How Much Money I’ve Made Selling Pet Reptiles

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  2. I own no reptiles, however, I am subbed and have "liked" more of your videos than any other YouTuber I am subbed to. You are funny and really care about your animals. Keep up the good work, your videos are gold!

  3. Love this video! REALLY interesting timeline and behind the scenes, and the thought and foresight you demonstrate, especially with regards to keeping your reputation and brand image alive for income from another source is incredible.

  4. I've been breeding reptiles for over 25 years, I've seen a lot of people come and go in the herp pet trade. I'm very impressed with what you've accomplished in a short period of time but, mostly your professionalism. Your YouTube videos and website are top notch. I hope you continue what you're doing and wish you nothing but success.

  5. You inspire me so much Alex. You don't pretend to be anyone you're not. You are driven and hard working. You are so mature and successful at just 19 years old. You are wonderful.

  6. I'm glad you're going to make a video about reptile expos. I've never really liked them… Just SO much impulse buying and I find it stressful to be around. And sometimes they'll have pet guinea pigs and rabbits, which I happen to know more about… Always in god awful conditions. Crammed in wire bottom cages and little piss stained cardboard boxes… Poor things

  7. Hey! My friend's and I were inspired to by you to actually start planning g on starting a buisness to help rehabilate animals, so thanks for inspiring us.
    P.s- you were the main reason I got over my slight fear of reptiles and now wish and dream day and night of owning either a ball Python or a corn snake.

  8. fyi.. I watched the whole thing. Story time was great. You did a very good job explaining the business model of your(pointing) company, Emerald Scales.

  9. This was a great video and I would personally restart my profit calculation from the day of going solo. You are obviously in the hobby/business for the right reasons and love the animals. I would start breeding some of the fancy color morph reptiles making sure they go to good homes to support the rescue part of the business if you haven't already. You definitely have an audience and they would get visibility. I was having a conversation recently with a friend that has a multi million $ family business where the (uncle/owner) wanted to make a semi bad business decision because it wasn't the green solution. It involved the use of plastic cups and straws. (There is way more to this and I am over simplifying to make a point).. I laughingly said he has so much money that he can buy a barge plus higher a crew to clean up the ocean dead zones picking more cups and straws in a few days then the business will generate in a few years.

    Every pair of socks sold and a pair go to the homeless. 🙂 It's amazing you even broke even while rescuing animals and not functioning purely off of donations.

  10. You are going to go a long way in life with that work ethic and determination. Also, you know your limits. You are wise beyond your years. You and folks should be very proud with your accomplishments.

  11. Not often I'll listen to somebody talk on YouTube for an hour… but your story, personality and passion for herping and animal husbandry is undeniable and fascinating! You are a role model for so many kids these days… not to mention adults! Keep it up and hope for lots more success in 2020 and beyond!

  12. Was really curious on how young you seemed yet had such a professionial setup and a good business…turns out you're just an extremely dedicated person! And you give school drop outs hope they can make something of themselves so thanks! Hopefully will get my first reptile in 2020 (i'm saving up for a gargoyle gecko!)

  13. Guys, maybe the partner's name wasn't mentioned because GoHerping doesn't want you to go after him. At no point in the video did he express ill-will to his old partner. They needed to split the business. And coming from an outsider that isn't a subscriber or a regular viewer, the deal his partner got was completely reasonable considering they both started the business together. $5000 is NOT a lot of money and I actually understand why his partner said no. And also, do not underestimate the power of an existing name and brand. That was far far far more valuable than a hundred animals considering their profit margin. His partner had to start from scratch too to build a following to maintain his side of the business. No hate to your fan base. But really, calm down. Bankruptcy is a shitty situation and there is no pretty way to resolve splitting a business in half, especially when you're uncertain about its future. His partner got the harder less ideal part of the assets. Truly.

  14. I had to stop watching after the breakdown of what the ex partner got >~< That made me SO angry. That's fucked up that he agreed to that. A good friend would have said "Nah man, just give me what I invested, and let's split the critters." It's messed up that he accepted such a freaking generous offer when he was in the wrong.

  15. I purchased my first reptile in September. I spent months researching beforehand, and your channel has been the most informative and tbh entertaining I had found. So I'm glad you decided to make the changes you did, and you got a sub from me after the first video I watched.

