How it works: rabbit poison bait layer

Having dragged your bait layer out to
where you wish to start your trails, the first thing you would do is to engage the
ground drive, which is this handle here. You simply attach that here to put
some pressure on the spring. And now the axle of the cart will drive
this drum, revolve this drum around. And that is the drum that is going
to contain your poison bait. All your poison bait will be in the
back of the machine here in bags. So you might have five or six bags of poison carrot
bait in this back section of your bait layer here. So then when you are ready to
start, you open the trap door here and you would put your bag of bait
in that drum, this drum here. This drum will hold somewhere between 30 to 40 kilos of
poison carrot bait or unpoisoned bait if it’s a free feed. Then having put your bait in, the next thing you
need to do is to set what we call the rate of lay, and that is how much bait goes out for
every kilometre of trail that you drag. You do that simply by adjusting
these slots here in the drum. The number of slots that you’ve got, not
just the number of slots you’ve got open but the actual distance
that you open the slots. The wider they are, obviously,
the more bait drops out. So you would be aiming to get somewhere between 20 to 40
kilograms of carrot bait out per kilometre of trail. Having then determined roughly how
thick you need to put the bait out, and that will depend, of course, on how many
rabbits you think are feeding on the paddock, the final operation is to drop your disk
so you can start dragging your trail. You would simply let the disk drop down and now
you can see it digging into the ground there. You leave a little
bit of slack. In heavy country you might need to put some weight on
that disk so it will cut down through the hard ground. You do that by the use of this spring here,
which will allow you to hook the spring up so now the disk is
under some pressure. But the disk, if it does hit a rock,
can still jump up in the air so it’s like a stunt
jump player. And that basically is the
operation of the Ouyen bait layer.

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