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there's not a day that doesn't happen where I'm not looking at a piece of garbage on the side of the road or thinking about an empty shopping or going to a junkyard or something like that because it's these places where you can find old items that have a little bit of a history they might not work perfectly so they might rattle a little bit more squeak a little bit more and those are interesting props for Foley artists to work with we wanted to get the sound of the ringing metal of the blade without getting the scraping sound that's usually associated with sword Zing's I discovered that by picking a specific type of metal that was actually a shelf support I could use a cello bow and bow the side of the metal and wave it around that kind of gave the sword that was being moved a magical quality to it

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  1. :15 when your mom is coming up the stairs to see if you cleaned the room so u only find the vaccum hose,lock the door so she won't come in and make sucking noise effect with the hose.

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