How I Care For Rabbits With A Disability ♿

hey guys it’s Haley from and in today’s video I’m gonna get a little bit more personal today’s video
is all about how I care for my rabbits with a disability so for those of you
guys who do not follow me on my personal YouTube channel or my personal Instagram
account both of those are haleyslifethroughalens linked in the iCard and down in the description you probably wouldn’t
know that I suffer from a couple of disabilities the main condition that
affects my mobility and being able to walk and function normally is called
Dysautonomia but specifically the type of Dysautonomia I suffer from is
called POTS postural orthostatic tachycardia syndrome it basically means
that my autonomic nervous system doesn’t work correctly when I am standing
hence the postural part of pots and because of that that can be quite
difficult when caring for rabbits and animals in general because standing and
walking is you know involved in caring for them cleaning up after them things
like that so I had a lot of people asked me if I could give advice or tips on how
I care for my rabbits with a disability so the hardest things for me with my
specific disability chronic illness is cleaning up after the bunny is that’s
probably the hardest thing for me personally especially when my pots is
acting up and really bad because pots can cause really high heart rates pre
syncope which is almost passing out and passing out it can also cause your blood
to pool into your feet leaving lack of blood flow through the rest of your body
again if you need to learn more about this I’ve have it linked in the iCard a
video where I explain all about it but basically standing and walking and
cleaning is very very difficult and can cause you to have a lot of more
blackouts or be very dizzy very lightheaded and just feel very sick in
general so because of that I one ask for help if I am feeling very very sick that
particular week I will ask my dad to come help me vacuum the bunnies for me
vacuuming is really difficult he also helps me fill up the hay boxes because
those are quite heavy to lift in carry however my dad is not always here he’s
gone three months in the winter and he goes to Florida and then in the summer
times he lives in a different town well him and my mom both do whatever so
because of that they’re only around in my city a couple months out of the year
but when they are here and I am feeling extra sick
I will ask for help if I need it so that is a very good tip another thing I do is
if I don’t have help available is I try to pace myself I try to space things out
so for example I might clean the litter boxes one day and that’s it and then the
next day I will vacuum and then the next day I would do laundry and so I just try
to kind of space it out so that I’m not doing everything in one day that’s what
I try to do I also try to clean ebony and Sterling on a separate day then I
clean out Lulu just because then I’m not like cleaning for like three or four
hours in one day that could be quite tiring and caused me to be very sick
could also do something like if you know you’re not gonna be able to like clean
out your litter boxes for some reason you could buy an extra set of litter
boxes and have it pre filled with litter so you could just take the old ones out
put the new ones in and clean the old ones you know the next day when you have
more energy or something like that another thing you can do is try to sit
down as much as possible while cleaning so something me and my parents decided
to do was get something called a rollerator which is basically like a type of
Walker kind of like what old people use and yes it can be kind of embarrassing
especially when you’re young and 22 years old to use a walker but I’m mainly
using it in my home I’m not really using it outside of the home I have a
wheelchair for that and my wheelchair doesn’t really work well in my house
just because my house is very small and I’m not able to like turn around in my
kitchen in the wheelchair without hitting the cupboards I’ve already
marked some of the cupboards up by whacking it with the wheelchair so yeah
we got this rollator which I’m actually sitting in right now it’s a lot
smaller it wheels like you can just like turn it really easily so I actually got
this the a week as my Christmas present so I’m
gonna be using this when cleaning the bunny pens which I think will be super
super helpful so that I can sit down and do a lot more things instead of like
standing and trying to do it all because something that’s really hard with POTS
is squatting down and standing back up that’s like the worst thing you could do
it could cause you to blackout or pass out really easily so hopefully if I have
this I can sit down and bend over instead of like squatting down so that’s
another tip try something like this you can also use like an office chair or
