How Shannon healed stage 4 breast cancer with alternative therapies

hey what's up everyone it's Chris from Chris beat and today I am doing an interview in my living room with my friend Shannon night and Shannon is a two-time survivor refused chemotherapy has an amazing story I mean dramatic cancer reversal in her life and she is doing some awesome things with diagnosed TV and angels for Shannon charity she started Sony we've got a lot to talk about it's going to be really great and Shannon all right thanks welcome to my house Christmassy festive house yeah I can show off the tree my wife's beautiful tree that she decorated she's a good spot for an interview yeah can I just say that my wife does not let me help her decorate the tree I believe it and I would probably be the same way I love decorating yeah she's awesome people hate her they pay her to decorate their trees she's that good anyway well job all right let's talk about you let's talk about you so let's start with your story because we are both cancer survivors you were diagnosed with breast cancer yeah in 2006 that was the first time and it was how did that go mammogram um no a lump I just went in for a normal exam and actually panicked when I felt a lump and went in and my mother said it's probably a cyst so then the doctor said I'm concerned and it was the same lump that I had checked out a year ago and the doctor refused to take it seriously and when you felt it how big did it feel at the time you saw size of a pea and I actually asked the doctor at that time to biopsy it because I was scared and the reason I was scared as my mom's sister had breast cancer so I just didn't want it to happen to me and she was young when she got breast cancer so he just said I can't do that you've got a cystic breasts we'd have you look like Swiss cheese we have to biopsy several more suspicious areas I said no this one's different so I left feeling really embarrassed well how did you know was different it was harder and it felt like it was something that was not there before it was just one of those things kind of a the instinct that you have yeah you just have a feeling unexplainable uh like there's danger mm-hmm do you just do something wrong yeah no there's something wrong I think we have that in us so a year later it was a size of a martini olive and I finally got the courage to go in have it checked and sure enough it was cancer so what they want you to do the first did a lumpectomy and found it in my lymph nodes so immediately was stage 3 and then suggested the mastectomy but because there was one that was right here we went ahead and did the bilateral mastectomy they wanted me to follow up with radiation and three types of chemotherapy and I got a staph infection from that surgery and it was horrible so I ended up back in the hospital and IV antibiotics and more antibiotics about four months but during that time I'd lost so much weight because I was so sick it gave me time to research and I'd friends that were natural paths that became my friends I should say people were introducing me to you people that were in the health industry right for to biofeedback to enzymes silver these were words that I'd never even heard of that I was hearing for the first time yeah so in some ways that was that that my faction was in a blessing in disguise it wasn't it and isn't that so true about so many adversities that we have in life that when you look back on them you realize you know what this set me up for blessing this put me in a position I wouldn't have been in to receive a blessing where I'm at right now a lot of people say about cancer I've had it twice yeah and I I still say we do it all over again some people look at me like you're wacko how could you say that you would go through having cancer twice just to get what I have right now you're being able to help other people shine a light on different healing therapies and show people different ways of course I'd go through it um in my over three years cured why wouldn't I go through it knowing that I'm going to come through it like this so that's powerful journey was rough okay so okay so after so yet you had the staph infection started reading and researching learning about nutrition and some alternative therapies what happened after that well in EF I've really got to draw attention to this because I haven't because it really is mind boggling that we know that when we have surgery your immune system all it the fighter cells are what we're going to go to the surgical site well I had knee replacements too right after and my gall bladder removed I had a uterine ablation at foot surgery I don't understand how the doctors really allowed all that and I had three surgeries it seems like about a nine not all that at the same time yeah we're talking one leg the left leg they they put the knee replacement in crooked so when they cut the tibia just put three screws in then they ended up yanking the whole thing out and putting another knee replacement and this is while I'm healing still and going through on antibiotics and everything so it's really fascinating I have to ask why they don't confer with each other the orthopedic doctors with the oncology but what's going on with that whole disconnect because I didn't know then that that was a bad idea or to say no absolutely not don't so I had to bring that point up because I think that that is probably why I had a difficult time beating cancer the first time my immune system was just a mess yeah too much your body was overloaded with stuff to do too much repairs right not enough resources if I could feel they said it would take a year for my knees to be completely totally heal hmm so yeah that's a long time there yeah that's a long time I broke my toe recently and it's been six weeks since I broke my pinky toe and and it's better it's still not completely healed it's still a little tender and sensitive it just takes a while it does yeah yeah so I I forget about that because it's been a long time that was 2006 mm-hmm and I remember laying in bed and all of these positive affirmations taped on my ceiling even on the ceiling fan blades because I had to stay in bed I couldn't walk I couldn't use my arms to wheel myself with the wheelchair because the infection here and then I looked back when I go god that's just crazy it should have just been deal with the breast cancer and leave the rest alone mm-hmm so did you have chemotherapy or not no I I I did research and just I knew that if I was so sick from antibiotics and they said it was worse than antibiotics how was I gonna handle the