How Cold is Too Cold for my Dog to be Outside? – Ask Dr. Andy

>>Meg: The first question is, how cold is
too cold for my dog to be outside? Okay. There’s no stock, standard, really good
answer for this question. There’s just a huge difference between dogs. Big dogs do much better than little dogs. Long, thick haircoats obviously do better
than dogs with really short little haircoats. There’s
just a lot of variation. The rule of thumb is: If you’re cold, your
dog is probably freezing. That’s it. What else you got?>>Meg: “Why didn’t you become a real doctor.” [Music]

4 thoughts on “How Cold is Too Cold for my Dog to be Outside? – Ask Dr. Andy

  1. He IS A REAL DOCTOR! How many "Doctors aka MDs" do you know that do xrays, surgeries, deliver babies, treat illnesses and set fractures? None! Veterinarians are the BEST doctors in the world!!! And Vet Techs are the best right-hand colleagues a Vet is lucky to have!!
    From Jana RVT, CVT…………………

  2. I don't understand this, my mini Aussies are totally comfortable in the back yard playing with me yet I am bundled to the hilt!  I would NEVER leave them outside anyway, because they are family members, but I don't think we can judge a dog's comfort level in the cold by our own.  And those really little guys?  KEEP THEM WARM!

  3. ??? Yeah maybe a fluffy collie will be cold but a dog with a proper double coat is typically pretty cold resistant, especially northern breeds. Double coated mountain dog breeds aren't bothered either.

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