How The Gift of Pet Adoption will Transform your Family, the Pet and your Community

Mommy, can we have the cat?
Mahatma Gandhi may have said it best: “You must be the change you wish to see in the
world.” On today’s Be The Change, we’ll discover how
Gandhi’s words are resonating with one company. Joining us is Susanne Kogut, Executive Director
for Petco Foundation, an organization dedicated to positive change for pets, people, and communities.
And with her are Bonnie and Clyde. We are so excited you’re here today.
Oh, thank you. And we’re also excited to be here.
Your new motto for Petco is “Love Changes Everything” right?
“Love Changes Everything.” You know, it’s three little words, but they have a big meaning
for us, and it’s really our love for animals that really drives us with a determination
to make sure that we do everything that we can to make sure they have the best life ever.
First and foremost, we really believe that we have to make sure that all of the animals
in animal shelters throughout our country all get loving homes. I mean, who wouldn’t
want to take Bonnie and Clyde home? Oh my gosh, can I hold Bonnie? Or Clyde? Either
one. Oh. Come here, Bonnie. Oh my goodness. Oh my goodness. Yeah, you sit right here with
me. Now there must be so many deserving pets out there. How many are really in need of
homes? Well there’s usually about 7 and a half million
animals that come in the shelters every year, about 5 million of those are looking for homes.
And we really work with our shelters and our non-profit organizations throughout the country
to come up with community solutions and help animals get adopted. So, we’ve over time,
since the Petco Foundation has been around, we’ve invested $130 million dollars.
Wow! That’s incredible. Good for you. Yeah, and we have animals available for adoption
in our 1,400 Petco stores throughout the country. You can go and if you are looking for a new
friend or a new love in your life, you could just go there and get one.
Well you know, we visited one of your stores in South Florida, and let’s talk about Petco’s
adoption days. Love to hear about that. Well, everyday is actually an adoption day
for cats at most of our Petco stores. So, we have cats always available at Petco. We
also have some of our stores that have adoption centers, large centers, that have cats, dogs,
puppies, kittens available for adoption. Oh my gosh.
And then on the weekends we work with our partners to bring in even more animals. We’ve
been trying to really identify some new innovative ideas and solutions. So, we’ve been working
with one company that has a facial recognition technology for pets to help reunite lost pets,
and help them get back to their owners. We’ve invested in another organization that’s developed
a cat cafe, and this is where you can go and get your tea and something to eat, but yet
there’s a room with cats available. A very important part of this has to be spay/neutering,
correct? Absolutely. And if you adopt an animal, they’re
usually already spayed and neutered, and you’re all set.
That’s amazing, and cancer research also for Petco is a big priority.
It is. You know, cancer is the number one disease related killer of pets, so we’ve invested
over $6 million dollars through the year in universities and clinics to help them research
the causes and to find cures for cancer. We’ve also invested in organizations that help people
that are in need that may not be able to afford the cancer treatments.
And I just want to say I might just have to take Bonnie home, but what do adoptive parents
need to know? I like to say first and foremost when you
bring a pet into your home, enjoy that experience. Some of them may be a little bit shy, a little
bit uncertain. Just give them a little time. Be patient.
Oh, Bonnie. And how can our viewers make a difference and be part of Be The Change?
Everyone can be the change by small acts, big acts. Everyone can be part of it. So,
if you wanted a new pet, we encourage everyone to adopt. If you can’t adopt, you can foster.
Just maybe take one in your home temporarily. And it could be little things like if you
find an animal in your neighborhood, knock on the doors of your neighbors and see if
it’s their pet, and just bring it right home and really help your community. We think it’s
a community coming together, and we will be able to solve this issue and find all the
animals a home. Oh my gosh, Susanne. This is my favorite segment
I may have ever done. Little Bonnie is licking me, and she’s just being a little doll. I
just thank you so much for coming in. There’s so much we can do, and pets really do bring
us all together, don’t they? They really do because their love changes
everything for us. Changes everything. Thank you so much.
Thank you. So great to have you here. And remember there’s
additional information on this life-saving program at Or, share
with us your favorite pet adoption stories. Make us laugh, make us cry by logging onto
Facebook/TheBalancingActFans. (music).

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