How much does a hamster cost?

Hey guys, it’s me, and today’s video is going to be going through The startup cost of owning a hamster I’m not going to be talking about monthly costs This is just going to be going through each of the Things that you need to purchase when you are first getting A hamster and just going through the costs. This is Using Canadian and American Pricing so it might be different in your country and I For most of this I did use PetSmarts Website to look at the products and pricing So the first thing you obviously are going to need to purchase is A cage, the hamster should have a large cage So this is going to take you around $20 To $100. This depends on what type Of cage you are going for. If you are going for a cheaper Option, there is bin cages. Which can cost around $20 And then the more expensive you go which would be Aquariums and then there also is the IKEA detolf which is around $70. It just depends on what Option of cage you’re going for. Next, you do need hamster bedding. Hamsters are burrowers So you’re gonna need some type of substrate to go on the bottom of the cage I recommend anything that is paper based or Aspen. Usually these will run from around $12 to $40 Being the most expensive But it just really depends on the size of the bag you get and Material usually paper based will be A little bit more expensive, but it is definitely worth it So next, you are going to need a food dish for your hamster This option you don’t have to get a Food dish from a pet store specifically You can go to your local dollar store and pick Out some type of dish like this. And these can go for over $1 If you do go with the Pet store option it is going to be around $3 to $5 So it will be a little bit more expensive Next, you are going to need a water bottle. This is my favorite water bottle It of course is the most expensive kind though Because it a glass type but if you want To go with a cheaper option, there is plastic It ranges for around $6 to $12 for this bottle Next, you are going to need a hideout for your hamster Even if you hamster doesn’t use a hideout, I still recommend having one In their cage just because it’s a place where they can feel safe Now these really depend on the material I guess You choose who you like buy The plastic kind of tends to be a lot cheaper Then something that is ceramic or wooden so it usually ranges From around $5 to $12 The next thing you will need is chew toys You definitely definitely definitely need these And they are going to vary in price, its usually not too expensive It could go from around $2 to $5 The next thing you are going to need is toys for your hamster So to stimulate their brain. Here I just have A tunnel and like a bendy bridge, these are pretty cheap And toys can vary from $5 to $10 It just really depends on what type of toy you’re buying Usually a bendy bridge is cheap and then sometimes Depending on the material, it will make it more expensive Next, you will need a hamster wheel. Because hamsters are very very Active during the night so you need something for them to Get their energy out of And this really depends on the size of your hamster A dwarf hamsters wheel is going to be a lot cheaper than A Syrians because there wheel is going to be smaller then a Syrians So it usually ranges from around $7 to $40 Next, you are going to need a hamster food of course Now, I recommend getting a pellet and seed mix When you are Picking your hamsters food Because it gives them the best variety in them Plus nutrition because there is no seed mix that That is going to give them all the nutrition they need So for me personally to buy pellet and a seed mix Costs around $18 and It depends on what type of mixes you’re gonna get but Generally it costs around $18 Your next thing you are going to need is a hamster carrier Now, it is really important you have a hamster carrier Because incase you need to take your hamster somewhere such as the vet Or just anywhere really in general It’s really good to have a hamster carrier They can range from around $10 to $12. They’re not too expensive You could also even DIY your own out of a little Bin or something like that, they really don’t have to be that expensive One of the last things you are going to need is a Medical Fund because hamsters are animals, they Do need to see a vet if anything happens to them and I do Recommend having at least $100 saved up Because incase they do need to go to the vet, you have money Saved for that special occasion if something does happen And the last thing is the hamster itself This really varies because it depends on where you are getting your Hamster. If you’re adopting, buying off of someone who Can’t have their hamster Maybe they’re selling their hamster, or if you’re buying from a pet store So really it can range from $0 To $20 So yeah guys, that is it for this video. Of course these prices vary You don’t necessarily need to buy everything from a pet store You can look in dollar stores and things like that And see if you can like make little hideouts or toys out of things You don’t have to buy the most expensive stuff So yeah guys, thanks for watching, bye!

