How do Police Train Dogs like German Shepherd Edge for Drug Search and Rescue?

scout he's a search-and-rescue dog for us where the who's our team he's also trained in explosives as well Scout will be nine in May so he's eight um he is a German Shepherd anything I pull out of my pocket a dog that we're interested in should go get I could throw a bowling ball that dog will want to find and get bring that bowling ball back to me it's not been put in by humans that's his true instinctive Drive that's what we want we want a dog also driven by prey Drive basically a hunt Drive we want to go hide something in the woods and we want that dog to go off without any sort of coaxing we want him to go find it on his own without us helping him we actually we just want to see the dog actually hunt and that's with nose down using his nose trying to figure things out for himself thinking processing everything he's doing and finding at the end the ball or whatever we place out there and bringing it back to us he wants that like it's the best thing in the world there's nothing and there's nothing that's gonna stop him from getting that and bringing it back to me that's the drive we want for our any of our dogs whether it be searching us to your police work his name is edge in training for search and rescue a German Shepherd he's 14 months old yeah we've been partners since the start of November and we're on a basic training course and he's on day 27 so 15 weeks and there's a third of the way through this is a lot it's called the Box field we trained the dogs to detect human scent as opposed to being able to see the person they're trying to use their nose and let us know when they find human time so we'll hide a person in one of the six boxes that are out here and then we'll give him a command to go search the field how do speak and once he locates human scent in one of the boxes he'll bark letting me know that he's found human scent the reward for these dogs is actually from the person hiding in the box so they'll have a one of his toys and they'll open the box and get him really excited and happy to see them and eventually give him his toy this is what they want they don't care about who they find in the boxes or whether being a tree or whatever they want this they think that if they bark and find the person that they did good that they deserved this and that's how how we teach them my home dog is my pad in the you know he's sitting under the dinner table and he's watching TV with us and his name is Oakland he's more of a family member this he's a partner he's my work partner and he he does interact obviously with myself and my wife but it's a different relationship than my other dog an elderly lady had disappeared after going for a walk at night the supervisor on scene there he wanted me to clear an entire wooded area something that a normal human would never be able to search and say a hundred percent that there's no one in there just because it was so dense halfway through clearing that area my dog actually disappeared out of my sight and that's when I know that he's actually onto something and a few minutes later I could hear him barking so I actually caught up to him and found him and he had actually found the elderly woman she'd fallen down a cliff there's no way a human being would ever found her just because of where she was unfortunately it's just a bad spot and it wasn't for the dog who knows what have happened

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  1. Yeah, this is a life goal once I get a dog I plan on improving my training methods and teaching it this. Good stuff.

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