chemo so I went and did some IV C vitamin C therapies b-17 laetrile yep I'm familiar with that I don't know if it was legal then but I did do it in Arizona won't say we're pretty sure on it okay and uh I did a vegan vegan diet yep and even some of the hypothermia and ozone therapy and there were some other treatments proposed own IVs or the ozone no the first time I was on sauna first time so then when it came back the symptoms came back fast so I can't really I went into you know remission and that's what they call it so then I moved to California from I was in Seattle and I had a vitamin D deficiency which I found out later so that's a huge part I believe of why I got breast cancer in the hmm we all know yes women are susceptible to a lot of people are susceptible you can cancer vitamin D is so powerful in the body when you have it and when you don't it leaves you vulnerable yeah yeah so so the cancer came back when well I have the symptoms in 2009 okay since I three years later yeah and the cough just would not go away and I had bone pain and I was working and I would go to the ER thinking I was having a heart attack oh wow so I just try to complete my work and then drive straight to the hospital and they diagnosed me with asthma and caustic and Rytas which is inflammation of the rib cartilage and they'd say don't carry more than two to three pounds and gave me an anti-inflammatory and go back to work after three days you know but that that was early on that was I would say October of 2009 and then this carried on all the way through the holidays couldn't stop coughing none of the medications were working so this went on for four months the medications weren't working I do my albuterol this steroids everything that they gave me you would I was getting a little bit nervous but then there was a lump starting to form right here on my sternum and it was tender and my ribs were hurting so finally my son was getting married and I had to make sure excuse me that I was um pain free nothing was working so I went to the hospital again saying I need help for the pain I'm not going to get to my sent through my son's wedding so they gave me a lighted room pain patch still diagnosed with they did the cat scan still costochondritis and asthma so I'm nervous and I get through a day or two and the pains getting worse nothing's working now they're doing a fentanyl patch so I finally go to the doctor and I say I think it's more oh and I've been doing my lab work for my tumor marker everything read perfect so my tumor marker is unreliable and that is common so I think that people need to be aware of that that know if you've got symptoms and you go and you get tested you you could have a recurrence and it's not showing up in your bloodwork just keep going with the symptoms and go further because this went on from October and the final diagnosis hit in July and I'm almost nine months it took them to diagnose you with cancer the second time yeah and when they did I finally went to the my oncologist great guy great wonderful compassionate doctor UCLA doctor he asked for all of the ER records and when he got the cat scan it said the paperwork said but that had gone for previously suspicious for metastatic disease I had never gotten those reports and they didn't uh you know they didn't prompt me to get them because they had given me discharge papers with the diagnosis of costochondritis and asthma so now I always tell everybody when I talk to them about you know what the cancer make sure you get all your records because we really do have to be responsible at they're busy in the ER they've got someone looking at your paperwork and it's stored go pick up your disk and go get the report of findings yeah cuz things fall through the cracks that fell through the crap they do yeah everybody's visiting all the doctors vision nurses are busy I mean soon as you're out the door if you're out of sight you're out of mind they're not thinking about you know and I used to be angry about that but you know I'm getting to this point where there is there is a big part of responsibility we we have to help ourselves win this battle and you've got to get that scan you'll go look at it yes they diagnosed me in the ER they're busy so they're just about getting the patients in and out and they do want you to follow up so what was the next course of therapy after that diagnosis they want me to do radiation this is well I've got a cough and they diagnosed me through mediastinum a thing it's called er where they cut it through your throat and they get a sample of the tissue of what's growing on your bone and it was cancer and then they did more imaging and the PET scan showed that admit metastasize to all lobes of my lungs so now you're Stage four oh yeah yeah that's and not better than stage 3 Anna's daughter said do not go online what do you think you're gonna do yeah you're gonna look right don't look online you wanted you might learn something so my world much like you talked about was spinning I didn't see another year of Christmas I didn't see anything well I can't imagine I mean one diagnosis is scary but I could you know I was never read iagnosed right and yeah I can't even imagine what that feels like you know to like just the overwhelming despair I can imagine accessory was so low yes 2% I think if you to make it with long minutes it was it was bad and he said it was aggressive right so no matter what you do survival and I wasn't gonna do the chemo no one no one I knew that did it all I did was make them miserable and it didn't really give them much more time so I decided that I wanted to raise money and get out of the country now that's this is different because I I felt under the gun I mean I felt like it was three choice my months to a year to live I mean that's urgent I didn't feel like it was about juicing at that time I didn't feel it was about changing my diet that I felt like was about finding ways to get things into my bloodstream the cancer vaccine the dendritic cell I started looking for heavy duty status –iv therapies right that would not destroy my her you system yeah aggressive non-toxic nurseries yes and when did the radiation come in Wow that way for our instill this is it this is stage four okay and this was to stop this from growing because he said it's gonna eat straight through and paralyze me okay so that you said I don't do chemo but they said do radiation LD yeah you agree I didn't want to be paralyzed and you know I was engaged I didn't want that to be his burden so and plus all my family sitting around and friends while