. With the pet in an upright position, remove the lid from the spot-on treatment. Some brands will have a seal. Refer to the packet instructions
on how to open this. For this one, invert the lid and pierce the top of the tube by pushing gently down
onto the tube opening. Remember to apply the spot-on treatment directly onto the skin rather than the fur itself. Gently position the fur back into place, taking care not to rub off
the treatment with your hand. Make sure not to touch your eyes or mouth and wash your hands after application. Make sure you are giving the
right dose at the right time and for the right species. Always follow the instructions carefully. Keep the area clean and
dry for at least 24 hours. Don’t groom that area, bathe your pet or let it get wet, for example,
in the heavy rain outside. Be mindful of other pets who may lick the treatment off.

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