hey guys so I often get questions about
how often do I clean my hamsters cage and how do I clean them so many of you
may know that I actually very rarely do a full clean on my hamsters cage just
because it is very stressful especially if you have large cages it actually
really isn’t even necessary to do a very large full clean and removing all of
that bedding just isn’t necessary. 1. it’s a waste of money 2. it stresses
your hamster out so yeah! so essentially once a month I will do this type of
clean-out and this is where I kind of go more in depth into the cage and
just look for soiled areas whereas every other couple of days I will clean out
like soiled spots and just spot clean more so this is kind of more of a bit of
a more in-depth clean but at the same time it’s not because I’m not removing
every morsel from the cage and this door is very squeaky so I apologize for that
first I am just going to start by removing basically all of the toys just
so it makes things a bit easier plus they’re sometimes poop in everything
hidden Hiiiiii and usually tater tot will wake
up she always wakes up when I’m doing something with her cage so I put her
in her travel the carrier so that I can work on her cage without having to worry
about her falling out come back, hi do you want to come out you go in your
carrier? come here, So there is Tater Tot so now that I’ve removed most of the
toys the toys in here I am going to look under the bedding and basically just
look for accumulation of poop look for pieces that have been peed on because I
use the Kaytee clean & cozy it’s white and it helps me see the soiled areas because
it simply will be yellow so the reason that I lift all of the
bedding is because tater-tots poops are so small they fall right to
the bottom so that’s where all of her poop is going to be so it makes it easy
to find so I just found tater tots little
hoard of food oh my gosh this is why I don’t feed Tater tot very often because
she has a biggest hoard of food oh my god oh my gosh there is another food hoard
what so now I’m just going to put all of this
bedding back because I cleaned out most of what was dirty so since I did remove
a bit of bedding I’m just gonna add in some fresh bedding on top and then we can start putting back some
of the accessories so next I’m just going to clean up on
these platforms there’s a lot of poop she always poops up there and she also
pees up there so we have to clean that for removing the pee off the platforms I
just take a little bit of paper towel and I take some water vinegar solution
and I spray it on there and then I wipe it so I went ahead and I washed her wheel
as well and got her some fresh water and then I’m going to take my herbs and just
sprinkle them around the cage As well as I have to clean the sand bath out which
I will do in a second but I also add in some of the sprays so then last but not least we add our
hamster back in to her fresh new cage so that is how I clean my hamsters cages I do the
same thing for the Syrians as well this is the least stressful way I find that
way I’m not removing a lot of their smells it I do have to go through their
burrows but that’s just necessary because you have to remove the dirty
spots so that is going to have to happen but I try to do it as little as possible
so yeah guys thank you so much for watching bye

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100 thoughts on “How I Clean my Hamster Cages!

  1. I need advice. My parents bought me a hamster and they got her a 10 gallon. I didn’t know they were getting her so if I did I would’ve gotten her a 40 gallon. But they won’t let me get any tank bigger than a 20 gallon. I really want what’s best for her.. what should I do?

  2. Hey Victoria! I hate asking questions because I don’t feel like you should have to be here to answer people’s questions but I was wondering if you could maybe give me some advice. My new Hamster Bow hoards basically all her food which is of course normal but I’m worried about it going stale but also don’t want to stress her out by removing the food. Is she okay to keep it or should I remove it all after a few days like I have been doing? I just don’t want to stress my girl out any more than necessary. Thank you so so much I hope you have a wonderful evening ♥️

  3. Hey! I am very excited because I am getting my first hamster in the summer! You have helped me so much on research! My cage has 630 inches of floor space so I think my hamster will have a happy life! Thank u for doing these videos. It rlly helped me! 😊

  4. Wow omg the lady told me to clean the ENTIRE cage spray bleach and put more saw dust and stuff turns out she was kind of a expert she gave me a MAZZIVE cage and I was like wow

  5. When you do thins food hordes what do you do with them?

    Sorry I’m getting a hamster soon and I want everything to be perfect ❤️

  6. Where do you get your herbs?
    Love the video. It's honestly such a waste to full clean a hamster cage every month 🙂

  7. Hi! I have some questions and hope you can answer them: as they are nocturnal i dont know at what time of the day I should clean it out, at what time do you do or recommend doing? Also , should I take out the food points that the hammie has recollected or should I leave it there? Thank you for your videos, ily 💕

  8. New subscriber. Thank you for sharing! Do or did any of your hamsters pee everywhere? I recently adapted 1 year old male dwarf hamster, and he does that, while all of my 6 hamsters in the past (mainly female syrians) did not do that (they had a specific spot for bathroom)…. I am wondering if it is because he is a dwarf or he is a male…. I have been trying to toilet train him but it hasn't worked yet. If anyone has similar experience or any tip to toilet train mid aged hamster, please let me know! thank you!