we're having this discussion what's the next step so we went inside the radiation oncologist and he made it even more grim and said you know basically like if you don't do it you're fool so I started doing it my cough got worse and the pneumonia set in he said it wasn't going to hit my lungs well I had to burn the size of a football and they did it from the back also there's just no way that what he was telling me was what was going on so he made it sound like it was only in a pinpoint and target the area but there was just a blast of red everywhere and blister and peeling skin so and it caused lung damage it's permanent it's scar tissue I mean I don't know that it's permanent maybe doing some vitals I'm and things that you know I've read about and learned about breaking up scar tissue I'm getting over a cold right now but whenever I get a cold or something I have a harder time with my lungs and it's very frustrating because that never used to be my problem my lungs this only happened since the radiation how many radiation treatments did you get 22 and it couldn't stop coughing he finally said no if you can't hold still and it was a blessing because it just got so much worse after that it was like if I'd really done any more so little you're in their coffin while they're trying to give you the radiation and telling me the whole coven stop coughing have to get yeah I look at that that it must have been just a miserable situation it wasn't I felt like I was really trying my image was I didn't want to break their like the bone I didn't want to break and I didn't want to be paralyzed hey there's that's what pushed me that's that fear of let me just if I'm gonna die let me not be paralyzed first so yeah it's it's crazy that I'm that I can think back and remember how I used to think but that was how I used to think yeah I mean that was your basic survival kind of rationale right yeah and again there was no way I could have done chemo but I wouldn't have I was sick yeah and I couldn't do it and being fragile like that all the time even as a kid always sick I think that saved me so many times so that I could do healthier ways of treatment so that's how angels for Shannon started you were two at that point you lost a lot of weight right you were too basically too thin Oh to do chemo or whatever I can't even imagine yeah that would have been I'd lost a lot of weight yeah your body dies yeah yeah we just know that what that does so what happened after the radiation you stopped radiation right and you're you're looking for like what can I do and and you started angels for Shannon and started trying to raise money to go to a for alternative treatments in Mexico aggressive treatments for cancer talk about that and my girlfriend's all live in Washington and they supported that and wanted to help me get the treatment that I wanted they believed in what they I had the support I needed yeah that's so huge huge blessing they raised most of the money in Washington while I was in California just in one fundraiser hmm so we raised enough money to get me to Mexico and I won't say the name of the place and the hospital's changed the name is different but I believe in this place and I believe in a lot of other places out there there are so many places in Mexico that are doing wonderful I mean it's fascinating can you talk about some of the therapies you did yeah for anybody that's yeah and they can find them yes after research one of them was discovered out here and there's they're still having success with all of the trial studies and that's the dendritic cell cancer vaccine mm-hmm and the dendritic cell therapy mm-hmm ozone therapy the IV's b-17 your vitamin C then there's the hypothermia debating the temperature because our immune system doesn't kick in to fight like that with the fever yep that's fascinating yeah when you have a fever everybody doesn't understand what you're talking about when you have a fever your immune system kicks it into high gear and if there's a healing response that happens when you're sick and you have a fever and hyperthermia induces a fever stay in the body yeah there's one doctor I'm going to give you layman's terms it's doing it externally and apparently they do it in two places Germany and one place in Mexico and they get and it's been successful with HIV and cancer and at the but the blood has taken out all this is for our process mm-hmm and so that the body is not heated up to that dangerous point where we can't handle it but they can heat it enough to where they're killing more pathogens that are bad and then putting it back in at the normal temperature and this was discovered in Germany so that's a layman term yo sure people can look it up and but there's all kinds of fascinating ways to destroy cancer without destroying your immune system yeah so I didn't do that one but I'm learning about it mm-hmm enzymes we are so enzyme deficient so that was probably one of the first things I learned taking a lot enzymes yeah I mean dr. Gonzales he's got that right enzyme particle dr. nickens Alice New York Selena fall we love Nick good luck yeah Gonzales so you were in Mexico about 12 days intensive chain therapies in hospital then you in a hospital and then you go home it did money vaccine for four months once a week yep and well I started noticing a difference while I was there improvement mm-hmm so that was very hopeful yeah getting worse I started to get better so physical symptoms changed mm-hmm and it also helps with even if you did go through chemo and radiation all of those therapies start to heal the body from all the damage that you've gone through from that treatment yeah so the doctor is not going to tell you okay you've just finished chemo and radiation now I think you should start restoring your immune system people should be doing that right yeah it's been through a lot yeah burn is a burn and hyperbaric chamber is very good for burns and that was one of my therapy hyperbaric oxygen yeah uh I always wanted to do hyperbaric and I was like so broke I I just couldn't afford it was like I want to do it you know fortunately I made it through okay without it yeah but yeah I totally there was there's a hospital that has one and I knew I could do it was like I'm a couple of bucks a pop or something and I was like I just I'm out of cash you know they do say there's the the ones that are it has to be a glass the material that hyperbaric chamber is really important I know there's some out there that you can buy that are portable in your homes so I always make sure to tell people to check it out make sure