  16. Great video! I really like this format, honestly I like these sort of monologue like videos, but, my dude, pls take care of yourself, u look gaunt

  17. It definitely does annoy me when people who clearly do not care about their animals want a lot of money (although rehoming fees are good) ALSO I loved this video! So informative and awesome!!! Love learning more about businesses!

  18. Honestly it's amazing how you flipped the company around with no money and got a way bigger return. Keep up the good work! You deserve everything positive in your future!

  19. An hour long video by @goherping is by far the best Christmas present I could receive ? thanks for the video it was very interesting to watch and see how your company has grown. I am definitely considering you for my next reptile in the future!

  20. Get private livestreams, my phone number, a private Discord server and more for $5 a month, are you sure your making enough money?????????

  21. Not sure if youll read this, but I have a question on Beardies. My boy was recently very sick and lost a lot of weight. We found out the problem, got him on meds and hes back to his old self again, but thin as a stick. How do I make him gain weight again? He lost a lot of weight while he was sick, and still isnt eating a lot, no matter how many greens i put in front of him. Even worms.

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  24. BOY, you are 19 YEARS OLD – like, you should be worrying about what you'll spike the punch bowl with at the frat party next weekend, and you're literally HAVING TO SPLIT THE ASSETS OF A BANKRUPT LLC?? THAT'S SOME 45-YEAR-OLD SHIT!
    OK, enough hyperbole – you are A SERIOUSLY IMPRESSIVE individual… You dropped out of high school, you mention at one point?? A lot of great entrepreneurs did, actually. You'll learn more by doing real-life shit than in a classroom, it's clear. AND YOU HAVE A TESLA??? There's some reading between the lines here I'm doing, and my assumption is that your parents are mega-rich. Or someone in your family is. That's not a judgement in any way, I think you're taking advantage of it beautifully, to do what you love and are best at with the greatest care and highest standards you can muster. And you have SO much poise and professionalism before a camera – your description of the break up of the company straight-up exudes more patience and confidence than most CEOs who face this same shit. You are a /master/, like, I legit look up to you. (I am 27 years old and briefly made myself an independent contractor with zero assets, never incorporated, and spent about 300 dollars to be insured for 12 months. Spent about 2k, made a total of 4k, and so I profited about 2k-ish, in very rough terms. My taxes was the most difficult 'math' thing I did that year, and I got back about 900 from the government. That's about the extent of my first-hand knowledge of business management.)

    P.S. as an Economics major (who has never worked in the field, full disclosure) who follows the news about companies in the business, I gotta give a MAJOR SUGGESTION – get your money OUT OF WELLS FARGO ASAP. Their company rep is in absolute shambles. I'm honestly surprised you haven't been scammed by them, they have a horrible corporate culture, created unwanted fake accounts to meet inflated targets, and just generally been really shitty. There's actual news sites that back this up, don't just take a stranger's opinion on this, though.

    Again, I have not worked in the industry nor for either of these companies, but I personally recommend Vanguard for wealth management, if a local Credit Union (which gives each member more control of their money, which you are clear on wanting) doesn't fit your lifestyle. I'd be heartbroken to see your dreams crushed by some unscrupulous bank behavior when credit unions are just overall insanely better. If it HAS to be a bank for reasons unknown to me, I'd recommend Vanguard. My mother's mother's estate came to us through them, and they have SERIOUSLY GOOD customer service. It just blows me away how well you've dealt with and processed this. You are a seriously lucky guy, and you've ON TOP OF THAT, put in a TON of work to get to where you are today. You deserve it all and more. Godspeed on your journey, but don't forget to take a vacation day too! 😀

  25. Your honesty and openness is beyond belief. Some people may try to use the info you provided against you, but I honestly respect that you admit and own your mistakes. Nobody is perfect and we do not live in a perfect world
    No need to sugar coat anything but tell people how things really work. Your respect and love of animals is unparalleled. Keep on being a great inspiration to your viewers and reptile keepers around the world.

  26. I'm not looking for a reptile right now, but I really admire you posting this video, not only to dispel any myths about how much you make, but because a transparent company is so much more trustworthy. I'd love to see yearly updates about this, and hope to see Emerald Scales grow.

