How the cat cafe is helping lonely older people | Age UK

Well I thought it was marvellous! People come to us, they come to us for lots of reasons but often people are lonely and they’re looking for some contact or companionship or something to do. It’s a lovely atmosphere it’s great to come in you know and see all these lovely animals and spend time with them. Well I thought it was marvellous. Overwhelming! Because I haven’t been able to have a cat for quite a time because of my health. It was wonderful just to see them and stroke them. I’ve had cats all my life but I’m a bit too old now for looking after them properly. I think if you’ve been a cat lover all your life or you’re very fond of animals being able to spend time with animals even if you’re not able to have one in your own home anymore it is really beneficial. It’s lovely to be able to come here and have you know an afternoon tea and spend a bit of time with the animals. It’s really nice for us to see that is helping other people. I think a lot of people if for example you lose your partner or spouse and have to go into residential care or into a nursing home is it’s really sad that you’ve lost your lifetime partner but as well a lot of people don’t realise that you may have to give up your pets or animals and so that
ultimately is another loss for you. So coming here and getting some kitty time is really great for them and I think it gives them the opportunity as well to
socialise with other people maybe in a similar situation, so if they come on their own or through one of the Age UK events, I think they really enjoy the time. This place is definitely a haven it’s so
relaxing in here. We’ll be giving the older people in their area a really important link to something that they might have have lost. such an important thing sadly some people just don’t have that opportunity they might
not have families around but to be able to show love and affection to an animal
it’s a really important need I think people have. It gives a lot of comfort because you miss your pets and by all means come and make the most of it there’s lots and lots of cats to stroke and all the things that they may be missing they’ll find here.

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