it's the right one so the one I was in was metal and glass mm-hmm and I and you know the one thing too is a no one likes to talk about it but people need to research coffee enemas yeah and what that's all about deep detoxing yep there are people that have never detox in their entire her life and don't understand what that is and so I think that was really key and really important so you did coffee animus yeah yep and and how quickly how quickly did you you know from the time you started some Plan B right went to Mexico came home how quickly did you get to the point where I was like oh like there's no cancer in my body now it was August cuz I went in February okay months and it was confirmed in October with the PET scan awesome and the doctor was blown away he says sure it's nothing short of a miracle and you're like it's not a miracle yeah it was a lot of hard work he was he was so amazing though he asked for my paperwork and wanted to take it to the next cancer conference don't know what wow that's great though that he actually wanted to share it well most oncologists were like oh that's not just keeps doing what you're doing and then they're amazing mostly nice guy and he was the one that called it the sunshine farm and teased me about it in the beginning that called the clinic the sunshine farm whatever I was doing okay he called all the sunshine farm so he still did my lab work a lot of people are afraid to hear this a lot I don't know if you do but they're afraid to let their doctor know that they're gonna go do alternative treatments because they're afraid they'll get cut off from being seen yeah I don't know how to treat that sometimes they will it depends on the doctor certainly it certainly doesn't always happen but you know what I tell people is you know if if you want to be honest until your doctor what you're doing that's fine if they don't like it then you just need to find a new doctor it will support you because sometimes doctors take it really personally when you were saying no thank you to their recommendation right it's an ego thing right it hurts their pride so you're basically telling them I don't like your advice I'm going to do something else and it can it can really sour the relationship yeah so but again that's fine just you find another doctor meet meet with them on your terms this is what I'm doing will you support me can you do my blood hands start on neutral territory yeah my doctor was so supportive and I working with cancer patients over the years I really tried to help them understand while they're going through their battle not to be angry yeah at the doctor's because one it doesn't help the run its fighting cancer but they really believe they're helping you and they really believe in what they are recommending they're doing the best they can with the way that in the way they've been trained with the knowledge they have and we're giving them the benefit the doubt there are some actually bad doctors out there but the good ones again they're doing what they're trained to do yeah and unfortunately nutrition is not included in medical training no we talked to a doctor that says that they don't even focus on that that's not their focus right is talking to the patient telling them how to heal their body with anything nutritional it's just about medicine and treatment right can we talk about what was going on in your life in your personal life that contributed that you think contributed to to cancer yeah the first time both times we're emotional so the first time was I had a boyfriend and I think well it goes further back actually I moved to Washington State and I I had a very difficult time I was a victim of a crime and had to change my name now this is what's really ironic they say that women get breast cancer you can sometimes count back five years okay I found that lovely the first time in 2005 I moved there in 2000 because the stalker I was a stalking victim Wow and there was a lot more to it I was actually attacked by him and had my everything changed social security number name and relocated that was hard on me to leave my family so that was 2000 April and then I went five years later found the lump and sure enough it got bigger in 2006 which ironically I had read some research on that that emotionally women can get that then throw in the environment vitamin C staying in the house all the time because I was suffering from a little bit of comedy yeah I mean D I'm sorry um but suffering a little bit from not being comfortable outside yes are you freyal diff you're mild agoraphobia yeah it's just that comfort zone of staying inside all the time in the cellar vitamin D I want look I want to concur with you here what your your experience is very common I hear it a lot too there are very in many cases there is a very specific event traumatic event that can be what you would call a cancer trigger mm-hm and you know I mean I've talked to so many people and it is a real thing sometimes it's it can be and I don't mean to put this on a low end of a scale but can be divorced oh absolutely that's a big dance huge oh it could listen top drive nerd it could be a pet dine which sounds a little bit silly but the loss of a loved one including a pet can be a major traumatic like event yeah you know of course divorce of course death of a friend or family member of course being attacked being in an abusive relationship yeah all the about losing a job or a career or your home you know yes and you know that the emotional part of that I remember all the time if I heard my name which is Jennifer and it's my middle name I don't mind coming out anyway now so uh I would my heart would race and I'd go like this it was always on my chest Wow isn't that ironic yeah yeah so I because you long for your old life you long for your identity you've longed to go back where you were yeah in your just there's this absence and this long and you feel a loss it's a grieving yeah people could you lose their job you were totally lost yeah I mean living in a fearful sorbs know Rob for to you oh yeah a car blew up just missing – missing everyone not being able to explain everything that happened so there was a lot of trauma there yeah yeah I was it was a perfect setup for know sunshine vitamin D deficiency no emotional support no family I'm sure the diet was typical powdered American diet I don't lead on it yeah that's the perfect storm yeah it is so wooing that and learning you know along the way so I finally came home when it was safe 2009 so I don't think I was ready yet yeah my body was not healthy yet because I had