How Do Birds Know Where To Go When They Migrate?

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  1. Ummm…your graphic of the bird flying has the magnetic field on the left side, but you say birds see the magnetic fields with their right eye.  Still very interesting information and a nice explanation of the latest theory.

    Dyslexics untie.  🙂

  2. Your diagram of the earth as a bar magnet is kind of vague since you just said that the north is positive and south is negative with labels according to the geographic locations of the poles. However, the geographic north pole is in fact the magnetic south pole (which is – ) and the geographic south is the magnetic north (which is + ). The direction of magnetic field lines are correct however the labels or N and S may be taken out of context since it is used as a geographic marker.

  3. I wouldn't get such implant. What benefit could it offer me in the world today? Genuinely interested if anyone could give any advantages.

  4. Could only seeing it in the right eye mean that processing magnetic fields only happens in the left part of the brain? Idk if that makes sense or not.

  5. Tell us stuff that we don't already know. Watching these Brain Stuff videos, lately, is like rereading a set of World Book Encyclopedias from 1976.

  6. Love the idea of gaining a sense of direction but I think seeing magnetic fields would be a little too much for the likes of this easily-distracted lady!

  7. First, thanks for the video.
    BUT: I think the whole notion of "seeing magnetic fields" is a little bit misleading. Especially around the 2:18 minute mark. You say: "So magnetic fields might show up as brighter or darker patterns spread out over everything the bird sees. Like a map on a heads-up display."
    This is very untrue and does not make any sense. The bird will only be able to see one magnetic value spread out over it's whole field of vision not a pattern. If it turns it's head, then the 'magnetic value' would change, but only then. The image you provide in the video would mean, that the magnetic fields (over the field of view of the bird) somehow interacts with the light or emits light so that the vision part of the bird's eye would detect a different light coming in. This is not the case and such interaction between a magnetic field and visible light isn't known. Rather – as can be read in the cited link from – the (proposed) magnetic sensor in the bird's eye is activated by (blue) light, which means, that it would be deactivated with the frosted goggles. Light in this case is only an enabler for the sensor and does not transmit any further information!
    All in all, the bird cannot see a map of magnetic fields, but rather it would be able to sense a local value of the magnetic field. I think this distinction is very important to a possible understanding of the navigation that a bird has to do.

  8. The reason that the magneto sensors only exist in the right eye is because for birds living in northern hemisphere the sun rises from the east.


  10. If you were going to get an implant to let you see things beyond human vision, it would be better if you could swap out different eyes for different purposes. Sure magneto-vision would be cool for a while, but before long you'd want infrared, ultra-violet, telescopic, microscopic, different spectal bands, the ability to see body changes that could cue you in if someone is lying to you, and so on and so on. I picture a sci-fi character with a satchel full of eyes for every occasion.

    Or maybe: "Stanley, this is my serious eye. I look at people with this eye when I'm want to be serious. I don't know how many eyes I went through trying to find this eye, but this is the most serious eye I could find…"

  11. Not an implant but some kind of a device like some special goggles to see the magnetic fields , would be a good idea, will opt for that B-)

  12. I found this video because I wanted to reaffirm that birds navigate by sensing earth's magnetic fields which I knew some time ago, but had forgotten.
    This was prompted by a video of the recent Nepal earthquake where many birds can be seen flying in all directions totally confused, it is not as if they are earthbound and affected by the shaking of the ground. This indicates to me that earthquakes seem to screw with the magnetic field and hence the navigational sense of birds.
    April 25th 2015 Cern powers up and coincides to the minute with the Nepal earthquake.
    Cern claims to generates a magnetic field 100,000 times the strength of the Earth's magnetic field.
    Such connections are worthy of honest scientific investigation I would think.

  13. I wanna the react of the birds when put whith that guy hwo had avery strong megnatic feiuld that can place an iron on hes chist and it will stick on …

  14. Here is a little more information on the topic that you guys might find useful:

  15. Ok, but how do they know, how to get to the exact same spot, every time. You gave us a good explanation of how birds can navigate, but how do they know EXACTLY where to go, even younglings who have never made the trip before?

  16. it's crazy how diffrent species view the same world. From bees to snakes to humans or dogs it's an entirely diffrent looking worid.

  17. (Academic Activity)
    Curso 7 Colombo Americano
    What is the main birds hability according to the video?

  18. Hi, There're another animals that can use magnetoreception? I would like to know, it's a very interesting topic… Juliana Puerta♥ Course 7 – Colombo Americano (Bello)

  19. Thank you for the information. I captured an up close video on a migrating flock of seagulls, truly amazing. I would like to know if this migration in the country of Panama only happens once a year.

  20. ha ha this is a funny video… molten iron is not magnetic nor does it conduct electricity in any experiment ever been done. and what about migrating fish?……..the earth is flat and the globe earth model is a giant lie to humanity

  21. So how does this work when they are not migrating? It would seem quite annoying to locate food if there is a constant smudge of magnetic fields in your eye (?)

  22. You are dumb
    birds can not see magnetis fealds. what thay see is photons off light. This is how quantom machanick work. google it and do your homework. it will make you understand. And than remake video.

  23. How do birds know they don't know it's all enxtinxt like how does your heart know to keep beating blood it's been beating ever since you were a fetus it's enxtinxt how can evolution give life this ability or was it designed

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