just like a standard chair to sit on or a stool something like that in Lulu’s
room she’s in the spare bathroom so I actually just sit on the toilet with the
lid closed and I just try to clean as much as possible sitting on the toilet I
know that’s really weird but it actually works really well and you might have
seen me do that in previous videos so that’s another tip I mean if you have a
toilet randomly sitting there you know I don’t know another thing that can be
very difficult for me personally is by bunny food so for my groceries I do
Walmart pickup so I basically just like drive to the store and they put it in my
car and I Drive home but one I don’t trust other people to pick up my
bunny veggies and to Walmart has horrible rabbit veggies where I live so
for that reason I tend to go to my very small local grocery store they tend to
have better veggies which is definitely a plus
and also the produce department is like right inside the doors and it’s a really
short walking distance so I can park really close to the store walk in get
the veggies I go straight to the self-checkout and go home like that’s
all I do sometimes that could be quite difficult so I could go and use my
wheelchair I haven’t been doing that recently because I didn’t have a car
that I could use my wheelchair with I had to use my parents car but I just got
a new car that fits my wheelchair so I might be using that a lot more when I’m
going out which be super nice for me personally daily
care isn’t a huge deal I’m normally feeling a lot better in the mornings and
a lot better at nights than I do in the middle of the day so I tend to be able
to get up feed the bunnies feed the cat all of that stuff in the morning and
then I kind of just rest in the afternoon and then at night I’m able to
feed them all again and do things like that so daily care isn’t a huge deal
it’s normally just like buying veggies or cleaning up after them that are like
the ones that make me feel the sickest some people were wondering how I groom
them with pots because a lot of the times in my videos you see me standing
there and grooming them things like that I tend to schedule those grooming days
on days I feel the best so I don’t schedule them a day in advance
obviously I never know when I’m gonna feel good so on a particular day if I’m
like oh I’m feeling pretty okay and the bunnies need to be curved I will
do it that day otherwise if I am having like a really bad month or something I
will do one rabbit at a time instead of trying to do all three bunnies in one
day so I’ll do sterling one day and just clip his nails and groom em and then the
next day I’ll do ebony or you know something like that that’s also a good
tip is just to like space it out other than that I don’t really have any other
tips um the biggest thing it is very difficult to own pets with a disability
however I think it is very very helpful to have pets with a disability because
one it makes you get up and actually do something during your day instead of
just laying in bed feeling sorry for yourself so that is super helpful so
that is a reason why I haven’t been getting more rabbits after my rabbits
pass away if you guys remember back in late 2016 2017
I had five bunnies and after Belle and mocha passed away I never got new
rabbits to like I don’t know just have more rabbits and that’s because I don’t
really want more than two bunnies again in the future
due to my health and due to you know my situation so that’s kind of the
reasoning behind that but yeah that’s basically it for this video I hope this
helped I know that a lot of you guys are disabled out there or have chronic
illnesses but there are quite a few of you who
watch my videos that are and the rest of you might just find this very
interesting I hope you guys found this helpful leave any comments down below if
you have any specific questions I’d be happy to answer them but that’s
basically it for this video I hope you guys enjoyed don’t forget to Like and
subscribe if you guys want to see more videos on rabbits and rabbit care don’t
forget to check out my online store I have a lot of super fun
rabbit toys and rabbit chews I am so excited I’m gonna be adding more
products and very very soon they are on the way and I am so excited I’ve been
having so much fun with the store thank you guys so much for the support you
guys have helped me out so much especially recently I’ve been able to
get a new car so that I’m able to have my wheelchair in my car so that I can
get out more like your support means so much to me and I could not do any of the
things I do without you guys so thank you guys so much I will see you very
soon on a new video oh my goodness this videos Wow that was loud
but if I’m feeling good enough I keep spitting I have there are on the way wow that was weird hey, uh uh don’t make noise come on MILO basically milo Milo… can you not Milo…

