what does it run down this road a game I hear items are here and we are back with yet yet yet yet another goal simulator video on roblox for you randoms now the update has only just dropped today and there is a brand new top secret classified pet known as the twister you will see him floating right there right behind me so in this video we are actually gonna be showing you yes showing you the brand new top secret classified twister pet and he is insanely old pay hopefully you enjoy this video don't forget if you do smash that live Bhan and drop a comment below let me know how bad you want one of these twisters right now and I'm gonna also let you know what crate they come out of okay so yes randoms havi already excited I am super excited right now what are y'all waiting for okay so yeah as you can see right there is the twister pet floating around now you actually get this from number two pet crate so let's go ahead and just show you the crate first then I am actually gonna show you the stats of this and we're gonna do some farming with this pet just to see how insanely powerful it is so yeah let's go ahead right now and go to the shop saw the crate that this comes out of is not great one it is not crate 3 it is actually crate two so as you can see as well I have a million gem so I'll do another video where I just binge farm pet crate 2 with over a million gems and we're gonna see if we unbox one on a video alright so yes randoms it comes out of pet crate too and you're gonna see in a minute why I am extremely hyped and a lot more height than usual despite only having like 5 a sleep and it been half 8 at night ok so are you ready to see the paw of the bear if I go over here and I click inventory and pets and I click it in three two one oh right there randoms my face comes a little bit in the wire if i zoom eight even further you can see right there the brand-new Opie classified twister pet as a time power multiplied over thirty one point double zero and an ecto multiplier of 8.5 now if you haven't played this game I'm gonna show you the strongest pet other than this in the game fifteen point four five point three two so as you can imagine this is pretty much double the time power of an 8-bit which is the most powerful pet in the game the third most powerful pet now is the rain wave so as you can see these free pets thirteen point five fifteen point four thirty one that is insane like I thought when I heard about the classified okay it might be like as strong as the eight me it might be eighteen power it might be twenty power but thirty one time that is mental and out point five active so yeah what I'm gonna be showing you right now of course is me farming with have rain way by twisting 8-bit of five chick and a waste but first I am just gonna equip the twister I want to show you the pure sheer power of the twister on its own okay so hopefully y'all excited I am legit really excited all of this game this is now one of my favorite games on roblox if not actually I think it is my favorite game on roblox I have other favorite games but this is my favorite alright so yeah as you can see one two three just look how fast that is drinking as a single pet right and by the way I've done other videos on this update today I'll drop them in the description below if you want to go ahead and check out part one and two of the update free videos that I did update freeze live update the drop today they check those out in the description below after this video so just look how insanely fast but one petty's now I am gonna show you that compared to one 8-bit for example so one 8-bit look how slow I mean it goes quite fast but not as fast as it did just like that takes quite a while so when that pops we're gonna drop the 8-bit off we're gonna equip the twister and okay that isn't a good one to compare against just look how insanely fast oh my god he just drinks it now what we're gonna do is equip the brainwave twister 8-bit right and then my other two good pets which any of these so we're gonna go with the fire chick and the whisper pet I've got my youtuber pet there by the way I'm watching my youtube a video that's on my channel and in the description below you'll see a link to all my videos it's in that playlist as well and we also have the Alpha pet right there so I have a pretty good variety of noise pets we have little buddy but I unlocked and there's a brand new car for this I'll drop this code on screen for you right now randoms alright three two or and the code for little buddy east 10k hit redeem make sure it's a capital K by the way and then you will get the little buddy pet he's quite weak breezes are really really really cute pet randoms okay so yes that's pretty much it for that we're gonna form now with five Opie pets like we have the twister a b-train wave and then these are the equivalent power of a dragon alright just look how insanely fast this is I mean oh my god and in my part one video by the way of the brand new update I actually bought all three hoverboards as you can see here I have the boost so if we're going to inventor a with the new update you got boost jet stream and fishbowl I bought all three of these in part 1 in the description below as well just look how insanely fast this is they're like we can just oh my god this is like faster than farming or as fast as for I mean with five eight bits again there's a video I did on the channel I borrowed for and I have my own one eight bit so I'm formed with five eight bits in one video again if you check in the description after this video you will see a link to all my videos or you can just go to my main channel go to my homepage and if you scroll down right at the top will be a my videos playlist which contains every single video I've ever done on this channel and then below that you'll see my previous live streams as well but just I cannot believe how insanely powerful these Petty's it's just like me okay wait let your butter okay that sounds a bit more cam Venoy actually anticipate ebook okay Yolo Yolo we are insanely I'll pay though on me just wow and he just mentally crazy when the leaderboard today now not today not be forming that much actually to be honest just odds can't believe are crazily powerful this pet is it is just insanely powerful randoms insanely powerful I can't believe this is the third video I've recorded and I'll have up today hopefully avid up today which is Friday because I dropped two videos this morning and about midday my time which was part one apart – and then I've been grinding a little bit on this and then someone actually like DM me because I've message on the discord I was like oh my god if someone actually gets this twist twister pet let me know I will borrow it I'll do Video Awards lots of goodies you better got a deal saying I've got the twist of pet to borrow you know like for real I thought their trolley I bought that time they're like new for real and they showed me a picture huh and yet here we are borrowing that twister pet and if you want to know who borrowed it to me well they wanted to remain classified yeah they don't want people knowing because people would be like oh my god let me borrow your pet place i mean that's what i was like i was like and they're like yeah oh my god for real then what yeah ah okay so yeah now i finished over over exciting moment of excitement there then ah yeah as you can see this pet is insanely mad like just in a few minutes I grinded 5,000 gems just from this one area I'm actually farming them faster then they can respawn so I just cannot believe how crazy how powerful and insane these Petty's like it is just brutal just I can't wait to see what else they're gonna add they're gonna be updating this weekly by the way all being well so I just cannot wait so what else they had anyone else notice the Acorn here by the way randoms I actually noticed this earlier a call icon right there so on that note we're gonna finish the video right here so we're gonna go ahead and dance okay so yes randoms as you're seen it for yourself there is the old P brand new classified twister pet of time pair of 31 and a ecto power of 8.5 let's zoom out one more time zoom back in and close that okay so yeah it has been an unedited video hopefully you've enjoyed this video if you do this video don't forget show you support by smash alot button in the face like a boss don't forget to drop a comment in the comments box below let me know help old pay these Petty's just comment below I'll read and reply to every single comment down there randoms and if you're not already a random don't forget to subscribe sure on the random family that notification bail get it ring again blue and don't forget to share this video and my channel anyway in every way you can tell everyone you know to go to they'll it my way or the correct way swelling random gamer cold at UK and that will redirect straight to my youtube channel don't subscribe and enjoy some awesome content believe my own soul legitimately hived I'm gutted though I've got to give this pet back but it was just borrowed for the video so it's gotta go back man it's gotta go back okay so yes randoms we have been checking out the new insanely powerful Class C 5 twister pet you runs an absolute fantastic thank you very much I've been random gamer stay also stay random and I'll see you randoms and my next video peace out and goodbye we got the twist yeah

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