to come back home and revisit where everything had happened after the first diagnosis 2006 to 2009 had you addressed those issues in your life yet no and do you think that ideally after yeah when I got home I got it account sling yeah I see that I see that with people as they can do a therapy it may it might be an alternative therapy it might be chemo and they get results or the cancers gone or whatever but they don't address the real underlying deep causes you know and that's usually the stress and emotion shame all negative emotions shame you don't know why but guilt shame right um you know self-hatred self-loathing envy jealousy like you know all negative emotions are so powerful and if if a cancer patient they can do everything in the world but if they don't get to the root cause and address any of those really strong emotions and things from their past or things in their present it's coming back yeah it's coming back isn't it amazing yeah and you know when you make peace with it you don't have shames I'm just this is who I am it is it is what it is accept it that's not my problem that's their problem if friends can't accept it that's not my issue that's theirs right and really owning that yep that's so happy it is and when people can learn that and really believe it and feel it and just let go you feel it whole weight lifting off yep and for how important is forgiveness yeah absolutely forgiveness is so important and I don't even think about forgiving the perpetrator I just kind of let go I because he was sick I just let go and family same thing you know it's everybody's on their own journey so I have to take care of myself I've got kids if my grandkids and I've got a future and I want to help others that are battling the same thing and be able to share that experience with them and let it be something that happened for the good of maybe someone else thank God because I do sound resilient and don't bounce back yeah they can just sink I know though they let though all the weight of the world way to their problems you know pull them down and they won't let go of them you know it's like literally it's like like you're drowning and you're holding on to all this baggage and it's lit so no like you're sinking with it yeah and all you have to just let go of it and you can float to the surface and people sometimes they just cannot let go of those things you know yeah so let's let's talk about what you're doing now let's talk about angels for Shannon a little bit and about the TV show about this TV Anna is exciting because I I know I really want other people that have been told you've got three months to a year go get your affairs in order there's nothing else we can do or there stricken with infection and they've got to fight cancer another way I want to be able to raise money for individuals that want to fight it the healthy way there's a lot great have nonprofit sick you know 24 chemo and radiation I'm a huge advocate of this type of cancer charity not the we're running for a Cure charity that's right right you know because they aren't they're not finding a cure and they're they're throwing a bunch of money or the wasting on marketing they're wasting it on t-shirts even what the little guy give to cancer research is drug research which you know I don't have a ribbon not getting a ribbon a colored ribbon I've said this I've said this for years people that have me for years have heard me say it you want to help cancer patients give them money give them cash money for to help them with their groceries with their supplements with their treatments with their mortgage ya put cash in their hand you know that is how to help cancer patients and it's it's just now starting to take off I mean I'm finishing up the 501c3 process of it great yeah and which will really benefit more because people will donate to help these individuals out they'll donate more if they have that tax write-off and and they really need that help cancer is no it sure expensive there's no insurance that's gonna cover that treatments that they want no and hey look look at even if someone is a conventional cancer patient doing conventional therapies that those they can bankrupt you yeah I mean cancer drugs can run up to a hundred thousand dollars a year per drug right a lot of them are fifty thousand a year and some of them are a hundred I mean and and there are very few cancer patients that have 100% coverage so they're paying co-pays they're paying twenty percent of the cost of those drugs well two or three thousand dollars a month that's just in the drugs not the office visits not the radiation not to surgery I mean so I'm the change of lifestyle yeah I mean they still are trying a lot of them are trying to do the juice and everything well I know but I'm we're not even talking about them yet yeah even the conventional patients I mean the therapies are so expensive if you're bankrupt them and then the ones that are doing nutrition natural alternative type therapies yeah they have no coverage for anything they're doing and so yeah they'll mortgage their home built bellies everything mm-hmm it's so sad yeah it's very sad it shouldn't be like that I'm so glad you're you have such a heart obviously you have a heart for it because people did it for you well and you know there's something else this is good the hardest part about angels for Shannon and Tye Bollinger's president the Board of Directors and their day yay and Charlene is like tie yes love is why our house so but this is the most difficult part we all know that children have to do with the doctor saying oh yeah and what the parents will go through right if they try to do something other than what the doctor recommends yeah you can lose it that's right right they're being negligent and worse if their child child endangerment negligence that's right yeah they could go to prison yeah for homicide so but if the doctor tries with all of these toxic treatments he's still a hero for trying right so with the hardest part for me and I had to have a discussion with Ty and Charlene about this is I can't raise money for these children in their treatment hmm because then I'm saying that I'm standing for this what you're doing but they're pushing deterrence to do even if a parent believes in the chemo it still goes hand in hand for the ones that don't and want to fight the healthy way and that's that double-edged sword yeah in some ways you want to help real life yeah but I can't stand for that yeah in an endorsement of a therapy that is ultimately destructive and may not have much success rate yeah well if