How Pay Your Vet Bills And Give Your Dog The Best Care

Hi there, I’m Dr. Sarah Wooten and I am a REAL veterinarian with REAL answers for you! And in today’s video
we’re going to be talking about one of the things that is really important to a
lot of my clients and that is the concern with the cost of veterinary
bills and how the heck do you afford those things. So in this video I’m gonna
give you four maybe five ways that you may not know about that can help you be
able to afford veterinary bills. So I don’t know if you’ve been to a
veterinarian recently but it can be a sticker shock for a lot of people who
are not prepared for the price of veterinary care these days the good news
is there are so many awesome things you can do for your pets basically almost
anything they do in humans these days they can do for pets as well but the
problem is with that really awesome technology comes a high price tag. It
makes sense, I mean you have the training, you have the staff overhead you have the
equipment, you have the facilities, you have the drugs, you have the anesthesia.
Oh my gosh the anesthesia is super expensive, so all of that adds up and in
comparison to what you’re paying a human facility or a human doctor you still get
a pretty good deal on your veterinary bills. I often laugh with a lot of my
friends cause they’re like “hey I got this, I got this problem” can you prescribe
something for me or can you do something for me because you’re a lot cheaper than
my human doctor would”. Id love to say yes but well it’s against the law but all
that to say I totally feel you when you go in and you get an estimate from your
doctor and it has a comma in it and you’re like I wasn’t expecting this or
you go in for your annual vaccines and you walk out four hundred dollars
lighter. That’s a real deal that is a real thing in today’s veterinary medicine.
And it’s expensive and I’ll tell you what it leads a lot of people to not
seek the veterinary care that they need for their pets or they wait too long and
something that we could have fixed sooner for frankly less money it
suddenly becomes a big problem that causes a lifetime of problems for the pets. And again I understand how you feel, completely. I recently broke my elbow, yes I did. Check this out, I dont know if you can see. I look like Frankenstein, look at the size of that scar it’s huge. Ok so obviously I had surgery to fix my elbow but I waited a full 24 hours
before seeking veterinary care after I broke my elbow because I was concerned
that my insurance wasn’t going to be good enough to pay for it. I did not seek
veterinary care for myself I am a trained medical professional because I
was afraid of how much it’s gonna cost. So I can only imagine what so many pet
parents are going through. It feels embarrassing to not be able to pay for a
bill it feels shameful and you’re already sometimes scared about what’s
going to happen to your pet and then you add the stress of the money on top of it.
Well it’s a real recipe for disaster, fortunately there are a lot of different
ways that you can try and afford veterinary care. New options, new ways to
structure the finances, new companies jumping in to help. So I’m gonna go over
a couple of those in today’s video ok. Alright so one of the areas where a lot
of pet parents would like to learn how to save some money is in the annual
preventive care things like your annual exam or your vaccines or your heartworm
prevention or your external parasite control your fecal exams your annual
bloodwork. So many things can add up and if your animal is already on any kind of
medication for chronic disease well you are shelling out the pennie’s left and
right for this dog so there’s a couple of different options for preventive care
that could probably lower your overhead a little bit on that.
1) Is your local vaccine clinics, VIP petcare and Pet Smart both do vaccine clinics.
I live in Colorado, they have those vaccine clinics going all the
time. They’re usually at a Pet Smart store or they’re at your local tractor
supply store, your Murdock’s, your feed store, those things these professionals
come in they have the same vaccinations. They have the same protocols they have
the same heartworm tests often times they have the same micro chipping as well
and you can get the services done, the preventive care services done, vaccines
heartworm tests, fecal exams, all of those things for literally a fraction of the
cost. What you can’t get, however, is the annual physical exams. These
productions run on volume, they run a lot of animals very quickly and they don’t
have the time to give you the personalized care or the full exam that
your pet needs annually to look for any signs of disease. So what I recommend
doing is going to one of these vaccine clinics or going to your local shelter
for their vaccine clinic there’s vaccine clinics everywhere get your preventive
care done there then go to your local veterinarian and still get your physical
exam done there. Talk with your local veterinarian, develop that relationship
make sure that you have somebody that you’re comfortable with that you can go
to in case of emergency or sickness. Also get that physical exam done every year by your veterinarian yes you’re gonna pay fifty to sixty dollars for that to
be done but that is a worthwhile investment. You are getting the education of a veterinary school, you are getting the hands-on experience and you are getting
the eyes the ears the nose the everything, all the senses of your
veterinarian that can help detect disease when you can’t. So go to the
vaccine clinic for your preventive care. Still come in for your annual exam and
any annual bloodwork things like that. There are also vaccine clinics by a
business called Thrive Veterinary Care which their main thing is high quality affordable veterinary care and you can get everything for pretty inexpensive including $15 physical exams. I don’t know the quality of what
you’re getting but if cost is a concern and a huge
barrier between your animal getting those services or not consider that
option as well so just look up the Thrive veterinary care on Google read
more about it. Check out their packages see where they’re located, go check it