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  1. Thanks for the help my hamsters died a couple years ago and I have been wanting the company of a hamster for awhile so with the help of this and some other vids I think I understand

  2. My carefresh costs £6.49 roughly ….. I have loads of hideouts and houses and toys for them… everything I get is very cheap because I can get super cute stuff at pet shops like chews hides ect…. I haven’t really spent the amount that was in this video because I defo look for deals. The pet shops food I get is called Harry hamster and it’s £2 a bag and lasts a while… the cage cost £10 because it’s a very large bin cage. And I have 2 of them because I have 2 hamsters … the wheel was £5 and the tunnels and stuff and hides and chews are also very low costing! I love buying stuff and spoiling them xx

  3. My friend has her hamster in the smallest tank ever with barely any substrate. It’s teeth are to long and it’s wheel is wire. It has bumble foot and it’s eye is severely infected. I’ve told her to get a bigger cage and bring it to the vet as it’s unhealthy and has to small of a cage. She refused many times. I’m planning to take/rescue the hamster soon. I have enough money and I hope I can rescue it from that cruel home. Also I forgot to mention, my friend MANHANDLES that poor dwarf hamster.

  4. My mom says don't buy a carrier bc that will make you need to go to the vet more often. My cat is 10yrs old and never had a carrier. He was to the vet 2 times. My first hamster never had to go to the vet and after he passed of old age I got a carrier and the hammies I got had to be taken to the vet alotttt! Idk if its just me thought

  5. I recently went to petsmart and counted up all the things needed for a hamster and all the prices including the hamster. For the cage I did a 20 gallon tank which is about 32$ and I added all the things up and i got 150$ at the highest. including a giant pack of bedding.

  6. This made me pretty happy to see cause I know my hamb is good to go. He had kind of a small habitat and he was bored so my fiancé and I made him a large bin cage and he loves it so much. Hammys may not live long but the deserve a great life ❤️?

  7. I found a huge bin at Target last week hopefully they are still there in June! ( I won't be able to get another ham till then 🙁 but don't wanna spend money early in case I change my mind)

  8. i got everything i needed including my hamster for £55 which is $80 that i think is pretty cheap. I didnt need to take him to the vet… Yet, and obviously i did buy him lots of new toys along with food, bedding etc. I have had him for just over a year now and he has grown alot! He is a syrian hamster cx

  9. I spent 100 dollars even when I bought my Hamster Tuffnut(how to train your dragon). My cage and water bottle came from Walmart. I got a 120qt. Bin cage. Then everything else I got at Petsmart. But all in all,my total was 100 dollars even! Thank you so much cause you helped me get my research done so I was able to have the proper things for my Tuff!

  10. Love your videos. I was going to get an IKEA Detof but we dont have a local IKEA where I live. The shipping is literally almost 200 dollars. I think the fish tank or bin is the best option for me. Thank you 🙂

  11. The cage I'm thinking about costs like $110 ? It's big and I really love it but so expensive and that was the lowest price I could find it in. Like wtf? I'll probably buy it if/when I get a hamster but it's still sick how expensive it is.

  12. At 4:18, would the carrier you're holding be acceptable for a Syrian ham or should I get the slightly larger one?

  13. Can a parakeet cage be repurposed into a multi level dwarf hamster cage? I really need to know because I have one that worked fine for 3 birds, in the mean time I got 4 and a bigger cage for them and I have the old one currently available. If I give it a really good cleaning and disinfect everything, is it possible to convert it, or do I need to buy a new one?

  14. I'm getting a hamster today, and I'm literally watching a bunch of hamster videos, I have a 642 square inches tub already, so I'm just sooooo excited. My soon to be hamster is gonna be named Pocky

  15. I convinced my dad to get me a hamster he said he’ll get me one this weekend. This video was really helpful (so as your other ones) thank you soo much for these tips and items

    EDIT: I got my hamster early it’s a dwarf hamster and it’s really friendly

  16. Lord what is my son getting me into ?
    Hes lucky mommy has a hobby of animals and tank pets ??…. Guess I can educate myself on the tiny little rodents ? think we will go with the detolf for the enclosure ? go big or go home ?

