How I Met My First Guide Dog…

– And the moment they
hand me the leash, she jumps up on her back paws
and bites a fly out of the air, and then she jumps
up onto my lap and, like, literally
sits in my lap. And I was like, I’ve got Gypsy. [MUSIC PLAYING] Before I get into
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we’re gonna torrential downpours and a crazy storm. At one point, you guys, they
were calling for snow in LA. We have palm trees. We don’t do snow. So that video idea kind of
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sitting here, cozied up, snugly with my cup of tea. By the way, this is from
my brand new line of merch. It says, “I don’t spill tea. I drink it.” So link below to check
out all of my merch. So Gallup has been
feeling so snugly since he woke up this morning. I think it is, like, the rainy,
cold weather we’re having. He’s like, mummy, hug me. Snuggle me. And I was like, you
know, you guys– you know Gallup very well. You see him all the time. And I’ve talked about my first
guide dog, Gypsy, before, but it makes me
sad that you guys never got to know her
because she really was life-changing for me. I can’t even, like,
begin to express. I feel like she helped
me gain more self-worth, self-confidence, self-love. She made me feel more
independent, more confident. She made me feel more myself. She empowered me
in so many ways. And she led the way for
Gallup to come into my life. And so it really does make
me sad that you guys never got to officially
meet her, because she was a very special,
quirky, funny, diva dog princess extraordinaire. And I think the story of
how we met kind of captures her personality in a
really special way. And I just felt like I wanted
to share it with you today. So I met Gypsy back in 2007. And I actually met her
before I went to go get a guide dog, which is crazy. So I, from the time I
was eight years old, told my parents I
was gonna get a guide dog when I was 13 years old. Like, that was my goal. I wanted to get my guide
dog as young as I could, which at the time
was 13 years old. The guide dog school
that I get my dogs from, the Mira Foundation in Quebec,
they now allow you to go 11 and up, I believe, but at
the time, it was 13 and up. So I was like, 13,
I’m getting my dog. So March break of grade 7,
I went for my examination. I got on a train by myself
and traveled to the guide dog school in Quebec from
my hometown in Toronto and had a number of tests. They basically look at
your O&M, or Orientation and Mobility
skills, which is how well you use your white cane. They look at your auditory
skills, your listening skills, your tactile feedback, your
maturity, your independence, your confidence
with navigation– all of these things
take into account. And they also look at how
well you interact with dogs. And I grew up very
scared of dogs. I had a fear of dogs my whole
life because you know, animals are unpredictable at
the best of times, especially like most people’s
pets aren’t well-trained like service dogs are. And when you can’t see
them, and you’re, like, a really petite
girl, like myself, it was just always really scary. So that was what I
was most nervous for, was like meeting
the dogs and passing that part of the examination. But they took me into the kennel
and they brought out Gypsy. And they had no idea at the
time that Gypsy would end up being my guide dog, either. It wasn’t, like, preplanned. Like, they were like,
oh, this is the one we think we’ll give her.
No. Like, this was March. I didn’t get my dog until July. Gypsy wasn’t even
fully trained yet. And for some reason,
the trainer brought Gypsy out of the kennel. Keep in mind, they have
300 dogs, like about 300 dogs on campus at all times. So the fact that they, of
like the 300 dogs they had, for some reason ended up
pulling Gypsy out of the kennel, it’s just meant to be. You know? And they brought her out. And like I said, she
wasn’t fully trained yet. And she was rambunctious. She was so full of energy. She was running
all over the place. She was trying to jump on me. She was licking me. She was a huge licker, like
she loved giving kisses. And she was just
acting a straight fool. And she scared me. I was scared. I was really overwhelmed by her. I found her too much. Like, I didn’t feel comfortable
around her, which you know, she would go on to guide
me for seven years safely and comfortably, so again, it’s
kind of funny to think about. And so they ended up bringing
out a black lab named Soya. I ended up taking
Soya from the kennel to the house where we actually
sleep during training. So that night, I
had Soya in my room. I was in charge of, like,
feeding him, taking him out for bathroom breaks,
taking care of him, commanding him to sit, lay
down, that kind of thing. Basically, they were observing
how well I interact with dogs, and how comfortable
I am around them, and can I handle the
responsibility of, like, taking them out,
getting them water, getting them food, all
that kind of stuff. I loved Soya. He was super chill,
really low key. And I was like, this is my dog. Like, Soya’s gonna be mine. And then at the end of
the training session or the examination session,
thankfully, the final day, when I was packing up
my stuff to go home, the O&M instructor and
the guide dog trainer came in and told me
that I, quote, “passed with flying colors,”
and I was accepted to the July training program. So that was my March break. And then I had to wait a couple
months before I got to go back in July, which was killing me. I was, like, so ready