they want after the treatment help with raising money to help build their immune system afterward now we're talk about something different yeah but we've we've got to find a way and if that's the most painful part yeah cuz I've got deep compassion for these children yeah that's not an easy decision yeah so tell me about diagnosed TV diagnosed TV is uh well it's we follow we hit listen to the stories of different ways that people have fought cancer and also people just who have left others that have been through cancer and walked through that journey and it's been exploding because we're finding out so many different ways that you can fight cancer we've got children that are literally like warriors positive they're amazing how resilient they are how they seem stronger than the parent and we also we check up on them to see how they're doing we also make dreams come true some of them like we were just talking about earlier you know I parents can go broke with a child fighting cancer so some of these kids don't have much time and we help make dreams come true for them through donations that's great I love it seen snow for the first time throwing a princess party huge princess party well that's why you're here so you were I'll tell this part of the story but you're travelling around the country doing these interviews right we're diagnosed TV great and she reached out to me she was in Nashville and was like I were going through Memphis and this was like basically yesterday right can we come in an interview I'm like well I just I guess yeah I guess I guess I'm not everything going on anything major going on tomorrow so yes okay and and I got a chance to do an interview with well this is my interview with you with you we cross we created yeah that's right that's right so for those of you seeing this you'll probably see this interview before you see her interview of me but anyway yeah yeah yeah it's been such a fun day yeah it has and I think we can do even more because we're we're constantly learning more things easy and it's going to help me because I get a lot of phone calls just because the truth about cancer with ty Bollinger quest for the cures we can't be in something and not have people write us they're asking us questions they're asking for recommendations do they ask you for recommendation absolutely and I'm constantly saying I can't recommend anything what number one I'm not a doctor right uh I can tell you what I would do myself but I cannot recommend um but what I can say is to research and to read and to keep study and if you feel you don't want to do chemotherapy or you don't want to do the radiation you're probably on the right track if you your gut instinct is telling you that go with it yeah listen to your instincts people yes listen to them trust yourself yeah you won't be able to get us to say we want you to go to dr. Gonzales we you know we can say I think he's a great doctor but it's still over me ultimately your decision that's right yeah yeah there's a lot of options out there and I'll – I tell people I said look you need to pray about this right how do you think that am I going to this clinic or that clinic or this doctor you need to pray about you need an answer you need a clear answer of which path you need to go down because there are a lot of absolutely terrific alternative holistic you know minded practitioners out there but you ultimately need to go to the one that is really best for you there's no way I know who that is yeah or you know who it is and the other thing too that I get a lot of is it's so sad is people will go the route of chemo and sometimes two times and in their immune system is wiped out in the analogy that I use when explaining it they always want a number what's the success rate of this hospital they want this magic number we are so unique and different immune systems emotional situation environment people really need to understand how personal this battle is and we can't give them that answer and no hospital should be giving that answer 96% success rate right that's that is absolutely misleading that cancer statistics are highly highly misleading that's right there shouldn't be looking for that number now they're there doctor they are massage you know and even the pool of people that they're quote-unquote reporting of are also different they're all taking different drugs they're all taking a tons of different drugs I mean that can affect a therapy so yeah I know it's just common sense but even with the trial study I mean I think of stage four when they're doing a trial study and it's with bone cancer I'm thinking really and help how many were on pain meds that affects the liver and it tech it affects everything so what other problems do these these patients have they were not clones no yeah you got a 500 people in a study there are 500 very different people actually that's each person if they understand their own personal power mm-hmm to make choices and to change things up in their life and take an honest look at their life how am i living what's going on what can I change what have I done up to this point they they have a chance of being it that's that's how I always feel if I was to get slammed with it again I wouldn't look at well you had it twice you're not gonna be lucky this time I would look at it the same way what do I need to change up yep what do I need to change it's like for me is I don't mean to I have to say it like this because I have to stay powerful I got the flu yeah I need to fix this yeah yeah I think we're asking yourself what do I need to change is one of the most powerful questions you can ask especially for a cancer patient Yeah right what what's going on why like what's wrong in my life what can I change right because most people assume they can't change anything right they think they just leave their setting and they're in prison yeah they're just stuck what's the way it is this is how it is can't change it well I Got News for you you can change your whole life absolutely well Shannon night this has been awesome it has been thank you so much thank you thank you for watching please check out this is where you can find Shannon angels for shannon angels for shannon comm great and diagnosed dot TV great and of course please share this video if you think it's helpful share it with your friends and family shared on social media subscribe to my youtube channel and thanks again for watching bye bye okay awesome good – in the can you're the first one I got my personal life story well well that's true because you've been interviewing everyone else