100 thoughts on “How I Care For Rabbits With A Disability ♿

  1. Great video! I also am "disabled". I use a wheelchair 100% of the time. I agree with your tips.I have two rabbits and two things that have helped me alot are using doggie training pads instead of litter. Bunnies can be trained to go on them. I have them all around but only really need to change the ones in the areas that my rabbits have train themselves to go pee in. Lastly something that helps me with everything I do in life is using a grabber. These things are life-changing! You can hold a sponge with the grabber and use it to wipe up things and just about anything you can imagine. I've had a lot of people contact me on my channel who have something like arthritis and told me that my way of doing certain things is even easier than their way and even my cousins who are not disabled at all love how I clean out my tub without getting on my hands and knees and they say they'll never get on your hands and knees again. So glad you did this video! Maybe some of my tips will help somebody too!

  2. I just started following you on IG. We have 5 rescue buns. If I lived near you I would come and help you clean your buns. I have daughters your age.

  3. I my core and back muscles are compromised, so often have to use my wheelchair, and on good days I use a walking stick.
    The things that I find helpful are making sure everything is in easy reach. So hay, litter and waste bins really near and at a good height.
    The other thing is that my bunny's hay rack and water bowl hold 2 full days worth at all times. (It's just in case) And if I'm too sick, my carer will feed and play with her.

  4. Thanks for sharing this with us and also your channel is very good and helpful to me I have a bunny and I will get another one soon so she can have a friend.

  5. Omg I never knew you had POTS!! I followed you because I got my rabbit and wanted to get some tips but now I can even relate more to your videos because I HAVE POTS TOO!! I got diagnosed about 2 years ago. I love your videos and stay strong! Spoonie strong;) lol

  6. I have a thing where i cant sit in a place for long time because if i do i will pass out as soon as i get up so i am all ways walking i send u prayers 🙂

  7. I am so, so, so glad that you uploaded this video, I had no clue that you're a Zebra just like I am. I also suffer from hypermobile Ehlers Danlos Syndrom, Chronic Fatigue Syndrom, Scoliosis, IBS and most likely POTS too but I have not yet have this tested. These ideas are so amazing as I too am struggling with the bigger chores concerning my Pets. Thank you so much <3

  8. Such an awesome video! These tips are great because pets are therapeutic and helpful for people to feel joy and its great that you still have bunnies with your condition. Thanks for opening up about this on your channel, it’s really inspiring

  9. That’s so sad! I have been watching your channel for years! I did not know u have a disability! Cool video love your channel! I have a Holland lop

  10. I dont have any cronic disabilities, but I do get dizzy/black out a bit when squating and standing right back up…How do u handle that if it occurs? What are the best things to do in that situation?

  11. Haley, you are so stinking beautiful and inspirational. TBH, I didn't know you had a disability before watching this video. Despite it, you're rocking your best life and sharing love with the world. You're a freaking superhero and I'm sure we all appreciate the knowlege you choose to share with us.

  12. Wow I always thought it was hard cleaning a rabbits home but must be even harder cleaning with a disability. Can I just say….U go girl!

  13. You are a hero for being so positive and having the courage to share your story.. Every one should count their blessing every single day and i think you are just extremely special

  14. Hailey, i have a rabbit and i have been looking for some blankets like you make but i cant find any as good as yours. can you make me one please. I would be very grateful. Thank you

  15. This doesn’t just mean physical disabilities either. I have depression and anxiety and I don’t see very well. My animals are what helps me get up and not drown in my own thoughts.
    My father has ptsd and he has ferrets they help him so much. Yes they are a lot of work but they keep him going.

  16. I am loving Milo! The more of him we see, the better!

    Thank you so much for this video, Haley. Had no idea you were struggling with POTS. I’ve always been so impressed with how responsible, smart and mature you are at such a young age. But now to know that you are living with a chronic illness on top of all you do just makes me that much more impressed with you! You are really amazing and an excellent role model for others in your age bracket.