to toss the cane out and get the guide dog. And I just– it was
like achieving that goal I set for myself when I was
eight years old and started using my cane almost full-time. I think eight or nine, I
started using it full-time. So it was like achieving this
goal that I had worked so hard towards, because
you don’t just get a guide dog when you go blind. There’s a lot of work
that goes into it. You do have to put
a lot of effort into honing your cane skills,
which is why I tell people, if you’re blind and you’re
embarrassed to use your cane, guess what? The only way you’re ever
not gonna use your cane is by getting a guide dog. And guess what? The only way you’re
gonna get a guide dog is by nailing your cane skills. So you better embrace the
cane and all that it does for you in keeping you safe. And that cane– if
you work really hard, you work your butt
off to get the skills and use it to the
best of your ability, then you can toss it away
faster and get the guide dog. So it’s really worth just
putting in the effort and embracing the cane. And also realizing, when you’re
walking around with a cane, people know what’s wrong. When you’re just
walking into things and injuring yourself, hurting
others, knocking things over, they don’t realize
that you’re doing it because you have a disability. So for so many reasons,
it’s really important to just embrace the cane. But I was like, OK. I’ve embraced the cane. I’ve owned it. I’ve worked it up ’til now. I’m ready to, like, get rid of
it and trade it in for the dog. So finally, July came around. And it was just like, ugh. I was so nervous,
but I was so excited. And it was a really
tough month for me. I started losing a lot more of
my vision during that month. I was a six-hour train ride
away from my family and friends. I was the only fluent English
speaker and non-French speaker, because Quebec is a
French-speaking part of Canada. I was the youngest by a lot. Most of the other students
were over from France, so they, like,
were really French. And yeah, it was
very difficult. I would have to get up
at 6:00 AM in order to, like, get dressed, have
breakfast, get my dog ready. And we’d be training for
like eight hours a day, walking around all over
Quebec, trains, buses– oh, my god– shopping malls,
anything you can think of. So yeah, it was pretty intense. But I was really ready for it. I felt really excited,
and I knew it would all be worth it, which it totally was. But going in, I had to pack,
like I to go buy new sneakers because they said don’t wear
flip-flops because you’ll be walking all the time. The dogs will be on
your feet and stuff. And so I bought new
sneakers for it. I got, like, a bunch
of snacks, my favorite snacks that I packed. I packed my DAISY player, a
bunch of audio books with me. I was set. I was ready. And the way the Mira Foundation
works is they don’t pre-match. So a lot of guide dog schools
pre-match dog to owner. They’re like, based on
their walking skills, and the questionnaire
they filled out, and the interviews
we’ve had with them, and all of that,
they’re like, this dog is going to be– like Gypsy’s
going to be Molly’s dog. Mira doesn’t do that. You’re a part of the
matching process. So for the first
few days that you’re at the school during
your training session, they bring you to the kennel and
you each work different dogs. First, you do straight
up and down the kennel, so it’s like a long,
straight hallway. And you do straight up and down
to to focus on walking speed. And then once they do that, they
do an obstacle course, where they put like
pylons out, and they pull these sticks that
are attached to the wall, like these big poles. And the dog guides you
through, so they see how well you interact in that capacity. And they usually have you kind
of sit with the dog for half an hour or so commanding it,
talking to it, playing with it, seeing how your personalities
connect while other people are doing the obstacle courses. So it’s a big process. And when I went for
Gypsy, they tried me with three different dogs. I was like, where’s Soya? I’m ready for Soya? And they told me
that Soya had already actually graduated and
been given out in the class before mine. So I was really sad,
because I built, like, that bond with him. This was, like, my first
adventure into a guide dog was with Soya. And so I was like,
what do you mean? Like, that was my guide dog. And I was sad. But they’re like, nope,
we have lots of dogs that are gonna be great for you. So I worked with a
yellow lab named Java– J-A-V-A. I worked with
a black lab named Cleo– C-L-E-O. And I worked
with a black and white labernese named Gypsy. And I was like, no,
but Cleo’s my girl. Cleo’s my dog. And so at the end of
working with the three dogs, they came up to me and
they’re like, you know, Molly, who do you
feel like is your dog? Like, what’s your top choice? And I said, Cleo. Cleo’s my top choice, and
Gypsy is my second choice. Java doesn’t feel right for me. And they were like, OK. You know, thanks. We’ll take that
into consideration. But Gypsy had other
things in mind. So a couple of other people
were working Gypsy, as well, and were testing her out. Just like a couple other
people, like another girl ended up with Cleo and another
girl ended up with Java. So like, everybody was kind of
trying all the different dogs. And anybody who would try
Gypsy, Gypsy would guide them over to me and then sit down. She was like, I’m
not working with you. This one’s my girl. And she would do it
every time without fail. No matter where I