out it. Maybe a good option for you, so if your animal is sick or if you do have
questions or you have an animal that just needs more care and you are in that
veterinary hospital a lot spending a lot of money maybe you’re looking for
different options. So there are some new businesses
out there that focus on what is called ‘telemedicine’, remote medicine this is
very interesting to me. There’s two main It works this way you pay per
phone call or you pay a monthly membership or you pay an annual
membership and in doing that you get, you get phone calls, text or chat with a
real live veterinarian. If you get the membership, you get unlimited phone calls
text or chat with a veterinarian 24 hours a day seven days a week so while
this does not replace actually going in to a veterinarian and having the
services done there, sometimes all you need is just that advice of a
professional and to have that at your fingertips or in your ear versus going to Dr. Google and getting questionable advice. We all know that on the first page if, if you search something you’re not
necessarily gonna get the right answer you’re just gonna get something that
Google likes. So using one of these services telemedicine, Wisker Docs or, especially if you have an animal who needs constant surveillance, constant monitoring, things like that could be a really good option for you as well. So check them out I think it’s a $100 for an annual membership. I think it’s something like 15 dollars a month
to sign up for a monthly membership and then I think it’s way more expensive per
phone call, something like $30 per phone call but definitely interesting. The next thing I want to talk about, this is only for I think folks in Georgia but if you have been asked by your veterinarian to get your
your pet some lab work done well that can run you a lot of dollar bills in the
veterinary hospital. In Georgia they have this business called Express labs and
basically it works like this… So typically when you go see your doctor
you often have to go some place else to a lab and get your blood drawn and then
they send those results back to your doctor or your doctor calls you and
that’s how it goes and that’s how they keep the cost down. That’s all, they
keep the volume up and everybody’s doing the thing that they’re best at, people
who are drawing blood are best at drawing blood, people who are doctors
such as me (who are not good at drawing blood by the way, don’t let your doctor
draw your blood) are doing more of the Diagnostics. So Express labs is a
facility where you just take your animal in you get the test, you get the blood
drawn and then they read the tests and they send it back to your veterinarian.
It’s quick and it’s cheap, so if you are in Georgia or maybe they’ve expanded
outside of Georgia now, Express labs is a good option for you to get things like
annual blood work fibroid tests heartworm tests, blood chemistry, CBC’s
anything, your analysis anything you want done. That’s a great option for that as
well. Lastly, I want to talk about lines of credit. So say you are in a bind and
you have a sick animal and your animal needs surgery or it needs medicine or
something like that and you need to come up with the money, well there are more
and more businesses that are offering to loan money for emergency medical care.
The classic is Care Credit, right, care credit you apply online they approve you
for a certain amount of money you use it like a credit card. Care Credit I have
found in my personal experience, the people who need Care Credit the most
can’t get it because they they aren’t credit worthy because they
already owe money or they’re not making money and that just seems cruel to me.
Honest to god if you need the money and you have a service out there that can
provide it well why are we not providing it to the people who need it most but
that’s my soapbox I’ll get off of it for a little bit. There are some new businesses out there Wells Fargo has a line of credit for for animals. There’s one that I keep seeing, shows up in my Facebook newsfeed called Scratch, so
Scratch is a new line of credit to help people get the funding that they need to
be able to pay for emergency vet bills. There’s probably more out there that I
don’t even know about so start checking it out and my recommendation to you is
don’t wait until you have an emergency open that line of credit now. Open it and
just have it there so in case the bad happens. And I always knocked on wood
that it doesn’t but I always like people to be prepared if the unspeakable
happens and you need to tap into that credit line to care for your animal. Then
that is one less stress that you are gonna have when you need to make those
big decisions so do yourself a favor open yourself up a line of Credit to pay
for health related concerns or open up a credit card and then just put it away
and don’t use it unless you need it for animal related emergencies. A lot of
veterinary clinics don’t take payments they are not banks they are generally
Mom and Dad organizations that have high overhead
and they cannot be carrying pet owners deaths for them, they need to be paid for
the services that they render so be proactive on your part and make sure
that you have the money that you need so that you can care for your animal in
your animals time of need. So there you have it, those are my four
recommendations check out your VIP Vaccine Clinics or the Pet Smart vaccine
clinics or Thrive Vet for affordable preventive health care. Look into
Telemedicine through ASK.VET or
Whisker Docs.Vet to get questions answered
in a relatively cost-effective manner. If you’re a lucky person in Georgia look
into Express Labs to get your pets labs done, they’re at a fraction of the cost
and lastly get yourself a line of credit. Have that safety net in place in case
you run into problems and you need medical care for your pet that’s all I
have for today. I thank you so much for watching if you would like to see more
videos like this, where I give you all of the answers ,then click subscribe to my
channel and I’ll be back with more videos. I am here on behalf of Pawrrifc. thank you guys so much and I will see you guys

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