    I’m 61 and live with chronic pain and low energy issues caused by chemo for breast cancer 15 years ago. It’s great to be alive, but the meds left me with a lot of permanent damage. You are right in that it is my animals that force me to get up every morning and start my day. If I didn’t have them, I’d be extremely depressed.

    The video was very helpful and gave me some ideas. I will one day look for one of those chairs.

    I am wondering, who do you call on when you need help and your parents are away? Do you have a pet sitter? I found a vet tech to do pet sitting for me and she’s great. I’ve had to teach her all about rabbit care, but she learns fast. I hope you have someone like that you can turn to.

  17. Great advice. I agree with what you said about having animals and disability or mental health concerns, and getting up to take care of them.
    Gemini loved his chamomile, rose, lavender, and dandelion herbs from your store. He comes sprinting from across the room whenever I grab one of the packages. They are a set for cheaper than if you buy four individually. I hope to get more later, though wish you would let the people choose the quantity of each four package deal. (Maybe in the future). Will you be doing snug-a-buns on your store? I can't wait to see what more wonderful things you include there.
    I hope you are feeling loads better and you return to doing your live streams on instagram. I miss hearing about your life with Sterling, Ebony, and Lulu in live stream events. They quite inspirational and provided loads of great information. 🙂

  18. Ive been watching you since i was 8 when i first got my bunny. Always have loved you. Never knew you suffered from pots. Your so strong in doing all this while watching out for yourself.

  19. I've been watching you for years. You're like half my age and still an inspiration to me. You've helped me so much with my bunny care. You're an amazing bunny mum. Take care of your yourself and have an amazing Christmas.

  20. wow, disability youtube and rabbit youtube crossing paths at last ❤️ i had no idea you were disabled, even though i’ve watched your videos for at least 6 years. i am also disabled and my mobility has been deteriorating (my dr thinks i have ankylosing spondylitis which is basically a degenerative inflammatory condition affecting the spine and ribcage) and i’ve been struggling with not being able to care for my bunnies in the ways i used to. i have definitely been adapting – keeping things on shelves and separating smaller amounts of pellets/litter from the big bags has been helpful, since i have trouble bending over & lifting things. thank you for bringing these two worlds together in a video, i hope you’ll do more in the future ?

  21. I know what you mean with the walker. The first time I used mine in public (at 20) a little girl pointed at me and yelled “HEY MY GRANDMA HAS ONE OF THOSE!” ?? I had just walked through the doors of a store so everyone was looking haha!
    I have POTS and a movement disorder and your tips are going to be very helpful!

  22. im disabled, housebound and my siblings and i have 2 cats, 7 guinea pigs, 2 bunnies, and my mom has a dog and 2 guinea pigs. at one point i wondered if i might have pots; still have no idea whats wrong. but i got that dank chronic pain, fatigue, and get nauseous from physical activity, temperature fluctuations, dizziness w/ heart racing & sometimes chest palpitations. during an episode if i keep cleaning/ exercising/ showering/being overheated, itll get worse until im dry heaving, flushed skin on fire, sweating, light headed. the only thing that help is emptying my stomach, taking my shirt off, splashing water on face and chest then sitting in front a blasting fan until my body decides to chill. my docs like,,,,'mmhh sounds like an anxiety attack',,, but im not anxious,,, aight cool looks like i need a doc who is willing to do more than a blood test and call it a day. like i dont wanna deal with this year after year. any way, invisible illnesses suck but pets def make it better. pet care can be challenging sometimes, especially if you have animals with special needs. but the joy of sharing my home with 14 animals and having that social support network of so many diverse, personal and rewarding relationships is that any social experiences, or fuel for happiness i may have missed out on due to being house bound, is in constant supply 🙂

  23. I love this video because it gives more courage to the disabled people and because it encourages
    disabled rabbit owners to learn more

  24. I also have disabilities I have autism, dyspraxia, dislexia, SPD, ocd, pda, visual processing, adhd and some other stuff I have a lot of pets and it is hard sometimes

  25. I’m really scared to clip my rabbit’s nails and she hates it when I try, but her nails are getting a bit long and I feel like I need to. I don’t know what to do. Can someone help?