  17. So I can’t get a vet fund thing, but my mom has it so we can take my new hamster to the vet any time we need ! 🙂

  18. I live in Britain and my hamster cost 10 pounds my empty fish tank ( my hamster cage ) was about 200 pounds my bottle was 5 pounds and my chew toys was 8 pounds , my rainbow bridge was 5 pounds my cupcake hide out ( and sleeping area ) was 15 pounds hay , food bowl , carer , ball was all 18 pounds wheel was 3 pounds so that’s all mine cost !

  19. Has anyone got a link to a decent hamster enclosure. Has to be uk based, need to get my dwarf a new one

  20. I would only pay £66 because I already have a really big aquarium because I used to have fish and I want a robo so I took 20 away from 86 and yeh! (BTW I get money monthly so I could afford a vet fund so I think I'm ready for a hamster!) ur the person who lead me into the world of hammys thank you!!!

  21. Looooooove that your hamster videos are short and too the point, a lot of Hamster YouTubers drag on and on about uselesss stuff! THANK YOU!!!

  22. Mine was 70 something for everything but the cage is too small and im trying to save up for a bigger one and there are a fiew things in this list thay i dont have and i have a long haired syrian so the small cage is a bigger problem than if it would be for a smaller hamster

  23. Tips on securely Velcro the metal mesh lids to a glass aquarium. As I’ve looked and locks and from my experience clips do not work that well. I want to use industrial of course. I just need help on how to apply it to the tank/mesh lid to make it the most secure. Thanks!

  24. Based on the last digit of your like you get a:
    Syrian Hamster (0-3)
    Robvoroski (3-6)
    Dwarf (6-9)
    Campbell Dwarf (9-10)

    Based on your favorite color you Hamster is..

    Red (Brown)
    Orange (Black)
    Yellow: (White)
    Green: (Orange)
    Blue: (Black and white)
    Purple: (Your choice!)

    Based on your favorite sport, your hamster will live…

    Basketball: (1 month)
    Hockey: ( 4 months)
    Softball: (9 months)
    Baseball: (1 year)
    T- Ball: ( 1 year and a half)
    Soccer: (2 Years)
    Swimming: (2 and a half years)
    Dance: (3 years)
    Other: (As long as you want)

    Reply on what you got! ?

  25. In the neterlands it cost30€ total for a hamster or you can get it for free on markplaats if you. Are lucky you can vind a hamster with everthing for free

  26. I feel bad for my hamster now….
    I wish I could go buy a bin cage for my hamster and all those stuff with my own money!

  27. Hey I have the same pet carrier as you…
    Say I had to bring my hammy on a trip a few hours long and I really couldn’t find someone to care for the furry dude, what would be the best way to attach a water bottle to that carrier? Thanks even if you don’t read this maybe viewers can give me advice in the replies…?

  28. I live in sweden. And my my cage is 300-400 $. And when you bye the hamster it is 190 dollers and you get a food pack when i got my hamster. And some thing like a wheel toys and things it cost me 1230 dollers Winch is pretty cheap
    For an animal in sweden. And i have a own vet and it cost 120 per 4 weeks. And i have four hamsters Winch is pretty expsive.

  29. In England Where I Live, There Is An Argos Next To My House And The Carrier Is Like 7.99 for a large and 5.99 for a small

  30. The first time i got one mine was 64$ bc 10 $ for the bin/cage 10$ for food 1$ for food i alredy had a small bowl for the food 15$ for bedding 15$ for hamster 6$ for watter bottle and 7$ for wheel and my dad made my hamster a hidout out of wood!? So mine was pretty cheap,but i do understand that everthing costes diffrenty around the world.
    Edit: i got my food from 99 cent store but they only eat the sesemid seeds some small treats that r included☺

  31. So I know I'm late, but I thought I'd put down the prices for German Owners maybe. This is for Syrians since I have not owned a Dwarf hamster yet.
    For the cage I would always recommend first looking on ebay Kleinanzeigen. Oftentimes there are large tanks there or even DYI cages that are being sold for 20€ or even gifted away.
    If you want a glass tank, take a look at Dehner. You'll find the appropriate size of 100x50x40 for about 60€. You can also get a Detolf for around that price.

