How MUCH & how OFTEN should you feed your hamster?

I often get a lot of comments asking how
much should I feed my hamster and how often should I feed them because there’s
a lot of websites that will say a bunch of different things like some people
will say you should feed your hamster daily or you should always keep your
hamsters food dish topped up which is something I do not promote and I do not
recommend anybody do because keeping your hamsters food dish filled up all
the time can actually cause them to become a picky eater which is not good
because then your hamster is just going to pick out the good stuff they want
because they know it’s gonna get refilled again so then they can keep
picking out the good stuff and then they’re not getting all the nutrients
they need. One of the more common schedules I see people use is feeding
the hamsters 1 to 2 tablespoons every 2 to 3 days I think this is a great method
because it does give your hamster time to eat everything in their dish, now
hamsters can be picky eaters even with this method sometimes so you might often
have to go a little bit longer until refilling their dish to prevent a picky
eater the best way is basically fill up their dish 1 to 2 tablespoons and then
wait until the dish is completely empty a hamster will never starve themselves
so they eventually will eat everything in the dish so I used to use that method
until I’ve recently changed it to suit my hamsters a little bit better so for
example my Syrians get one tablespoon every other day whereas my roborovski
gets one tablespoon every three days because of how slow she eats my Syrians
eat everything a lot faster so if I were to feed my Robo every other day she
would eventually gather a mound of seeds and probably become a picky eater which
is something that I don’t want so that’s why I give her a little bit more time to
eat everything just because she’s such a slow eater now on the opposite days
that I feed my hamster I actually give them vegetables which is something a lot
of people are kind of scared and weary to give so often because they think that
giving your hamster vegetables that often is going to cause an upset
stomach or diarrhea which is true but also not true at the same time, if you
have a brand new hamster and you’re feeding them 17 new vegetables in one
day then of course they’re going to get a
upset stomach and possibly get diarrhea but if you slowly introduce your hamster
to new vegetables and increase the amount slowly it kind of gives them a
chance to build up a tolerance to these vegetables. Vegetables are very healthy
they have lots of nutrients and minerals so I do think it is good to feed them
every other day or once a day even rather than just giving them once a week
now when it comes to things like treats and how often you feed them it really
just depends on the type of treat there’s healthy treats and then there
are really unhealthy treats so something like a healthy treat could be a maybe
baby food or a Gerber puff treat something with really low sugar that
could be given almost once a day or every other day just because it’s pretty
healthy there’s not a lot of fats and sugars in it whereas something like a
yogurt drop should be fed maybe no more than once a week just because it is
filled with sugar. So this is the schedule that has worked best for me and
my hamsters of course it might not work for your hamsters because all hamsters are
different they eat some will eat faster some will eat slower so it honestly just
depends on the hamster itself and you kind of just need to watch and see how
long it takes for them to eat all of their food so I know this video was
short but I have been asked this question a lot so I did want to answer
it in a video that I hope it has answered your questions thank you for
watching bye

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  1. So I am gonna get a hamster but first I need to get everything. I was wondering what type on sun flowers seeds I can feed them. I know at the store they have the flavors ones but I am not sure if I should use those

  2. I feed my hamster 1 table spoon each time he finishes his meal. I do not have a routine with feeding him because he eats slow so it depends when my hamster finishes his meal. I agree that don’t fill up their bowls because that’s an old method of mine and it worked *horribly*. My hamster started to gain lots of weight and I noticed his bowl had no more seeds only *pellets*. So I started to feed him a tablespoon. Each time he finishes I fill it back up with only a tablespoon. I changed his diet and think I’m keeping him this way for only a month and he will be going back to his normal diet. This video was amazing I loved it so much even though I knew about this I still loved this video because people need to know what’s right and what’s wrong for their hamster! ??

  3. Can you make a video where you show us your hamsters feeding routine? I would love to watch it! ??????

  4. I don’t even have a hamster but I love your hamster videos anyways!❤️??? great video awesome job.

  5. hi victoria! i'm from brazil ?? and i love your channel, thank you so much, you help me a lot with my hamsters ❤️

  6. Hi Victoria, I have another question, so I just bought some millet for my hamster from the bird isle and it was in a basket with no cover or plastic bag of what so ever. Do you think I should wash it or just give it to her? Sorry if my questions seem too obvious, I’ve never given my hamster other types of foods besides her treats and diet food!