  26. “I don’t trust people getting my veggies” Me to ?My dad always gets like three heads of romaine instead of a variety and it drives me crazy ? But atleast he’s trying to help out ?‍♀️

  27. Girl I totally feel you ! I have Severe Tourette’s syndrome, severe anxiety, social anxiety, PTSD , Depression, chronic pain and multiple other things and I am weak and in pain most of the time and although having my animals is really hard they get me through a lot, especially one of my rabbits named Phoebe ❤️

  28. You are one of the most beautiful people I have ever seen. Your heart is amazingly huge 🙂 Thanks for sharing your love and opening up to us 🙂

  29. I am called Hayley, I have eds, pots, fibro, dysautonomia ect. I also have 4 adopted rabs… Only found your channel a week ago can't actually believe it

  30. I have autism I have a moderate case it’s so hard to remember things and ect. I still take care of my cats though I will need to live with other people in my future family I wanna live with one husband and one or two kids but I want lots of pets

  31. This video helped me feel less alone and defective. I suffer from a chronic sleeping issue so I might sleep anywhere from 10 to 12 hours even with my pills and I still need energy drinks to wake up everyday. Also, when I am very tired or haven't slept with pills I get very dizzy as well and need help with vacuuming and changing bedsheets. I have my bunny's cleaning tasks scheduled but some days I can't make it and it takes me a lot of more effort on the days I feel more rested. Also I set an alarm when I feel that I'm going to fall asleep on the sofa so that I take 30 mins of eyes closed and then get up and reach my bed, make sure my bunny has her hay and everything she needs. Setting an alarm and scheduling the cleaning on the hours of the day where I feel more awake helps a lot to get things done.

  32. I have POTS too! It gets worse in the winter, despite heat intolerance and summer and stuff. I also have hEDS which just makes my joints like rusty hinges

  33. ? at first I though the scratching post in the back was a chair made out of cat friendly materials.
    Now I wanna know why nobody makes those ?

  34. I found you when I was researching for the new rabbit I got over the summer but I had no idea we had the same disability!

  35. I dont have an illness but i do have scoliosis and i got surgery for it so i still have to sit and ask for help even if your not disabled its ok to ask for help

  36. Animals are a healer! I have depression and anxiety and find waking up hardest on a daily basis. However my bunny gives me a reason to wake up: feed him. I think speaking out about POTS is inspiring to others as it's easy to just not get up but independence can be a huge step. One of my favourite videos you have done ? on bad days, similarly I have not done everything in one day as I can feel overwhelmed e.g. my bunny free roams my entire studio flat so I may stick to one room.

  37. Geez ??? crazy. I’m perfectly healthy w/ my one little homie (Berry the lionhead) & geez my back & legs kill me cleaning his box twice a week. Sweeping everyday. Filling his hey rack all the time. Measuring veggies, etc. props ???

  38. I can totally relate to this video. I am 15 and have sever arthritis. Due to the extreme pain, I can not go to public school because I will collapse and not be able to get up. I was beat as a newborn baby and the bones never set right so I typically have 2-4 surgeries a year witch also put me back a lot. I have 2 bunnies (Margot and Albee) and sometimes almost always have to ask my dad for help cleaning the cage as my knees and hips have the most pain. I also live in a extremely small town(it’s a very small farm town.) we only have 1 grocery store and I have to go there for the majority of the time because our county has no Walmart/other grocery stores. Thank god they typically have good quality veggies for my babies!

  39. Hayley I think you are very brave making this video and being so open about your disability. Could not tell from future videos that you had chronic illness. I think you are an incredibly strong and inspiring young woman and your help and insight via your videos has been paramount to us adopting and caring for a bunny. Love your videos. Hope you are having a wonderful Christmas

  40. Sorry to hear about your issues :(For physical rehab, try Hanna Somatics.  It's a gentle yet highly effective method of retraining muscle memory to improve movement, balance etc.  Good luck!

