How Dog Breeds Have Evolved!

hi everybody and welcome back to relax
my dog today’s video is all about how dog
breeds have changed over the past 100 years how they have evolved how they
have become the creatures that they are today if you would like to learn some
more about this and maybe see if your dog breed is mentioned in this video
then definitely do it keep watching we feel we’ll get started though let me
know down below in the comments anything you know about how the dog breed about
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so like I said as a whole we kind of can only guess of what our dog breeders
looked like that many years ago there isn’t a lot of photography footage or
anything like that into specific dog breeds and not as a whole like it’s more
if you found a picture or a painting it is more like one particular dog that
could you don’t know what sort of dog breed that is or it might be a mix of
something so it’s quite difficult to generalize and the first dog we’ll put a
look at is it the English bulldog now obviously the English bulldog is
very much a stocky big quite short but very very Brooksley dog and in fact 100
years ago they weren’t as big as they are today they weren’t as mostly they
weren’t us massive they weren’t nice aggressive either and in fact the chests
of the English bulldog has become wider the legs have become shorter and the
face has become more flattened the Bulldog also has more skin hanging
around his body as well and actually unfortunately nowadays Bulldogs suffer
from a number of different health issues which is not believed they suffer with
back in the day and in fact this actually means that an English Bulldog
only has a life expectancy for about six and a half years which is incredibly low
for a dog the next one is a basset hound now basset hound is sort of a cute dog
and the body of a basset hound has become lower the hind legs are shorter
and the ears of a lot longer however when I sort of look at the pictures of a
basset hound holidays again one nowadays the difference isn’t that much meek is
sort of see through the legs and with the ears but as a whole this breed has
pretty much stayed the same to me now on the other hand a boxer has completely
changed my opinion and in fact the whole sort of body proportions of a boxer has
completely changed a world pop pitches off as I sort
they say you can kind of see but to make a boxer nowadays it looks a lot stockier
even in the meant to be shorter they look wider and I don’t really know they
just look more muscle and we did it back in the day and they also have upturned
faces now whereas previously their faces were sort of downwards and now they’re
sort of perk top they are going to move on up to a German Shepherd now again at
German shepherds you can definitely tell that 100 years ago this was German
Shepherd because they do have that quite specific characteristics of the dark
German Shepherds nowadays have become larger their fur has become longer and
thicker and in fact the skeleton of the German Shepherd has also changed as well
the croup is lower and the chest is also wider as well so it’s mad that over a
hundred years something so drastic like a dog’s skeleton will change top’ much
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  1. They have not evolve, they have being changed by humans, evolution is something that happens over much longer time.

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