How to Adjust Magnets on the Endura Flap Pet Doors

Hi, I’m Nick from Patio Pacific. The Endura
Flap is the only flap that has been configured to give you the options between having high
wind resistance and making it easier for your pets to open. Whether you want to increase
or decrease the strength of your flap the first step is to remove all the magnets. First
you are going to remove the shiny metal piece at the bottom of the flap. With this piece
removed, you’re going to take out all the magnets inside. It doesn’t matter if you
have one magnet or four magnets, you are going to remove them all. Then you want to remove
the threshold. The threshold is the grey piece that floats up and down. To remove it, you
slide it to one side and pull up vertically on one side. With the threshold removed, slide
a long object, in this case a pencil and a screwdriver, to force all the magnets out.
To maximize the wind resistance with only one magnet, place the magnet in the center
of the flap. With two magnets, I’m going to show you. With 2 magnets, place the magnets
on the two outside sections of the flap. Then place the shiny metal piece on the bottom.
Then, take the two other magnets and put them on the outside of the piece. They should properly
orient automatically. Then put the little clips on them. Now insert these into the threshold
without rotating them. Using a pencil, push them in about half an inch. Verify that the
threshold sticks to the flap. Put the threshold back into the frame and you’re done. Now
I’m going to show you how to decrease the magnet strength to make it easier to train
your pet. Start by removing the threshold, and again, let’s take out all the magnets
of the threshold. Now, instead of installing both magnets we’re just going to install
one. Again, put one on one side and let it automatically orient then put the clip on.
Slide the magnet in, push it in half inch. In this case, the one side attracts, which
is what we want. Now as you see, this side is harder to push, but this side doesn’t
have a magnet in the bottom and it’s very easy to push. This would be a very good configuration
to help a timid pet be able to use the pet door. For more information, go to
Thanks for watching.

2 thoughts on “How to Adjust Magnets on the Endura Flap Pet Doors

  1. I didn't want to mess with taking mine apart to train my dog. I gave it some thought and I took some painters tape and taped down both sides so the threshold that moves up to the top magnets from moving up. It still had enough strength it closed but is not so hard she can't push it open. When I feel she understands the concept and is going outside by herself, I will untapped the bottom. I'm thinking it should only take a day or two at this rate to do it without the tape. This tape shouldn't give any residue after I remove it.

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