How Ten Different Animal Species All Walk Together

[Applause] and there's actually a path walk we got it way I think like eight nine different species here including dogs so today I get to be the leader we get to switch positions see if we can all play club hold positions so nice man it's nice who you bringing on the pack walk well people should go on pack walks because it's a natural community to move and travel like nomads and it's in our DNA and even the ancients had to get around somewhere and the best companion was either a mule a dog any specie that was around them at the time my forces it it stimulated their instinctual needs so it's just healthy it's human nature how many days a week should you go on a pack walk like this every day every day exercises every day we Venus every day helped us every day wellness is every day positive mine is every day love is every day [Applause] [Applause] let's not worry too much about what's going on in my leg okay what's this new fashion are called it's called the drip or the fact they've been integrated so they're always letting them in the following one thing that he showed me very well if we're not aware of how we feel how our energy is the animals pick it up faster than you can realize yourself this is dog-walking 2.0 fitness socialization housebroken why because they go somewhere else away from home they're gonna peel it on hook so you get to breathe kill three birds with one fitness social different species and to release the waste which is going to help them get back home and feel perfectly fine no physical energy they have to deal with the mind it's something new and they pee in the poop away from just a quack leader mr. Quoc leader how can we accomplish this it's all about energy and understanding the psychology of each individual species you want to connect you need to have trust respect love you need to be honest you need to have integrity 2/3 a loyalty how many species are on this video

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  1. Getting out and experiencing nature is so important! How do you enjoy nature with your animals (or on your own!)?
    And don't worry, YouTube family! We are getting a stabilizer and an external mic for our future videos! ?

  2. Long time ago now, my brother and I used to go for walks as children, followed by the dog, the cat and the duck. We didn't know anything about animal psychology as such; it was a surprise to us that apparently dogs and cats were enemies, and ducks and cats were predator and prey. Not how it worked in our house, ever. Whatever animal we had always coexisted peacefully with whoever was already in the household. Later on we had four (formerly) feral piglets. They joined us for our walks too. No longer feral, and that was within mere weeks of getting them. As a child of around 7 years, I used to nurse injured galahs back to health and within days would have them on my shoulder; also one young eagle at one point. He used to sit on my well-protected forearm. Once it looked like he might be ready to learn to fly, my brother would run off with some meat on a string trailing behind, and the young eagle learned to swoop, hunt and get dinner (the best way we knew how to stimulate his instincts). After a few weeks of that, he flew off. Circled three times and went off to have a real life. All the galahs were also released once healed ( they were never caged at all; roosted in an enclosed verandah for safety at night; otherwise sat on my shoulder all day and went around outside with me). Birds need to be with their own kind, not locked up as "pets" if they can still forage, hunt and fly. The galahs were usually injured by stockmen firing pellet guns into the huge flocks landing in the stock feed/grain fields; if one got hit, they'd bring it in to be fixed up again. Technically not allowed to use that method anymore to scare grain eating bird flocks away but it was what they did back then.

  3. Animals are so amazing. God created them to fill our souls, not our bellies. Life without them would be so empty. Love to see happy animals, that are so well treated. ? Hope your message and example is copied by people all over the world.

  4. Great video. When you asked for what type of videos, I think mini series videos would be awesome, like what to do with a new puppy for the first few months..haha.

  5. Great video Cesar, your family is awesome and the animal pack is amazing. You are giving them a wonderful life. I can't wait for the next video.

  6. A man, a dog, a pony, a donkey, a sheep, a goat, a llama, an alpaca, a duck and a parrot walk into a bar.

    The bartender says "Is this a joke?"

  7. Amazing. Love this. Hi Cesar, we heard a lot of your possitive talking, about energy etc, i don't mind if you slow down, chatting about anything in front of you, as it might be in your home town.

  8. Aaaawwww so CUTE. I wanna go and just poke every squishy animals. They are so adorable. Caesar is cute too. Lol

  9. Cesar Millan…. he is like the perfect God of all domestic animals. Amazing really. Loved the video, and giggled a bit too, at the goose as it waddled along beside Cesar and the rest of the pack. It felt like the funniest thing on 2 legs, and looked cute too.

    I'm just a tad curious where cesar picks up all the extra farm animals from. He reminds me of the pied piper of hamelin. :p
    Very nice video again.

  10. Awesome awesome!!!! Back to Ancient time is the best,,, Yoga ?‍♀️ Meditation ?‍♂️ Farm work Everything that’s physical is ? I Love ❤️ what you are doing!!!!! Tashi Delek!!!!

  11. I love your positivity, happy, loving energy you share to the world and universe!
    Mahalo from Hawaii

  12. what was the name of the song in the very beginning when they were walking with the animals??

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