How Geese’s Feathers Are Ripped Out for Down

This is live plucking. When PETA US first released this footage, which shows workers ripping live geese’s feathers out in order
to provide down for jackets, sleeping bags, and bedding, retailers responded by announcing
standards that they claimed would ensure “responsible” down from birds who were not live-plucked.
Some suppliers certified under these standards assure us that they do not use live-plucked down. But we don’t believe they can ever be sure. PETA US and PETA Asia went back inside the down industry to investigate these claims and uncovered disturbing information. Eighty percent of the world’s down and feathers come from China, so PETA US and PETA Asia went there to document the various procedures for obtaining feathers. Eyewitnesses saw sick and injured chicks, geese, and ducks abandoned to a prolonged and painful death. They found dead birds, too, left to rot in crates or ponds or simply tossed outside like rubbish. And then there was the plucking. Eyewitnesses also saw workers at these farms—several of which were traced to dealers who sell to so-called “responsible” suppliers and one that sells directly to a so-called “non live-pluck” supplier— —rip geese’s feathers out while they were fully conscious, causing excruciating pain and leaving open, bloody wounds. Workers stepped on the delicate wings and necks of the geese and tightly bound their feet together, causing them to struggle, cry out, or freeze in fear. Many endure this torture multiple times before finally being slaughtered. Just one down jacket requires the feathers from up to seven birds. But the farms that PETA US and PETA Asia visited admitted to producing tonnes of down every year, meaning that hundreds of thousands of birds are live-plucked annually. Farmers and others who deal with these so-called “non live-pluck” or so-called “responsible” suppliers bragged to eyewitnesses about producing or selling live-plucked down, and one even admitted to misleading consumers. They told us that there is no way to tell
if down has been live-plucked or not. PETA US linked these live-plucking farms to dealers that sell feathers to these certified down suppliers. Also troubling was the fact that
technically, none of these suppliers is violating “responsible-down” standards, which actually allow them to deal in live-plucked down. Dozens of retailers, including Lands’ End, indirectly contribute to this cruelty by purchasing down from these suppliers. Products made with feathers and down from live-plucked birds are exported throughout the world, including to the UK, to be sold
to consumers. Join us in urging Lands’ End and other brands to stop using real goose down. As long as the standards allow suppliers to buy and sell both down that isn’t live-plucked and down that is live-plucked, retailers using so-called “responsible down” are at least indirectly supporting the cruelty of live plucking. And if you are considering buying a down-filled item, such as a jacket, a sleeping bag, or bedding, please remember the geese and choose compassionate, vegan options instead. Thank you.

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  1. Meh God said we could do whatever we want with the animals…. Including sacrifice them to him(sometimes in the tens of thousands) woot old testament

  2. I've owned down products, but never had any idea honestly how it was gotten. Watching this I was sick to my stomach. I currently do not own any down products and will advocate others to not buy them and spread word of how this is done.

  3. i was searching for the best feather pillow for my neck … thanks god i saw this before i buy … this is sick …

  4. Come on its the equivalent of being waxed or depilated yes its uncomfortable for a couple of minutes il tell you whats more painful and cruel being savaged to death by a fox something these birds wont ever have to worry about …im all for being kind to animals …this is ridiculous to complain about women do this everyday ….
    There are much more serious animal abuse problems than wasting time on birds being defeatherd


  6. The Chinese have absolutely no ethics, empathy for animals or for each other. They are strictly money oriented. Money is all they care about.

  7. Lol as long as we want furry shit this is the way its done. Dont ever eat at mcdonalds then ask how the cow was butchered do ya?

  8. I hate what ever you did because you guys are hurting the geese and please leave them all alone

  9. Im so so sorry i have a sleeping bag befor i knew this? but Im not buying enything with Real animal in and Im not suporting Canada Goose

  10. Im glad i live in Sweden. Its MUCH better than this.

    People who do and support this.. If I met you. I would literally attack you. And pull your hair out of your head. I dont care about laws. I dont care about you. You dont deserve to live.

  11. once again, PETA provide NO PROOF. There is no admittance from the chinese in the video that the animals are live pucked, only that no on wants to buy live plucked and that there is no test to determine it. The video has no date stamp and could be years old. No details about the location of these videos. Once again, until these details are provided and verified, it's all PETA smoke and mirrors and propganda. I'm NOT saying this doesn't happen, but if you want people to believe it, provide REAL, VERIFIABLE evidence, not this bullshit.