was in the kennel, she would guide them flawlessly
through the obstacle course until she got like
halfway down where I was, and then she’d go walk
over to me and sit down. And whoever was
with her, she would just pull them over to me. Like, this is my mom. I don’t want to guide you. This is my mom. And so one girl, Jeanette,
really wanted Gypsy. She really felt like
Gypsy was her dog. And the trainers had to end
up being like, I’m sorry, Jeanette. Like, Gypsy wants Molly. Molly is who Gypsy is going to. And that’s the most
important thing. If the dog doesn’t
want to work for you, they’re not gonna work for you. And all Gypsy wants is Molly. And I don’t know why
Gypsy felt like that. I don’t know what it was
that made her come to me. I don’t know. She always really loved kids,
so I don’t know if it is just because I was the youngest and
the most kid-like in the class, or what. But she was so set on it. And I knew that, but I was
still like, no, Cleo’s my one. So the next morning, they bring
us all back into the kennels. And they sat us down
on these chairs, and they put the chairs
about five feet apart. So they spread all eight
of us out down the line. And one by one, they would
bring our dog out over to us. And they’d be like, this
is your new guide dog. And obviously, you
guys know, they brought Gypsy out on a leash to me. And they said, can you
guess which dog it is? And obviously, like
if I could see, I would have known it
was Gypsy because she was black and white. But I didn’t have enough sight
to really be able to see that. So they hand me the
leash, and the moment they had me the leash, she
jumps up on her back paws and bites a fly out of the air. And then she jumps
up onto my lap and, like, literally
sits in my lap. And I was like, I’ve got Gypsy,
because none of the other dogs were as wild, or spirited,
or feisty, and fierce, and sassy as Gypsy was. And that’s what made her,
like, at first too much for me. I was like, I can’t
handle this sass. But I think our sass just, like,
grew together over the years. And so I began
training with her. And it didn’t take
long before I realized Gypsy knew what was up. The trainers knew what was up. As much as I was sad at
first that I didn’t get Cleo, Gypsy was 100%
percent right for me. And she taught me so much in the
seven years that she guided me. She taught me to be
happy no matter what. You know, like, she
was just always happy, and she would always find
the good in a situation. And I know that’s– like,
I sound crazy talking about a dog like this, but she would. Like, she just found a
way to show you that that was good in everything. And she went through
a lot with me. You know, she went through
my vision loss, my bullying, my suicidal ideation
and self-harm, she went through
two school changes, so three different schools, my
first boyfriend, my first love, my first break-up,
graduating high school, going to prom, moving out on
my own, getting my first job– she went through
all of it with me. And you know, I shared
the story of how she passed away a few months ago. And it was a very
emotional story. I’ll link it below. There’s a lot of crying, so if
you’re not prepared to watch me cry a lot, don’t watch it. But when she left me,
I really feel like she closed that chapter in my life. She closed that phase of
recovery, of mourning, of growth as a person and
made way for the next chapter in my life of adulthood, of
really growing into myself, and building a future for
myself with the next dog, which became the Gallup that
we all know and love. And it took me a really
long time to accept Gallup. I almost went home without
him, because he wasn’t Gypsy. And you know, like, the
first cut is the deepest. Like that first love? You know, nobody will ever
replace your first love. No dog will ever replace
your first guide dog. And that is one of the scary
realities of becoming a guide dog user is knowing
that each dog plays such an extraordinary,
special role in your life. But they will have to
leave you, and know the next dog will never be
the previous dog or the dog before that. And that was something, I think
getting a guide dog so young, I wasn’t prepared for. But despite all of the pain
that losing her was for me, I would do it all again. She was just so special. And that’s why I just wish you
guys had had the opportunity to meet her, and that’s why I
feel like it’s important for me to share the stories
and the moments that we shared together with
you because she really was a big part of me becoming me. And when I felt like I
had no one, I had Gypsy. And I wish that everybody
had a Gypsy in their life. So if you’re considering getting
a guide dog or a service dog, it is gonna be a lot of work. It’s gonna be really hard. You’re gonna get
frustrated at times. It is truly like having
a toddler with you 24/7. It changes the
way you do things, the way you think
about things, the way you travel and navigate. But it is so, so worth it. If you’re willing to put
the love, and the energy, and the work, and the
effort into your dog, they will give
you back a hundred times what you give them. So to Gypsy, thank you
for being my first baby. Thank you for picking me when
I didn’t want to pick you. But thank you for
being my princess diva dog who taught me
to smile when things were really, really tough. Thank you for empowering
me and for leading the way for Gallup in my life,
and for all my future dogs. Once again, happy
International Day of Persons with Disabilities. OK. I love you guys so
very much, and thank you for sticking with me. Love you.