  27. ya know what, i'm interested. Imma look up profit since the split. What time is that at… timestamp 49:55

    exact expenses mentioned, not important… here it is:

    aug revenue: 915, profit 750

    sept revenue: 2560, profit 1200

    oct revenue: 1924, profit 1000

    nov revenue: 2580, profit 1500

    dec revenue: 1405, profit 745

    that's an average of 1876.8 in revenue per month, and an average profit of 1039, per month, since the split. I dunno, man, the numbers seem to bear out that you on your own with this company are going like gangbusters! Now, for the statisticians in the audience, I am aware that a sample size under 30 is not considered 'representative' so these are to be considered preliminary results. Eagerly awaiting a larger sample size and the continued health of your animals and your channel! 😀

  28. I just checked the emerald scales website and it looks great very professional like you were taking about though I didn’t any of the animals I was looking for I did see a lot of really cute Ones ps whenever you get an Abronia please say it in a video

  29. Business and friends are a bad mix, I had to go though the same situation as you but on a larger scale. Glad to see you keep your head up and moving forward! keep up the great videos! You should get more Tokay geckos, they are awesome .

  30. What if you go to expos so people can see the animals and then they must do the interview process and buy them from the website after the expo?

  31. Thank you for this breakdown and explaining that these animals have requirements and those requirements cost money. Keep up the great work. I wish more people screened prospective buyers.

  32. This is my favorite video of yours and answers so many of my own questions! Almost makes me want to start my own company. If only i wasn't so lazy. For real tho guy, you're an inspiration.

  33. Ok. I'm going to word this in a very particular way. Bear with me.

    1) Mr. Green, you're showing a lot of restraint and good taste in being as careful to not disparage or offend certain other hypothetical individuals in this piece of fictitious work that is clearly a satire not intended to bear any resemblance to any actual people living or otherwise. Breaks in business relationships can be very bitter and damaging. You are showing a lot of restraint and equanimity.

    2) Given the obviously purely hypothetical scenario you were describing, you could easily have sued certain other completely hypothetical, fictional individuals. You could easily have done that by proving the misapplication of funds in the entirely fictional story you related. So given that you gave up as many assets to settle this seems much more than a little unfair. But you clearly made the best judgement here since you are profitable and have not incurred the kinds of massive losses that occurred in your company while certain other entirely hypothetical individuals were present and working within your hypothetical company that I am interpreting as entirely fictitious in the above work of video.

    3) You are better off without this hypothetical, fictitious individual entirely, at least in business matters. Goodbye and good riddance. Please do not make that mistake again. I think it comes to the fact that the hypothetical guy did not really intend to screw you over. It's one of those "he's just like that" situations. It's hard not to cut a little slack. But how much is too much? I honestly think you could have acted much sooner with a clear conscience. This was clearly a problem. And it only would have gotten worse if you didn't stop it. Maybe some people here don't get that. I've seen what WORSE looks like. I hope you haven't. You don't want to.

    4) I don't think you're a control freak. You shouldn't either. Control of assets and insistence on open and prompt communication are not obsessive — they're vital to avoiding hurt feelings or dangerous situations. I think the problem is that investing trust and having that trust threatened or damaged will make one a little paranoid. I've seen that too many times. It is hard to invest trust or communicate to the extent that expectations are set. It is easy to become a micro-manager if your trust if violated, making you become a micro-manager and toxic yourself. But you can't invest trust in people who do not keep their word or follow the rules. There needs to be a basic level of respect. A lack of it is toxic. But that is on both ends. I can tell you what can go wrong and how badly. Don't learn the wrong lesson from a very bad example. Again, hypothetically, in the context of obvious fiction. Oh, this disclaimer is getting to be very tedious. Satire isn't what it used to be.

    It's sad. Mixing friendship with business can kill both and cause strife. I don't know that I'd ever do that. I've been in situations where int went very, very wrong. Oh, but you handled this so well and it could have been so much worse. Giving someone all the assets to just retain the business name was actually a stroke of genius that I don't know I'd have had the guts to pull off.

    I honestly think that the way you endured this just shows you're made of stronger and wiser stuff than a lot of people realize. At least I'm impressed.