  7. Who agrees that Victoria is the best YouTuber on the planet and gives the best tips ever on hamsters and her other animals ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❣❣❣❣❣I love your YouTube channel I watch it all of the time ????????❤️ thank you for helping me learn how to care for my hamster properly and by watching your taming videos I have tamed my young hamster Ginger who is a blonde Syrian hamster ❣???

  8. I’ve been trying to find the video of when you had 4 kinds of sprays; millet, oat, flax, and wheat. No matter, I’ll ask here… where do you get them? I cannot find them in any natural foods stores around here! I’ve looked in pet stores, international food stores, regular grocery stores in their baking or spice aisle…. so, I’m thinking you order them online from somewhere. And while we are at it, dust sand…. I only find dust powder.

  9. my hamster (male syrian) eats about a tablespoon daily, plus a couple veggies and eats on his edible toys. should i still leave time between feeding or does this mean i’m not feeding enough? he does have a bit of food stocked up in his nest, but the majority he just eats. am i not feeding him enough?

  10. My hamster is definitely a picky eater. This video helped so much, I have been feeding her all wrong for almost 4 months! Thank you Victoria!

  11. I give my syrian a tablespoon every other day. She usually will eat everything in that time. I give her veggies randomly.

  12. I just watched almost all of your videos. And i thought i know lot about hamsters ? i moved to natural theme actually pretty long time ago and i love it. Now im gonna give them water bowl instead of bottle and not put too much food for them ? and your robo is so cute! ? im gonna get two robos next week, so excited! I have two russian dwarf already. They both are actually underweight even tho i thought they were too fat ? and i dont know what to do. I can only find information about hamsters overweight..

  13. I feed my hamster once every 3 days, but he still always leaves food behind. Is this a bad sign? I can tell he is eating things, but it concerns me. 🙁

  14. I have a question: is peppermint safe? I keep getting contradictory answers

    Also: does anyone know what food she uses?


  15. Hey, love your vids, they helped me a lot ^^
    I have a doubt.

    My hamster is a picky eater and because i'm changing her diet to something healthier i'm afraid she starts eating her corn bedding or some hay i put for her instead the food she doesn't like.
    What should i do?

  16. My hamster romis is died because he esacped out of his cage and my cat bit him and he died 🙁 I only had him for 3 months but I got new hamster and he's fine his name is Henry and Henry is a picky eater can I change that?

  17. Im scared cuz we went on vacation and my grandma was suppose to come in and check our 2 hamsters food bowls(they are housed separate just so you now) and she couldnt get into our house. We have been gone for a week and will get home in 1-2 days will he be okay? We had a decent amount of food in there when we left idk im scared

  18. I just wanted to say that your videos are really helpful and they are helping me take care of my Syrian hamster. keep up the good work!

  19. A question I’ve had is wanting to feed fruits and vegetables to my hamster. The thing is I don’t want to buy real fruits and vegetables and toss out any used portions that are not fed to Hersheys. It would be like throwing money in the trash bin. So…

    I’ve found Ominvore Mix made by Reptile Munchies in the reptile section of pet stores. One vendor instructs to rehydrate them in water before feeding. I haven’t bought any because I wanted your opinion. Should these be considered for their diet?

  20. Thank you so much I was over feeding my hamster and I watched this and changed to your schedule. It worked so good and he loves scavenging for the seeds and nuts. Love your channel. ????

  21. I love how she included how often she feeds fruits and vegetables. I have been looking for the longest time to find a YouTuber or hamster-involved influencer that I trust to say how often I should feed my hamster fruits and veggies and this helps me a lot.

  22. Why do you spread your robo's food on the bedding instead of putting it in a dish? I put her food in a dish and hand feed her. Am I doing it wrong?

  23. I keep my Dwarf hamster on a tight feeding manner. I realized he hides all his food and made me think he would finish it all. Now hes less picky and eats everything I give him.

  24. Oh my gosh I have been over feeding my hamster. I’m probably going to slowly feed him less but emphasis on slowly so he adjusts to it. Thank you so much for this video

  25. Oh shoot I’ve been overfeeding my hamster I always just make sure he has food in his bowl… I do give him some veggies occasionally it doesn’t have a set day.. I don’t know if he would be mad if I all of the sudden stopped feeding him less.. I always just made sure he never ran out but I’ll probably just end up getting him obese ??

