How To Adopt A Cat From Alaska Humane Society

Hello Hi Hi, I wanna adopt a cat Ok, Have you picked out a cat that you like back there? Yeah [Meow] Fill this out with the name of the cat Yes [Meow] (It’s ok, Cupcake) So, what is the fee to adopt? It’s 130 dollars She’s got all her shots You can bring her back And if you bring her back within 30 days you get reimbursed But if there’s anytime, anywhere that you need to bring her back Be sure to bring her here; no questions asked Ok, I just need you to put initials on there And then there’s two of them on the back And then sign it Here’s your paperwork, and we’ll also put it in the bag This bag has got all kind of things you could ask for about kitty cats All kinds of brochures and um It’s got a catnip pillow in it, and some food, and some toys Oh, great! And you also get to choose one of these blankets One of our volunteers is so nice; she makes these blankets So you get to choose one to go with your cat Oh, this one is just fine, so cute Are you happy? You’re gonna go home

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