32 thoughts on “How Shannon healed stage 4 breast cancer with alternative therapies

  1. My story with breast cancer is a unique one, My determination and working in accordance with my heart was key. I was diagnosed in September 2017 with stage 4 breast cancer with mets to the femur bone. I cried silently Day and Night because I wondered who will be there for my kids when I'm gone, I lost my husband 3 years ago and this also affected me a whole lot.
    Chemo was never an option as I had seen already what it did to my friend days before she gave up. Alternative and holistic medicine was my option. I had heard about the success stories of patient with cancer that got cured through alternative medicine from clinics and medicine in Mexico. I was able to get hold of a survivor and he told me about an herbalist he went to in Hidalgo, Mexico. We contacted via mail, over the phone and through skype. I showed him all my scans and blood work cause I wasn't having enough to fly over to Mexico. He prescribed and shipped some herbs for me that he called " Apollo oil and Tea" which I used for a period of 7 months. He also changed my diet and put me on his diet protocols for this period of time and prescribed some other supplements for me too. It was during this time my kids found out I had cancer because I had to change my diet.
    They were my wings through it all. Beating cancer is never an easy journey, friends and colleagues will never understand the pains and emotional battle you fight in this. It's been over a year now. MRI scan is clear no tumors and blood works came back normal. I have been " NED". Mu oncologist was stunned as he put an expiring date on my life and worst I refused Chemo. I am not saying conventional treatment is not good, cause I have also seen some success stories with it too. But my advice to whoever is reading this, follow your heart because that's the only way your spirit will work in accordance with whatsoever you choose. This is the contact information of the herbalist: [email protected]
    I have shared my own part with the world and I am at peace with myself. I know this will save someone

