How Not To Die From A Dog Attack

The dog looked like it wanted to
kill me. People are prodding it, punching it. The dog wouldn’t get
off or anything. There was a lot of blood coming out. You knew that the dog had
hit an artery. I’m just thinking,
“Am I going to die here?” I was 13 at the time. It was summer of 2010. Just on a hot summer day, going to
my friend’s to play football. His mum came out, “Oh, sorry. He’s not in.” Then I sat down to give him a call. The dog, it was weird.
It wasn’t its usual self. Immediately, I’m thinking,
“What’s going on here?” But because I knew the dog, the
last thing I thought was that it was going to try and, you know,
end my life. Next thing I know,
it tried to go for my neck. If a dog is behaving aggressively,
it could be territorial. Don’t run and don’t try to
intimidate the dog. Stand side on
and slowly back away. I ran as fast as I could because the
dog looked like it wanted to kill me. I tried to vault over the fence
and I’m thinking, “Have I escaped?” Then the dog,
full force, just bites. DOG SNARLS If the dog starts to attack, protect
your neck and face above all else. And, no matter what,
stay on your feet. If you can’t get away
or you’re out in the open, use something to shield yourself
from the dog’s bite. If you’re forced to fight back, target the dog’s
most vulnerable areas. I heard a scream and then
that’s when I see Nicky and the dog. The dog’s just gripped on the bicep. He was screaming, like, for help. People are prodding it, punching it. The dog wouldn’t get off or
anything. There was nothing I could’ve done. I just knew I needed to do
something. If a dog’s got a hold of someone,
don’t pull at it. This could make the injuries
much more severe. Jabbing something, such as a stick,
or spraying water into the dog’s mouth could make it
release its grip. If that doesn’t work, try and get something over the dog’s
head to blind and disorientate it. If all else fails,
try and cut off the dog’s airways. DOG SNARLS The owner of the dog was
pulling the dog’s leash, but I shouted at her to stop. I’m seeing all the blood coming
through from my top. I’m just thinking,
“Am I going to die here?” We had to get the dog’s mouth open. I got my sweeping brush. They must have welded
it in the jaw of the dog. And we just kept banging
it on the roof of the dog’s mouth. It took around five minutes
and eventually, they were able to cause it that much
pain that it just released me. It took a proper tear of
out of his arm. I was in serious shock and I
actually saw a part of my bicep… ..on the ground. There was a lot of blood coming out. You knew that the dog had hit
an artery or something like that. The dog has severed Nick’s brachial
artery and, without treatment, he could bleed to death in minutes. Raise the limb above the head to
limit the blood flow and apply firm and direct
pressure to the wound. Don’t loosen the pressure
until the paramedics arrive. We wrapped a tea towel around the
top of his arm, here, to stop the blood from coming out. I kept coming in and out of
consciousness. The ambulance got there. They were
driving over fields and everything. And then I just remember
waking up in the hospital bed. When I got to the hospital, he was just lying there and his
eyes were closed. I actually asked them if I
could look at it. It was the most disgusting mess. They then told me, “Look, you’ve
done serious damage to your arm. “There’s thoughts that
we may need to amputate it.” They actually found one of the dog’s
teeth in his artery. It was just so, so surreal. I didn’t know how many arms
my son would have when he came out of
that operating theatre. His bicep was not saveable. I woke up. They’d had to take veins from my leg
to help support the blood flow in my arm. And that was the only possible way
they could keep the arm on. Sometimes I think about the
other outcomes. Maybe the dog would’ve took my life. The women who helped… It’s hard for me to express
how grateful I am. If it wasn’t for them, ultimately,
I wouldn’t be here today. They literally had
my son’s life in their hands. And they just… ..they just held on. I always get people staring at it. It’s my scar, you know. It’s what I have to live with now
but when I’m older, I can look back and think,
“I made it through this” and it’s made me stronger.

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    I know many crazy dog lovers who would say this.

  2. If you legit being attacked no other options grap it's top and bottom jaw and push up on the top and down on the bottom it snaps it's jaw and dies only if it needs to be done don't just kill dogs

  3. Was gonna say you should take a leaf out of the dogs book an go for the the throat if he's already latched on .. keep crushing its windpipe till it let's go quite simple .. course you have to be cruel enough to be okay with killing a dog but if it's me or the dog I know which one I'm choosing..

  4. A good reason to carry a weapon with you. To stop a dog without a firearm, you have to grab the dog by the neck or tail and pick it up until its paws do not touch the ground. And then you can easily beat the dog against a wall or on the ground until the dog is incapacitated. If that does not work, keep your fingers crossed and try to shut the dog's eyes.

  5. You have to look at this in a positive way at least you know ur dog will be good security for ur house but good recovery and thank god your alive????❤️

  6. People should be allowed to carry knives to kill aggressive dogs. I nearly got attacked by a growling unsupervised dog yesterday and I was helpless.

  7. I fighted a pitbull a week ago he bit my leg I punched him in the face but I had to run im gonna be with a bat around when I walk cuz when he smells me he just wants to kill me haha

  8. you realize there nothing in place to limit the numbers of stupid and evil ppl. The whole shitsystem is reactive. it waits for a dumbass to get caught before they lock them up. This is also why jihadist will run ppl over during the night cause they know there's zero witnesses. fck capitalism

  9. Tip 1: Don't have a shit breed garbage dog.

    Tip 2: (only applies to americans) carry a gun on you and be prepared to defend your own life.

