How to Adopt a Cat

How to Adopt a Cat. People who own animals live longer, so adopt
cats and have furry friends to keep you lively. You will need Family and friends Internet
access Reviews Shelter or rescue group Loving home and information about your home and daily
life (optional). Step 1. Discuss your expectations with your family
or friends and determine what kind of cat you are looking for. Step 2. Research shelters and rescue groups online. Read reviews and check out available kitties
online to narrow your search. Step 3. Visit the shelter or rescue group and interact
with any cats that strike your interest. Step 4. Talk with the staff about adoption procedures
and policies and get information about previous veterinary care. Most shelters and rescue groups will screen
the person adopting an animal, so be prepared to give information about your home and daily
life. Step 5. Choose a cat that fits you and your lifestyle. Step 6. Complete the adoption paperwork and wait for
the call to tell you that sweet kitty is all yours. Did you know Cats’ eyes appear to glow at
night because of a reflective layer called the tapetum lucidum that allows more light
to enter the eye for increased night vision.

5 thoughts on “How to Adopt a Cat

  1. they miss a MAJOR step. LET THE CAT CHOOSE YOU! don't just pick one, pick the one that comes to you and stays by you..

  2. im Indonesian, Borneo, and in my country, cats are free and you can find it everywhere, include high road

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