    Then about the bedding: Carefresh Paper bedding is not the best option here in Germany. A lot of the times the badges we get are very dusty, Murmel suffered in his carefresh bedding from allergies for almost 2 weeks before I found out it actually wasn't a cold. If you have a long haired Syrian you might want to buy Hanf or Leineneinstreu. So Hemp or Flaxx bedding. it won't get stuck in your hamsters fur and is absolutely safe with the lowest rates of allergic reactions here in Germany. Your hamsters won't be able to burrow though. These types of bedding cost from 20€ (100l Hemp) to 30€ (Flaxx/ Linen).

    To the food and water bowls (here in Germany most hamster breeders or adoption programs will even tell you to not use a bottle if you want their hamsters) here you will get them ranging from 1,45€ to about 6€, they are extremely cheap.

    Hideouts here in Germany cost depending on what kind of hideout you want to get. Actually, the natural wood hideouts (with the dark wood) are extremely discouraged by hamster owners here in Germany, and I have to agree and discourage any of you hamster owners no matter where you're from to buy these! They used to be high quality, but with time became poorer and poorer in production. I found a freaking nail standing out of Murmel's hideout's wall opposite the entrance. That nail served no purpose whatsoever and must've worked its way through the wall over months. Owners have lost their hamsters to these nails or got away with a blind or partially blind hamster. Up till now, I have owned 3 of these houses, one at my parents house as well, and I found a nail in every single one of them. Just stay away from them! Only buy houses made with glue!!
    You can buy these houses for as cheap as 6€ or, this is recommended about 25-34€ if you buy a multichamber hideout at for example Getzoo, Rodipet or Knastladen. Rodipet has hides where you'll have the option to choose one with a stone lid, which will be heaven in summer. If you have the money maybe consider it!

    chew toys are about 2-4€. In Germany, we don't have as many options as in the US actually, but you can also by JR Farm grainless treats such as Cookies and have them work on those for a while. If you want to get your hamhams a hanging chew, just go to the bird section and get one from there. Or sign up for hamstermail :p I got a lot of great toys from them my two floofers actually used! In Germany, I have yet to find a pet shop in Cologne that has more than 5 different chews.

    Bendy bridges and tunnels go from 2-5€ each. you will most likely not find a wooden tunnel big enough for Syrians though. try willow/ woven tunnels.

    Hamster wheels are the most expensive thing here in Germany, next to the hideouts. But that's because we have actually quality wheels to choose from, so don't go cheap on these! We have wooden wheels with a running surface made of cork which is very very kind to their feet! Try to not buy a wheel with steps though, there have been instances of hamsters feet starting to bleed. I have one of those at my parents home, but I will be putting cork on top.
    21 cm Wheels cost: 12-30€
    33/34 cm Wheels for Syrians cost: 18-45€.
    Getzoo is the most expensive range I could find when looking for my hamsters. Trixie is the cheapest. I couldn't afford Getzoo and Trixie cork wheels are fine (the 33 cm for Syrians), but if you really want to spoil your pet, get one from Getzoo! They are amazing.