  34. At first when I watched the unboxing I liked and disliked you but after this I respect you much more I want a rep but kinda scared of it but I subscribed I’ll for sure get the 5$ thing tho

  35. You are far from a flipper my friend. You are an animal rescuer and since you own Emerald Scales now…and CONGRATULATIONS on that, dare I say a professional rescuer? I am wondering if you have reached out to university's and zoos to see if you can find a herpetologist or zoologist willing to help or consult with ES? Thanks for sharing your passion, your stresses and inviting us along for the journey. It's been fun watching you and your companies grow.

  36. Off topic: Hey man, I've got a bearded dragon, recently, and although he is pooing and peeing, I'm unsure about a constant water bowl? Do I need to get him to drink? Or is bug juice and plant water enough? I'm pretty sure it is, but hes absolutely amazing and cost a fortune so I want to get this right. Cheers.

  37. The ex partner really screwed you guys up what the heck. love your kindness towards animals and glad you are still doing good and hopefully better

  38. Alex: I have 115 animals in my house, but only 19 of them are mine

    Also Alex: I think I have about 30-35 animals from emerald scales right now

  39. I think Emerald Scales will become even more successful especially since this video. It's still a young company. I didn't realize you had a company until around June.

    Kinda sad to spend personal expenses with the company account… I get that there's tax reduction but how is there so much spending that caused an overdraft. It would be best to turn off the overdraft and it would not allow purchases. It would make sense if your Airbnb is cover by your company card since it's work-related.

  40. It's really cool you opened up so much about Emerald Scales. I get how finances and a company can really strain any type of relationship, but I think you made the best of a tough situation. And hell, your profit surpasses most new restaurants. I love all your videos so much, but take a breather from time to time! I can't imagine working as much as you and I teach elementary school.

  41. Appreciate the honesty not a lot of people are willing to show people what they've been through business/life wise, stupid or not based on your opinion glad your kept pushing

  42. It will always be hard to make anything of pet animals, the only reason you are somewhat successful at it is because of your YT channel and same way ES is used as a fuel for GoHerping. Very smart move, even if you loose a little on ES your YT channel will manage to sustain itself which is worth much more than ES. At the same time you are able to support your passion and help some animals but without your channel that business model wouldnt be sustainable. And yeah i think you missed many expenses to make yourself feel better about the ES lol, you clearly should count in some portion of your rent and majority of your electric bill into it too as you wouldnt need as big of a house if you didnt use it for keeping animals for rehoming. Anyway its good you have full control over it, i completely agree that the only reason why ES is existing is becuase of GoHerping, i was shocked to see people actually paid you 100$ for pet quality crested gecko, wouldnt happened without your channel and yourself

  43. My guess before watching is that Emerald Scales either breaks even or is a non-profit making money in other ways as a shelter would. What you do is priceless and with the costs of rehabbing and keeping the animals you re-home until they are adopted I would say "profit" isn't really the right word.

  44. One little piece of constructive criticism for the Emerald Scales site; don't refer to the animals as product when they have a new home. You list their names so say for example, "Sunshine was adopted" not "out of stock"

  45. Well you clearly made the right choice by moving away from your partner. I feel like he would have made more poor choices and misuse of funds. I'm a long time subscriber and can see that, although he has the same love towards animals as you. He doesn't have the same focus or discipline in handling money and running a business. Not saying nothing bad against your partner, but something felt like you would have had lots more of incidents of unverified buyers and purchases(not business related) from him. ??????stand behind your values and stay business savvy and you'll go far. Just don't forget to enjoy yourself and life from time to time. Good luck to your future and business. You got this!!! 3 years from now you'll have a warehouse full and be looking to expand even more, I know it.

  46. It really sucks that you lost the assets. But branding is a much more valuable asset than like… physical supplies. Probably the most valuable thing you lost was the established Instagram account. I think this should be an educational video for people who consider starting their own business, especially going into business with a friend. A lot of people might say “oh your partner was a bad person” or “oh he ripped you off”, but these situations are VERY common. Most people just aren’t cut out to run a business. It’s hard to be disciplined with tracking expenses and keeping personal expenses separate. It’s hard to keep personal relationships separate from business relationships. A lot of your fans are younger than me (I’m in my 30s), so it might be an experience that’s difficult for them to understand.

    Good job overall.

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