  12. China is the worst for animal welfare .no pain relief is the norm for them they just don't get it

  13. We.Are.All.Going.To.Hell.For.Wearing.Animals
    I swear its china that dose this!
    I swear im gonna make a video 'bout this
    Oh and this is only for chine


  14. You know what I want to become a lawyer so I can make a law no more suffering for these geese
    No killing poor geese
    They don't deserve this I'm crying I'm a animal lover

  15. Horrible cruelty! I will never, ever buy anything that has down feathers again. We are so cruel and vicious to animals!

  16. This is sick treating ducks, chickens like that. we have no need to buy things which are made by torture.

  17. those poor ducks, and geese and maybe swans ….. how horrible are we as a people to animals ….. this is appauling

  18. Oh My GOD! I had no idea this was going on! I will NEVER buy anything "down" again! I will also not buy anything " Made in China".

  19. this is bad,they should really use the feathers of the birds no one cares about like seagulls and pelicans

  20. The companies that buy these goose feathers, knowing or not caring that they are likely live-plucked, are the evil. They are powerful enough to make a change or fund themselves in a different way. We should hold them accountable or just not shop there. Instead, buy vegan alternatives.

    Don't blame the workers – they're poor, and you don't know how each person got there. Give them better jobs, and they probably wouldn't need to do this for a living.

  21. Deshalb kaufe ich keine Daunen. Ich kann diese Menschen nicht verstehen. Kein Verständnis. Einfach nur ekelhaft.

  22. Who ever the boss is a sick evil person, what difference does it make if the were dead becuase it would been more human and then sell there meat double profit but no rather pluck them when there alive and give them great pain and stress which leads to death

  23. Drop dead and die….Please… At that moment while you torture that poor animal I want you to have a massive heart attack and DIE!!!

  24. I wish these films were more widely televised in order to facilitate a turn in the tide of animal cruelty… Strangely, the searing sadness I feel watching them is as much for my loss of faith in human nature as for the suffering of the animals… ?

  25. I am heart broken when I see how they get the feathers, for 10 years I thought it was just man made, but when I saw this video, I… just want to cry.?????

  26. That is HORRIBLE ! Hard to watch. I have a pet Parrot, and I wanted to cry or throw up. I will never buy another down anything! How can I help?

  27. Why on hells bells would you pluck a live Goose…….?? Just kill the Goose……Pluck the Goose for feather and cook the Goose for family food farms and sell the Cooked or unCooked Goose as double $$$ You increase the value of the Down and feather pillow by only harvesting 1 time or 2 time yearly…………( Foolish Other Countries not know how to double and triple down on their product while also creating a supply and demand quota )

  28. Oh I see they are doubling down on profit by trying to get multiple plucking out of one bird……………….no need for that either considering Geese in summer shed many feather on ground for natural nest making and to cool down a tad bit. ( Stop your shameful cost cutting ) ( Just pay people a living working wage and treat Mr. Goose respectfully by allowing him to eat and live for a bit before looping off his Goose head and plucking and frying him up tasty clean. ) You would not like for me to Skin You partially and see if it grows back for a second reaping of the flesh now would you..????? Poor little Goose fellers must feel like the hunger games but twice as painful considering they make them come back for time 2-3

  29. You want down…………… a 12/10 or 20 gauge shotgun and some expensive China Tungsten shot at 3-5$ a shot or cheap American steel shot at 1-2$ a shot and your 100$ or more tags and license fees and your Federal 30$ waterfowl stamp and get off your bu bum and go kill your own Goose Geese and harvest yee down. Pheasant Down works good to and the Farmed birds released for hunting into the wild have a chance to live a bit and do stuff before harvested.

  30. I don't know how people can do this to an animal you should be ashamed of yourself ??would you like it no

  31. This is pure pure EVIL these geese are beautiful animals throughout the world creulty goes on no-one can stop it as deceit is everywhere and most of the creultt goes underground

  32. The entire horrendous, evil, insidious, torturous, barbaric, inbreeding, Mongolian race needs to be eliminated. Period.

  33. There should be zero demand from the public of thing that are made of animal fur,skin,feathers or any animal parts…so if there is no demand… these ruthless so called humans won't get any benefit in producing such things.

  34. Peta is incredibly miss guided and causes much animal cruelty of their own. But one thing they got right is trying to put a stop to this.

  35. After seeing this i fell in deep sorow and when ever i see piloows fill by these feather i feel sorry for birds pain.ufff how can we live comfertable with feather products.plz plz do not purchaze.

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