How Do I Keep My Cat From Jumping on the Counters?

[Music]>>Meg: How do I keep my cats from jumping
on the counters? Ok. So. What are we gonna do? Uhm. It’s hard
to get cats to do anything they don’t want to do…they’re cats. But! We can work with them, and there’s a
couple of different ways I like to do that. Number one, I start early,
and just don’t ever encourage them to be on the counters. So,
I don’t put their food up there. I find a place where I’m cool for them to
be, and I put their food there. I don’t give them treats on the counters or
anything like that. I don’t pet them when they’re on the counters.
I don’t do baby talk to them. I don’t do anything positive. I just, if they’re
on the counter, I take them off. I say “No”, and I put them down
on the floor. This sometimes works, and it can work if you’re
consistent, but sometimes, even then, the cats still want
to jump on the counter. I try to make counters boring. If I don’t
want my cat on my counter, I’m definitely not going to put plants and
other things there that they’re going to think are interesting. This is especially
true on food prep counters. I can do things…I can be a little more aggressive…I
can put tin foil down on the counters. And cats just
don’t like walking on tin foil. They don’t like the, I don’t know
if it’s the feel or the sound or what. But I can put down some tin foil until I try
to break the habit. There are some products that are made to be
laid down that cats don’t like being on. So you can look into
those products. But those are the big things. I’m going to
positively reinforce the behaviors I want, so when my cat is on
the floor I’m going to give them treats, I’m going to give them praise
there. I’m going to try to show them, hey, being on the floor
is really cool. Not so much on the counters. And that’s what
I’m going to try to do. What else you got?>>Meg: Which came first, the chicken or the
egg? Hmmmmm…. The chicken veterinarian, actually came first.
Because… We’re that prepared. [Music]

3 thoughts on “How Do I Keep My Cat From Jumping on the Counters?

  1. Where is Stephen?? Did a wild cat get him?? Stupid cats!! Anyway I miss him and hope is doing well… Away from any cats.

  2. Use Psssst Cat! It's a motion detector on an aerosol can that sprays the cat with air whenever he moves! You can put it on a counter, put it inside a cupboard if you have cupboard cats, I used it to keep cats off my plants, my chair, anything! It has a battery so you are not even there when the magic happens!

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