How Ink Is Made

you I remember making my first ink it was a frustrating difficult thing but in the end there wasn't a sense of relief it was more a sense of loss than I had didn't have to work on that no I don't know what it is about ink making it's it's very personal eating company really has one leading ink maker and they have a philosophy on how they want to make ink for me it's always about press mcfriendly I want that ink to to be easy for the Pressman to use so there's always a challenge to make printing ink is used to print a wide variety of things everything from packaging for food for for product for parts but color is really what sells printing ink everything you see that's on a paper like substance has been printed with ink most of what we make here is processing that's a four color system yellow magenta cyan and black black is the last color in the four color process and that just adds all the highlights all the detail printing ink is composed of two primary things a pigment which is the color and the vehicle which is the carrier of the color the pigment can be anything a yellow magenta cyan black the colors we've talked about it's a colored powder and we need to incorporate that into vehicle which is really like a sticky gooey varnish not unlike honey but of course an industrial honey some parts of the vehicle are thick and gooey very sticky very non fully other are we thin thin thin like a finis well when we start making ink in production we weigh these into a pot and then they get put on to a mixer they are heated by mixing until they are much thinner than they would otherwise be at room temperature it's at this point we can incorporate in the pigment we need it to not be a fine powder flying around we need it to be a liquid to run through our machines so the next step in ink making is the grinding well it's traditionally called writing but really it's a dispersion we have these pigment particles that come to us as a dry powder and a bunch of pigment particles are stuck together we want to maximize those reflecting surfaces so we want to break those lumps of pigment apart and to do that we have two types of machines we have a bead mill a bead mill has many many little steel balls in it and they impact on this pigment particle and they'll break pigment particles off of this lump but it gives us a very rough grind we don't get a smooth high gloss it's a wonderful developing color but we think the three roller mill is the best for developing gloss the three roller mill is more of a traditional ink makers tool it is three large steel rollers running in opposite directions this imparts a great deal of shear on pigment particles and basically smears them apart it is the very very best for making my kind of ink as it aparts the most gloss and the most color strength so the next step in making ink is quality control or QC as we like to call it it ensures that the ink is the same batch to batch the very first test will do after the incas run through the bead mill and through the three roller mill is a grind test we want to ensure that every pigment particle has been reduced to its smallest possible size this ensures a smooth even printing you want shiny and bright the most important test we do is the bleach test we incorporate a small amount of ink into opaque white this allows us to check the color strength because this allows our color computer to see whether the color has been developed once the dispersion is approved by my quality control technicians is then taken to the mixer at this stage extra ingredients are added things like waxes which impart rub resistance things like dryers which allow the ink to turn to a solid film in a relatively short period of time another important QC test we do is called attack this measures how sticky the ink is we control the tack in an ink to ensure that the printer gets the same result a stickier ink attack your ink will transfer differently than a thinner or less tacky one of the other things we do here is we intermix Pantone colors we need to do this because again the color gamut of the yellow magenta cyan and black is not enough to satisfy all of the color variation that designers want by mixing together the base colors of the Pantone we can give this array of color to satisfy any color demands and if these colors are enough we have a full color matching lab where we can match just about anything on any paper you after the final QC process the ink is now ready to be packaged we can everything over a three roller mill this takes out the air and imparts even more gloss and polishing to the ink the ultimate would have the best gloss the best running ability the best set speed the best rub resistance I may never find that ink but every day I'm looking for the next piece together once the ink is in the can it has now been through three grinding mills two mixers 5 QC tests and we're confident and happy to put our label on it and ship it to our customer well you can see there's a lot more to ink making than just mixing two things together there's a lot of craftsmanship there's a lot of science and there's a lot of passion you

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  1. Does anyone know how to do recovery process on ink cartridges…. Examples… Chrushing than… Really appreciate your help. Thanks

  2. Something about this video is very therapeutic for me… I love the smell and texture of printers ink from the can. Thank you for sharing the process with this video.

  3. This is the propaganda file that printer companies want you to believe. When in reality all they do is pour water on the dry ingredients and sell it to you for an arm and leg

  4. how to mix colors up and turn to paint.. okay show. thank many colors can they mix up in a day ?????????

  5. Hey! I used to make ink! Man, all those GREAT solvents…MEK – Toluene…All that. If you don't wear a respirator you'll hear that fucking music….FOREVER. Ahhhhh, and we were grounding fools back then….By God, EVERYTHING got grounded – shit – No matter What it was. Actually, I wasn't in the – LAB – I wasn't Special Enough for that, I only filled orders/mill. I liked to think of myself as like sort of a minor kind of – Mill God – Main thing in your life here, really the ONLY thing (EVERYONE is relying on you…)is: Don't. Start. A Fucking. Fire. Because it won't Be a fire. Your world will Vaporize, along with everyone else in the factory area. We'll All Burn, & I don't wanna die by breathing too much fire. Fire over-dose….Burning sucks!

  6. Good documentary! Just wonder, how you can clean all the machines so well, to prevent cross contamination!

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  8. Totally agree, I'm now for nearly 20 years in the paint business making screen and pad printing paint, also paint for cars. No day is like the day before
    never get bored. And yes, color is passion, passion for color!

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