  9. My hamster is so happy from your videos!! My dad got a critter trail and I saw that It was to small! So, we went the store and made something like yours!! Tysm!💖 best YOUTUBER ever!! 😊👏😂

  10. Could you do a video about how to Sanitize a cage after one hamster dies and you plan to house another in the same enclosure. I don’t even have hamsters lol (I prefer longer lived pets) but I haven’t see anyone do a video discussing this and I’m curious to know what can and can’t be reused:)

  11. You want to know something kinda funny? Well, i'm going to tell you anyway, I know most people who watch Victoria have hamsters, but I don't have one, I just want to learn as much as I can about hamsters for when I get one! 😉

  12. btw, what sand do you use? i can never find sand in my pet store, there is always just dust, should i use dust or sand?

  13. Hi Victoria! I started giving my fuzzies a whimzie chew and i was wondering if how much of it are they allowed to chew? Usually they go crazy with it and sometimes I can't even find it cause they hide it lol.

  14. I love your videos and your advice has really helped me! Personally I like to clean all my bedding out every month-month and 1/2. Just personal preference, but your videos are very helpful! Keep up the good work💕

  15. What do you do with the food stash you found? Do you leave it there or clean it? I'm thinking about getting a hamster (I've never had one) so I've been watching your videos because I want to be a good hamster mom.

  16. If you dont mind sharing……………. what do you use for tater tot's cage we are planning to get a new hamster but im soooooo stressed out trying to find a good cage thats big enough.

  17. I’m getting a hamster but idk when I should clean the cage or when to get a bigger cage for the hamster I’m getting someone please help

  18. Help, I know this will sound bAD’
    Idk f my cage is big enough for my 17 week Male Syrian HAmster. I did buy it from pets at home for £25. It has a wheel, seesaw tube/toy, water / food , and a little Plastic house 🏠 which has bedding in it, obviously the whole cage does too. There’s “2 floors” the top is pretty small, not that small tho. It only has his water bottle and the small house and the entry to the tube which goes all the way around down to the bottom floor.

  19. Can someone pleaseeeeee tell me what hamster breed is tater tot?
    I know… tater tot passed away but.. I’m planning on getting a hamster just the same breed in remembrance of him. RIT TATER TOT… rest in treats

  20. Is the lavender kaytee clean and cozy equally as good as the plain one? I have the lavender one and I want to know if it’s still ok because it’s scented. Anyone can help that would be great thanks ❤️

  21. Hi! Me and my sister are new hamster owners..about 85% of hamster knowledge I now know comes from you! Thanks for all the advice you give!!!

  22. I was doing this all freaking wrong. I changed my bedding every week and it was costing so much money! I never spot cleaned ever, I need to do that now!
    Edit: I used to have guinea pigs, not hamsters. I forgot to add that. I want a hamster soon though!

  23. Lets say your hamster has diarrhea on a wood toy. How would you clean it? Plastic you could just wash but you can wash wood. So how?

  24. Anyone know UK websites for hamsters sprays? Can't seem to find many and I'm not sure whether to trust them or not x

  25. Hi Victoria, I got one of those cork round and it looks like it has dirt inside… should I clean it before putting in the cage? I was thinking in rinsing it with just water but I’m not sure….

  26. when i clean my cage my hammy always climbs my hand and try’s to play and me thinking YOUR SO CUTE BUT NOT RIGHT NOW

  27. If i get 486 square inched cage is it necessary for me to take out all the bedding and put in some new? Sorry if i already asked this question I frogot if i did or not!

  28. aww Victoria this is so sweet…I know Tater Tot is no longer with us 🙁 but I just wanted to say, that cage is amazing and has so much height 😀 I would totally love to put loads of bedding in there like 10 inches!!! anyways you're so amazing <3 keep doing what you're doing! from a fellow Canadian <3

  29. please could you tell us a little about the vinegar and water solution. Why is that a good cleaning method? What type of vinegar? What ratio of water to vinegar? and what it actually cleans (diseases, bacteria etc.) xxxxxx

  30. Hey, great video! I have a Syrian hamster named Bucky and I was wondering what’s the most efficient way of getting the bedding to separate it’s always in clumps.

  31. Rest in peace Tator Tot, we'll always remember that time you popped your head out of the bedding and we died of cuteness.

  32. When I first got my hamster we got a cage that met the requirements for a hamster. Then I saved up to get a bigger cage. So to clean him we put him in the smaller old cage or in his hamster ball

  33. Thank you this channel taught me everything I know about hamsters now! I'm getting a hamster soon I've been doing research for 1 year I love hamsters I hope to get mine soon 💕💕💕 ilyour channel

  34. Hi Victoria! I’ve tried researching this myself, but I haven’t found many substantial answers to this. How can I spot clean my hamster’s cage every few days if I can’t tell which parts of the cage is soiled? Do I simply need to look around and search more for soiled areas? Thanks so much!! ☺️

  35. Am I the only one that’s scared of messing up my hamster’s burrows Idk why but I feel like he will get mad at me I’m really weird

  36. I'm gonna have my hamster in acage thatsto small for a while so i can clean out my closet to make a bin cagebig enought

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