  26. I don’t think I overfeed my hamster because I fill their bowl all the way up,
    Even though I do this I don’t think they’re becoming picky because I don’t change out their food unless A. They decided it was the bathroom, B. I change out their bedding (monthly) C. There’s only the brown pellets left, or D. It’s all gone

  27. I am looking at your seed mixture that you are using it looks nothing like I use I would like to use that it looks so much better than mine could you please help me out

  28. Thanks SO much, i were so confused how much I should have put in the bowl, then i guess i was right 2 tablespoons , but one question if my hamster begins to become a picky eater and he wont eat the food that he doesn't like that much.. should i just wait or idk?

  29. What type of food mix/brand do you use or recommend for your hamsters? I know some times there’s brands that have a really unhealthy mix that’s popular so everyone buys. I’m getting a hamster soon and I want to make sure it gets the best food ? Also, are meal worms good to give to hamsters? People say it can bite the hamsters mouth but I think you can kill it or something. Thanks ??

  30. Hi Victoria! This video was really helpful.? I really want a hamster soon someday once my parents say yes and yes I have been wondering how often to give your hamster treats. Thanks for making this video I really liked it!??

  31. I just got my new hamster Named donut it’s a Gold Hamster it’s a boy he is 5 weeks old and he is screaming sometimes like a bird but I don’t do anything I just sit on ma bed and it screams he’s a bit aggressiv he gets mad very fast does ist get better maybe later ?

  32. i didn’t know if i was a jerk or not for making food scarce so he would be more inclined to eat his pellets so i feel like less of a jerk, thanks! i still can’t stand feeding only 1 tbsp, i feed 2 or 3 so i suppose i probably overfeed but i feel so bad making them eat stuff they don’t like & feel sad if they’re hungry.

  33. My hamster was actualy a bit picky abaut food but then i finally stopped her. I also of course love your vids! ??

  34. Thank you soooo much for making this video. I was giving my dwarf hamster food every day. I have a russian Campbell btw so should i still feed it every day or naw? I'm asking because you have a robo and there pretty SMALL

  35. My syrian and winter white LOVE mealworms! I always pinch the heads prior to feeding as they can potentially bite the hampsters if they put the worm in the cheeks live.excellent source of natural raw protein.:) i get mine in bulk from exotic 2000 for 17$ usually lasts our household 6mon and we 5 hampsters.

  36. I never knew this!! Thats one reason my hamster is such a picky eater i guess… How could i fix it?

    Edit: oh nevermind. Thanks 😀
    Edit again: I used to feed my hamster like those little cheese drops 3 times a day :OO (i think they're cute fat) but i stopped because i ran out- which is good.

  37. I use sunflower seeds to tame my hamster and yse them as treats. How often can u igive her them (she is a russian/winter white dwarf hamster)

  38. Thanks for making this video!!I was definitely overfeeding my hamster, and probably feeding him to many treas. This was very informational, and I really appreciate all of your advice! I will definitely be cutting back on my little hams food. Thanks again!!

  39. I had a hamster named legacy that would take everything except for the pellets. ? i cant really blame him though ??

  40. Should you give your hamster the pellets and the other food mix together or give it 1 tablespoon pellets and then in two days feed them 1 tablespoon food mix? Sorry if it’s confusing lol!!

  41. My hamster eats all his food everyday and I never find stored food when I clean his cage either he just doesn’t eat the small pellets lol

  42. Just one thing. The start of your video its said "1-2 tablespoons every 2-3 D", but this is if u have 1 hamster in a cage? Right? I have 5 robo in same cage. Got them for 2-3 weeks ago. How much can I give them?

  43. I was planning to get oxbow food for my future hamster. Is it better to have a food that has different kinds of pieces like yours? I always thought those kinds were worse because the ones I see tend have coloring and stuff in them.

  44. im getting a hamster next week and im watching all your videos. what kind of food do you recommend for him to eat? sorry i keep asking so many questions ://:

  45. Thank you soooooo much for your vids, its because of you that I figured out I was lied too about hamster care. Im going to buy a bin to make a cage soon, my cage is too small. I am buying sand because I was told hamsters do not bathe. I am giving him less food and scattering it so he has to find it, I was overfeeding and then saw this video. Thank you so much again.
    (Mine is a male Robo named Bean :3)

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