    Simple as that.

  10. Long Story Short, I Remember In The Summer of 2010 when I had a Paranormal Occurrence In My Home!

  11. Hit the back of the Dogs head as hard as you can. If you are a bystander stamp on it with everything you got. That will stop pretty much any attack.

  12. As a postman, I’m cautious when going to peoples properties if I have to go through a front garden. I’ve almost been mauled and it’s not a nice feeling.

  13. They need to stop that "type" BS. No such thing as an American Bulldog type. Basically any muscular dog with a block head.

  14. I have a question I know someone with a pit bull and the owner never told me or my brother it was dangerous and we had to care for the dog bc the owner went on vacation for a couple days when I pet the dog it didn’t attack me but when my brother went to get its food bowl and water bowl it attacked him…? I really wonder why it didn’t attacked me Then the dang owner tells us later don’t pet it or get to close to it

  15. I know a lot of people are sensitive about animals but an animals life will never be more valuable than a humans ??‍♀️ I don’t encourage killing and mistreating them for no reason but if I’m being attacked or see one my first instinct will be to kill it .

  16. For someone who works with huge dogs, like dogs who could kill me if they wanted to. I myself am not scared for myself, but if i would ever see someone being attacked by a dog, the first thing i do is the choking metod. Choke the dog until it has to let go. The other ones, the water trick etc don’t work especially with the types of dogs who are bred to kill. It’s just wasting time usually.

  17. Please note that many dogs are wonderful and some have saved many, many lives over time. If this is correct, a dog’s individual temperament may be down to genetics ?, training (or lack thereof), socialisation (or lack thereof), upbringing, abuse/neglect and/or life experiences. There are nice and not-nice among many different types of beings, and dogs ? are no exception. The breed stereotypes are not always correct. There are many nice, loving and even some heroic pit bulls out there, as well as a few aggressive labs.
    While the wellbeing of the dog/s may be the last thing on your mind when you’re being attacked, please use alternative methods to violence if you can…
    Use (legal) self defence sprays to repel the dog/s. Use your posture and body language. Use non-harmful tactics of self defence…

  18. Even aggressive dogs can sometimes have their problems solved through training, socialisation, muzzles and spaying/neutering. I’m not saying that intentionally killing an animal due to aggression (when not in a survival situation) is ever okay, but killing or abusing the dog/s, whether by putting them down or whatever, should at least only ever be used as a real last resort…

  19. When i was 6 my cousin husky attacked me, he scratched my head and bite me I had to get like 40 stitches or in my head. Honestly if it wasnt for my brother I wouldnt be here today, hes the one that managed to get the dog away.. I owe my life to my brother.

  20. When I was 12 I threw a snowball at a stray dog and it went fuckin crazy , luckily I was wearing a big padded jacket , it lunged full force shredding my new campri ski jacket.

  21. As Muslims we can own all types of animals according to the Prophet, like birds, fish, cats etc but not a dog except a dog for use such as a shepherd dog or a for high external security. It's the reason why you see rich Arabs owning wild cats which even has the capability of killing a dog but not owning a dog

  22. I’m glad your ok, the scar nothing compared what you went through. Your one tough guy.
    Best wishes for your future.
    Paul (Australia)

  23. Stomp on the piece of shits legs or feet, failing that pound on its nose or stick your fingers in its eyeballs. when you do finally get free come back with a shovel and put that mutt in the ground where it belongs.

  24. No other dog would do that. Only the Pitbull, Bulldog types and the Rottweiler have that evil Mutant tenacity… Where they are basically Crocodiles, how many more victims must there be?

  25. I got attacked by a pit bull, my GSD puppy jumped in to protect me and while he continued to bark at the pit bull I grabbed an ax from the garage. needless to say I threw the pitbull body and head on the neighbors front door , sued and now own their home, and the owner is currently serving 3 years now. Justice…my puppy was brave and barley a scratch

  26. I don’t know how people die from dog attacks i have been attacked 10 times and i killed 7 dogs sorry for this but wtf

  27. listen if a pitbull type dog locks the jaw on someone, shove a finger even better 3 up the ass this will release it's teeth- I am a long term dog walker, and have had this happen 4 times, nasty things those 'devil dogs'…..

  28. Can anyone give me tips there is 3 Rottweilers in my neighbors back yard
    And they are so annoying and scratching against the fence what can I do?

  29. All u gotta do is put ur hands around their neck. They will try to bite u but wont physically be able to. Push them away

  30. Stick your thumb in its eyes shove your hand down its throat choke it out with the collar or punch it in the ball sack repeatedly

  31. If I ever get crowned king the first thing I'm doing is endorse laws against owning dogs. The only ones that can own dogs are certified K-9 police and military.

  32. Poor fellow was very fortunate to survive the attack. He could have easily bled to death. Thank goodness he had people around to help him!

  33. Number one always carry a knife I do not carry a knife for people I carry a knife for dogs most of the time all of this stuff that they are saying does not work if a dog is latched onto your arm stabbing repeatedly in the neck try to roll it over and get its belly chest anywhere you could possibly stab the dog to kill it do it

  34. The Woman thought it was right old funny..look at her callous expression like she enjoyed it
    Maybe the dog could pay her a quick visit

  35. If all else fail… ! The first thing you should do is try to not pull from its bite and then do the best thing possible to kill the dog as efficiently as possible and as fast as possible. It's not that the dog is guilty, but you need the best chance to survive the most serious injury.

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