  41. Pets are the best! My brother has severe depression and anxiety, and the only thing keeping him alive is our dog! I have bunnies that help me with issues, but I don’t have any specific disorders, but just bad days, and some tricky ocd symptoms. I have a ton of intrusive thoughts and things like that, but pets are just the best.

  42. I struggle with my joints and most of my time laity has been in a wheelchair, I’m only young but I am the main carer of my 4 cats 1 dog and rat, I feed them play with them and let the cats in and out, there my babies and I’d never give them away for anything! They help me in emotional stress and I help them.

  43. I have something that's under the fiber myalgia umbrella and I have to pase myself with my two rabbits also. This was quite helpful so thank you!!

  44. I’m on the autistic spectrum, have anxiety disorder, depression disorder, ocd, have ticks, and have psychosis (gotten MUCH better over the years) and animals have without a doubt saved my life. It’s so therapeutic and the sense of responsibility helps me to not just stay in bed or get too overwhelmed with my mind. Such An amazing thing

  45. Wow. I love to hear have POTS cause me too ! ♥️ my bunny has definitely helped me hehe I also have multiple sclerosis so I feel you. bending though! Usually I use a trekking pole or roller too for balance. Ugh I love your channel so much more than I already did!

  46. I agree, pets help a lot! I don’t have a disability… I have mental illnesses. My rabbit helps me more than she will ever know!!

  47. i have disabilities too? they’re more invisible, i have ptsd chronic migraine and chronic back pain.. the chronic stuff was from a back injury

  48. I don't have a physical disability but I am autistic and I have ADD. Every social interaction is very tiring and I have 3 hours of therapy a week so I am basically always tired. Caring for my two rabbits was so hard. Especially because one of them couldn't hold his pee anymore and just peed all over my carpet and I had to clean up after him all the time. They passed away in August this year, and I miss them so much! But I am also really relieved. I did everything for them and didn't have the capacity to care for anything else, including myself. I don't regret having them. Whenever I was feeling suicidal, I just reminded myself that they needed me, they depended on me. And that was reason enough to keep going.
    These rabbits were some of the best animals I ever got to know.
    But if I'm being 100% honest, I am kind of glad it's over. They will always have a special place in my heart and I miss them a lot.

    Now I have cats, and they are a lot less work. Or maybe just "different" work that i am better equipped for. I miss having rabbits so much, but I know that I just can't care for them and myself.

  49. I have a chronic illness that's pretty bad (I'm very underweight, can't walk properly and suffer many mental issues both related and unrelated) and it's difficult to take care of my pet's sometimes but I'm trying to make a routine. before my illness kicked in I had way more pets but it was so difficult to take care of them alone. tho we don't suffer from the same things, I have a wheelchair too so this was interesting to watch (%

  50. My baby bun Lola is the reason I get up every morning with my three chronic illnesses ? you’re such an inspiration ?

  51. Hey I found your channel through this video! Very well done! ? I care for a lizard and 5 tarantulas and I also have medical issues. I have a very VERY rare (1 in a million) systemic auto inflammatory disease. My dad and my two brothers have the same chronic illness as me and I just started my channel to show that you can still do what your passionate about even with medical issues. it is hard sometimes when I have to feed the pets and my disease gets flared up and stuff. Thank you for making this video it is nice to know I am not the only one with a chronic illness making videos about the pets we love.?

  52. Can I ask how you manage mentally limiting yourself to doing tasks in small parts? I have chronic illnesses as well, but still find myself always wanting to 'be productive' and battling that ableism within. I know it's better to take breaks for self-care, but was hoping maybe you had some more advice!

  53. Hi, what vacuum do you use? 🙂 Also, if you have it in your area, i would recommend shopping with instacart so you don’t have to get out at all to do your shopping!

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