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    We’ve all been there girl lol ?

    Gypsy was amazing strong individual ?

  34. I’m not a service/guide dog user, but I had a similar experience with my dogs. I grew up with a collie that we had for his whole life, 9 years. He was my best friend. He went through hard times with me, he was always on my side he was an absolute sweetheart. Then he had puppies, one of which I took. It turned out that the puppy was sick and only lived to be 3 years old. I was devastated when he died. It was unexpected. After the puppy died, the collie was still there to comfort me, and I don’t think I would’ve survived without him. Then my mom got me another puppy because I was just crying in my room for months. I didn’t want him. I didn’t want a replacement. I didn’t make an effort to get to know him that well. Then my collie got cancer. He was put down last spring. Again, I was devastated. I grew up with that dog, he was always there and suddenly he’s gone. He saved my life, what was I supposed to do now? I then started training my at the time two year old puppy every day. I got to know him. Now he just turned three and I live with him. This time he saved my life.

  35. The happiness and brightness that lights up in your eyes when you talk about gypsy is soo heartwarming ❤ RIP HERO ??

  36. As a pet owner I understand what you are talking about with your first dog. They are always going to stay special and no other dog can replace them. Then again your next dog is going to be just as unique and special in their own way. So instead of a replacement they are a whole new being and part of your life.

  37. I have a question and this is one you can answer since you were not always blind maybe make a video on it. Since I'm not blind I close my eyes to sleep and it's like lights out. When your blind does going to sleep seem different? And do people know when your sleeping or taking a nap?

  38. I know how you feel Molly , I lost my cat back in September I was with her when she was put to sleep it was the most ? thing I've ever had to do , she made me happy , she was there when I was sad , she gave me cuddles , she slept on my bed , she was the most amazing and wonderful cat ever and no other cat will ever replace her , I miss her so much ❤️

  39. I'm waiting on my guide dog but ive been around them all my life. A few years ago I use to volunteer at a rehab centre for the blind and visually impaired teaching technology. All people knew I walked in the room as the dogs use to wag their tails heavily on the floor. The best thing is the dogs all had different personalities and match their owners

  40. My friend keeps failing their guide dog tests because they won’t learn to do anything on their own
    They won’t even walk to the toilet on their own and it’s been years
    I wish you could come here and help

  41. Hi Molly,
    I have a question. What all does your guide dog do? Is it guiding jobs only or also retrieving and household help??

  42. Hey Molly, this so unrelated to this video but I got your green sweater, bought it during the Black Friday sale. I got it the sweater yesterday. IT'S SO PERFECT! SOFT, COZY AND ABSOLUTELY BEAUTIFUL! I took it to school today and I got so many compliments. It so cozy and it's getting me through finals. Thank you so much for making such a beautiful, unique sweater.

  43. My dogs name is Gypsy too.. i adopted her when she was 2. She was a little aggressive so the first owner wanted to get rid of her. I went to see her and she was like you are not leaving me here and jumped into my car .. she is now 10 sleeping in her bed 🙂

  44. Hey Molly do you get to name your dogs or do they name them ❤ I love your videos and I have been a killer bee for about a year and a half now I love you and your family so much

  45. Oh my gosh. I’d love to go to Mira. Too bad they don’t take US beneficiaries even if they are 500 miles or less away from the school.

  46. @Molly Burke – "I sound crazy talking about a dog like this"
    You do not sound crazy I have had pets most of my life and I can say dogs are by far the one animal that have taught me the most.

  47. Would you take offense if someone in a taxi prob the driver asked you to get in another taxi not bc ur blind but bc they are allergic to dogs?

  48. I can't believe that she is promoting YahooMail when in the past Yahoo has had SOOO many breaches of data. I have a yahoo mail account that I don't use and a backup to my other email and it's like every 2-3 months I'd get a email saying "Yahoo has been breached". NOT GOOD!

  49. Hey Molly, just discovered your channel. I was curious, I’ve noticed a lot of the time, blind people’s eyes look like they’re constantly staring off into space, but your eyes look normal. How do you do that, just train yourself to still “use” them or whatever?

  50. Okay, I'm legit crying when you're explaining that gypsy chose you instead of the other way around. Also, why you're explaining this, I see your eyes shining and smiling. That's also why I'm crying, because I can literally see how happy you are that gypsy chose you. Love you, Molly. You and gypsy are beautiful souls, and I feel like gypsy's soul is definitely still with you 🙂

  51. Im working on training my first suport dog she is a blue heeler Great Pyrenees mix I don't know the technicalities to making her legit service dog yet cuz I hate I would hate being on the people who has take service dogs and cause problems for people who have legit service dogs so me and my mom are working on the technicalities to make sure everything's official and her training is good she's really young right now and is already doing well with the basics watching you really has helped me even though I haven't suffered anywhere near what do you have thank you for being such a positive influence on people with disability much love

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