hello everyone and welcome back to my channel today's video is gonna be a little different um when by the time this goes up you probably would have seen my vlog that I posted the other day about when we went to Pennsylvania in case you don't know and this is your first time at my channel my name is Jess welcome back um so this video today like I said it's gonna be a little different but I think it's good information to have cuz I'm sure I'm not the only person that does this and has issues sometimes doing it um but for those who travel with their animals I'm going to be talking today about how I personally travel with my kitty Schmidt well you will see later I got all her stuff out that we use when we travel so she might have hit the road and got scared and thought we might be going in the car now some of you then probably saw Schmidt in my vlog in the backseat of my car just kind of chillin sitting on the seat while we were traveling before all of you freaked out about like oh my gosh how can you not have your cat in a carrier yes I do not travel with my cat in a carrier whether that's to other states to the vet anywhere I don't I have a cat that does not want to be in the carrier now the thing about the carrier with my cat I know they hate seeing outside of the car like they hate seeing what's going on around them it freaks them out just hear me out this is what I personally do um I don't put my cat in the carrier is my cat safe in the car yes she is um before I get into why I can't put her in a carrier um let's just jump in this video and I'm gonna take you from when we wake up the day of that we're going to travel what I personally do when I get up I take away her water and take away her food I think some people even say to do that the night before I just feel that doing that I know sometimes even though she sleeps with me all night she might want to eat a little bit like during the night I don't know so what I do I take that away because I don't want her peeing or pooping in the car even though they usually hold it but sometimes they get a little nervous and it just hum I yeah and they just go um so what I do after that is I do feed her one of these calming treats this is the brand I use head-to-tail calming treats it says up to 15 pounds 1/2 daily it's safe to double or triple the amount as needed like it's fine um but I do it's not like it makes her drowsy or makes her like sedated I do see a sense of like relaxation with her but um I usually do this for her just to get her a little calm she's right here and now she's gonna bug me through this entire video but then after that that's really all I do in preparation I put her blankets in the car things that I know she'll like to make her just kind of be relaxed but here is why I do not put my cat in a carrier Schmidt would rather die than get in the carrier I'm telling you I tried when I moved from Charleston to back to Pennsylvania I tried putting her in a carrier top like through the top you know ones that you can open and just place them in she with all her strength and power and might will push scratch like just like with all her strength get like push her body out of the carrier it is so hard it she tears me up not on purpose but she tears me up she gets angry gets more stressed out uh but then not only though does she hurt me me trying to force her into this little box she I feel like I'm using a lot of my strength and it hurts her so I'm not gonna risk hurting myself or hurting my cat just to get in this carrier like it's not worth it it's fine so I have a solution instead of us injuring each other trying to get her in this small little box this is what I use I use this little cat harness right here so I put this on her and it has these two little hooks here so you know it on snaps and then I put her in it and then it has these two little hooks here when I'm bringing her out to the car if the cars for some reason not in the garage I do have a leash as well just in case you know if she squirms and gets out of my arms I'm holding on to a leash so these two together it's great that leaves me to transport her like around when she's not in the car you know when I take her to the vet and then once they have her in the car I use I'm sure this has been seen but I used this little contraption that attaches to your seatbelt so this part would attach on the little her little tassels here oops like that so she's attached that and then this legit plugs into the seatbelt and she is attached like a human would be strapped into the car so when you saw her just chilling on the seat she was snapped into the seatbelt and that just keeps her from roaming around free-roaming if for some reason we got in an accident she would be safe she wouldn't you know fly through the windshield or whatever you know she'd be as safe as we were so that's basically the equipment that I used once we try to get her into the car I use all those things and then this is by blueberry pet I got this off with Amazon for like six bucks they have a bunch of different colors but I just it it relaxes me knowing that my cat I know she hates the car most cats hate the car some cats love adventure and that's great but my cat many other cats hate the car they hate leaving their home but when we're traveling and going home for over a week I just feel better taking her with me rather than her being here alone for a week because she also is very needy some cats could care less if you're away this cat acts like it's the end of the world and gets stressed out I swear she has anxiety she's crazy she gets lonely and depressed she's just like her mom put her in this harness and strap her in with a seatbelt knowing she's secure rather than trying to get her into carrier and I know probably a lot of people struggle with that it's probably not only me obviously but and also you know some people say grab them by the scruff and they'll you know be like paralyzed almost and you could just place them in I am NOT a vet I'm not like any kind of I don't feel comfortable grabbing back my cat's neck especially as an a like her as an adult I don't know I hear so many things about that so I personally just don't like doing it um you could go to the vet and get her sedated I'm not gonna bring my cat to the vet to sedate her for a car ride I'm not doing that they lost I feel like all those things just stress them out more and I feel like well you know cat leaving their home stresses them out anyway but these are just my opinions and my thoughts on what I use and if you have a cat that is just like Schmidt and it's like no thanks you know I'm just making this video so that I can share with you guys what works with me and my cat and our little family and if you have a cat similar maybe and you're like I don't know what to do because she's so all over the place or he's so all over the place you know I have a solution that works for me and maybe I'll work for you um again this is all stuff that works for me she seemed after you know five minutes in the car she's kind of like you know a little like on edge but after five minutes in the car she's just pissed that she's in the car but she's fine she's no longer like like stressed out you know she just hates that she had to leave her home but you know what she's going over her vacation home or my parents home which is her vacation home I my cat has a vacation home what does the world come to my cat spoiled rotten and I will do anything to make her happy and make sure that she's safe and make sure that she's not injured I'm not injured and this is just what works for us should you want to come say hi it's a Schmidt say hi see how much of a pain in the butt you are just kidding you're not a pain in the butt but yeah come on my lap but yeah so this is just the equipment I use kind of like in the morning what I do to make sure that she you're welcome this just makes the trip easier when traveling with a needy needy needy cat um who I love very very much and she doesn't know how good she has it if you guys have any suggestions that I could add to my routine um I I like the seatbelt more than the carrier I mean people don't put their dogs in cages all the time and they use the seatbelt thing too seems to work for them so I thought why not try for my cat but I love all this equipment I think I finally found a way to travel with my cat that's easy I feel like traveling with the animals never easy but it works for me and I hope it can help maybe some of you so don't forget to like this video before you leave share with your friends subscribe if you want to see future content and pass you'll get notified more often and I will see you guys in the next one bye


  1. Can a cat have two homes ? Like if I want a cat but I live half the time at my moms and half at my dad, is it a bad idea for me to get a kitten ?

  2. Hi my cat kasha and i are going from new york to tenessee to Alabama then back to tenessee and the to texas so do you have any other tips that might make her not feel traped in the car because she absolutely Hates cars . And also if i have a car with 3 rows and each with 3 seats in it can i give her like 1 of the rows in the back

  3. I’m taking a 6 hour trip with my little girl in a few weeks and this video was SO helpful, thank you so much <3 zelda hates her carrier and just wants to sit on my lap when we travel so this is such a good solution. what do you do when you stop at rest stops, do you bring her with you if you get down to use the bathroom?

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