    Hamster basic food mix, I will tell you what I used. I started with the Futterparadies Unique Mittelhamster Müsli. It has dried crickets and mealworms in it for some protein, and is freshly mixed in a sealed bag. 500 g cost 4,20€ without shipping and normally last for about a month. Since both Murmel and Mick HATED the crickets and wouldn't eat them I switched to "Goldnatur", also with Protein and also 4,20€. But they wouldn't eat the second protein option either, so I switched again to "HH AT Mittelhamsterschmaus". It has dried Mealworms and dried Gammarus in it and they LOVE it! Sadly no pumpkin seeds, but you can get those from the pet shop or the supermarket. The green ones are fine, too. This version costs 5,79€ without shipping, but not only does it provide your hamster with food they will naturally munch on in the wild, you will also be supporting a rescue in Austria with your purchase, so it's two flies with one stone. You get your hamsters food, AND you support a rescue. Awesome!
    The seedmix is fresh and without bugs. I highly recommend this site, and it's recommended by German wide rescues and adoptions services. They also have mixes for dwarfs, too.
    Also, since your hamsters need fresh foods you'll have to count in 2-5€ for carrots and the like. Salad is actually not recommended because of the pesticides here, unless you buy them from somewhere you know there will be no chemicals on them.

    Hamster Carrier cost about 6€ each if you buy the Transportbox Pico M (30 cm length), so they are fairly cheap.

    Last but not least: Medical funds in Germany. Count in about 200€ of medical funds. On Tuesday I had to pay for x-Rays on Mick because of his walk and head posure. together with antibiotics and Vitamine B (this is to eliminate any chance something was missed in the x-Rays, they were unsuspicious, which is awesome on a lot of levels, but concerning on many others as well) it cost me 100€. For Murmel I once had to pay about 245€. this was when he had his head injury and his eye infection. We now know why his eye is sticky, too, he has Entropion. Now that I know I can treat him, but also always think about the fact that it can take a few attempts to find out what's going on with your floofer, too.

    Last thing: The hamster itself. If you adopt in Germany, the hamster can be from 10-15€, although if you do want to adopt, wired cages are straight out of the question, you most likely won't be getting that hamster, just so you know. Murmel I purchased from an ethical breeder which we have quite a few of and which have an internet website listing all the certified breeders for different species.
    Murmel was a unique colour so he cost me with animal transport 65€. Mick was 10€ from the Hamsterhilfe NRW.

    So with that for the hamster and everything I would see that I have at least 400€ in my bank account I don't need for anything else.

    A little Extra, since I am looking into Chinese hamster care:
    If you want to get a Chinese Dwarf and have found the same German breeder as me there is a Cage called "Living world Green Moving Home – Eco Habitat- that, in its large version of 118x78x61 cm is in the requirement range for the breeder. Since Chinese Dwarfs have longer tails than other hamster spezies, they do enjoy climbing more according to the breeder and should always have the option of climbing up onto platforms. Since they are also very active this is the minimum requirements they stated on their website. Although this cage cost 200€.

  32. can someone help me out?
    i’m getting a hamster but i need a cage that’s going to be the minimum size because i won’t have too much space but i still want it to be healthy for my hamster. i am also on a low budget so i’d want a cheaper option. i’m avoiding a bin enclosure just because i’d like to still be able to see my hamster when it is active. so does anyone have any recommendations or links to good cages for me? it would really help me out

  33. I’m wanting to upgrade my hamsters cage, and I was going to buy a 50 gallon aquarium but my mom being my mom asked about it and the petco employee told her that it cooked her hamster to death and now my moms not agreeing with me. Do you have any recommended sites to get a acrylic tank or anything better?

  34. Just have. Question for whoever may be reading this I’m getting a Syrian hamster and need a name. I’ve picked the top two. I need you help,reply to me with a 1 if you like bunny more as a name or 2 for bear. Thankyou!

  35. (I already have hamster food) bedding + cage + toys, chew toys and hideout + wheel + potty + critter litter + sand + wood bridge + water bottle + food bowl + hamsterball (i'll just test) + playpen + tube + flying saucer in amazon is more than R$1,600 in brazil..


  36. Can you do one of these for bunnies I am more of a hamster girl however my friend was thinking about getting a bunny

  37. Voor alle nederlanders: de prijzen verschillen in uk en ons land. Dus bij ons:
    Voor de kooi (een goede) zal je soms wel 60 euro moeten betalen
    Voor de hamster zelf 15 euro
    Voor het voer 7.50
    Voor de speeltjes verschilt de prijs heel erg maar bijvoorbeeld een trapje is 2 euro

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