  2. That's bull crap if it could be cured like that it would be all over the news cure for cancer you fucking cunts you discusting liars I hate you fucking bastards bullets in your head's you lie

  3. Thank you for speaking the truth. Many of my suspicions about medical industry and big pharma confirmed. God bless you both.

  4. There are many cures for cancer. The #1 cause is stress. It shuts down your immune system. So… here’s how to cure cancer.

    (1). Laugh, as much as you can. Watch comedies, read funny articles or books, but laugh. It greatly boosts the immune system.

    (2) Avoid the news and negative people like the plaque. Stop complaining, about anything and stop thinking about ANYTHING that upsets you. It greatly suppresses the immune system.

    (3) Visualize for 10 minutes, 3x a day about you having a healthy , vibrant body. Think of anything that makes you super happy and smile the entire time. It GREATLY boosts the immune system. Your body listens to your

    (4) Avoid all sugar/all carbs. All grains- bread, cereal, cakes, cookies, pasta. All sweets and all carbs. Eat only organic veggies, which are carbs but don’t impact you negatively (no starchy veggies like potatoes or corn), shoot for the greenest veggies. Drink green smoothies or green juice- Broccoli sprouts, broccoli, spinach, kale are great. Eat lean organic meats. Organic nuts and seeds.

    (5) THC oil. Get a medical prescription. Many places online and many walk in places in many cities. 1 gram a day. Will make you high at 1st, but eventually it won’t as your body adjusts.

    (6) Raw apricot seeds. Amazon- read the reviews.

    (7) Graviola- in a tea or a supplement . Amazon- read the reviews.

    (8) Essiac tea. Amazon- read the reviews.

    (9) Fasting. 24 hours 2x a week, spaced out. Ex: fast from dinner on Sunday to dinner on Monday while drinking 1 ounce of purified water for every pound of body weight, then Thursday to Friday.

    (10) Get outside and be around nature and breathe fresh air.

    (11) Spend 10 minutes every day giving gratitude to God or the universe or whatever you believe in and appreciating everything you have that’s a benefit. You’ll find much. Your clothes, house/apartment, family, friends, pets. It is endless if you look for it. It GREATLY boosts the immune system.

    Do half of this list and you’ll be good. The more the better however 🙂

  5. Hi @chrisbeatcancer can you please tell us how she is doing now? ? I am trying to find hope in the face of stage 4 breast cancer that may have metastasized to my liver. My recureance has put me at stage 3C in only 6 short months after surgery. I am kicking butt on my diet and fasting FINALLY (no glucose and no glutamine to starve the cancer). If you can somehow connect me with Shannon that would be so wonderful. Thank you.

  6. Alice Ng!YOU ARE RIGHT RIGHT RIGHT!!!!!PRAISE GOD FOR USING YOU TO PASS ON THE GOOD NEWS!!!YOU ARE MUCH LOVED FOR THAT<AMEN AND AMEN!!!!!Glory to the LAMB!!The Lion of Judah NEVER Sleeps or Slumbers!demons of hell,beware!

  7. I am wondering why she is promoting a vaccine when I know vaccines kill. Is this really a vaccine? Vaccines are useless but she says she got vaccines for this cancer. Im confused.

  8. Chris, I would like to know what places in Mexico Shannon went for her cancer. My mom has Small Cell stage 4 cancer. Thank you

  9. Have to keep our energy high, being happy, eating healthy. I messed up too, now I have it (breast). So, funny I’m in wa now, need to find more sunshine.

  10. Google YouTube ‘Shannon Knight, no chemo 5 years now.’ I found this chat from her to be a very informative addition to this interview.

  11. Please tell me where you went in Mexico. I know that they had to change their name because people are trying to close them down. Thanks!

  12. i hade stage 4 cancer it is gone i did weed rick simpson oil it saved me lung cancer my u tube page is loves greater than cancer babby !!!

  13. 5:59 – Why? Because our current "economic" system is all about monetary profits, not about human need/health. And it's not a conspiracy, it's just how a system based on competition and selfish gain naturally unfolds.

    And in this particular case (and in the case of the "healthcare" system, in general) this kind of inefficiencies (different doctors being disconnected, for no real reason, chemotherapy and radiotherapy used to (unsuccessfully) treat cancer, the whole system only covering the symptoms and not addressing the causes, and so forth), "evolved", naturally, to maximize the purpose of this "economic" system — monetary profits.

  14. it sounds good and all but the true is that alternative medicine is super expensive and not cover by insurance so if you don't have money your only choice is chemo and radiation.

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