How can I end this war against the rabbit? [Hello Counselor Sub:ENG,THA/2018.07.30]

“A Girl in a Crisis.” “My Rabbit-like Child.” Hello. I’m a mom in my 40s with 3 kids. My kids are in middle and high school, so I thought I could rest now. But a year ago, I was struck by catastrophe. Her eldest daughter. As soon as she comes home… “Mom! This is Andre. He’s our youngest family member now.” Andre, whom my 19-year-old daughter brought, has a white face with big eyes and chubby hands. He’s a rabbit. – It’s a real rabbit? / – A real rabbit. This Andre is driving me crazy. “I got fur all over my clothes. Try to get it off with this tape!” “Mom, my throat hurts from all this fur! Ah! I stepped on poop again.” “Mom. Andre chewed on the air conditioner cable. Even a hair dryer!” That’s dangerous. My daughter insists on keeping Andre in the room, so our house is a big mess with rabbit fur, rabbit poop and chewed cables. That’s not all. “Daughter. Clean up Andre’s poop.” “Yup.” “Sweep up his hair, too!” “Yup.” All she does is say okay and then I end up cleaning up after Andre. “I can’t handle it anymore. Why don’t we send Andre to a better home?” “No way! Andre is my brother. If he dies, I’ll die with him.” My stubborn daughter won’t listen to me. How can I end this war against the rabbit? This is her concern. Have you ever had a pet? Not myself, but my cousin actually raised a rabbit for 12 years and it died very recently. Really? So I know a lot about rabbits. – You’re the rabbit expert. / – No, not that far. Let’s meet this mother and hear her out. Please come on out. (There have been so many concerns about animals!) (This time, it’s a rabbit) (I’m an expert on animals!) (Who’s concerned about her daughter and rabbit?) (Kim Hyeseon) Welcome. So the rabbit’s name is Andre? Yes, Andre. Is there a reason for naming him that? I don’t know the reason. A stationery store does paper raffles. My daughter won a rabbit and brought him home. (They do that?) The rabbit was so cute at first. – When he was small? / – Yes. She is in love with the rabbit. Maybe the stationery store owner didn’t want it, so he wrote “rabbit” on every single paper. Anyone and everyone who draws it… The daughter fell for it. When she comes home, instead of greeting us, she goes to her rabbit first. – She loves him. / – That’s all she cares about. She takes the rabbit and goes into her room. She stays in the room even on hot days? Yes. At first, we kept him out in the balcony. But in the winter, it’s too cold and in the summer, there are too many mosquitoes. So she keeps bringing him inside the house. So it’s fine as long as he stays on the balcony? Yes, for now. You just want her to get rid of the rabbit, huh? (Could you tell?) It’s tough because I work and then I have to clean the house. But my daughter doesn’t clean up at all. I’ll find a fistful of rabbit fur around the house. They shed so much. Do rabbits shed that much? – Between seasons they do. / – Yes. Our laundry has white fur all over it. So every time I fold laundry, I have to remove fur with tape. The rabbit also chewed on charging cables, internet cables and air conditioner cable. That’s so dangerous. He even chewed on a hair dryer cable. My daughter grabbed it and got shocked. (That was a close call!) Rabbits don’t get electrocuted? That’s why we… (Like this!) Then he wouldn’t chew on it anymore. We’re also worried about the rabbit. So you do worry about him. Because it’s a live animal. – And your daughter loves him. / – Yes. You said you have three kids. Are the other kids okay with the rabbit? They all have atopic dermatitis. Since my eldest daughter loves the rabbit, she wears a surgical mask… A mask? Yes, and my younger daughter has atopic dermatitis, and she has a rash on her thighs. (That’s a concern…) We asked for pictures of the house. (Chewed up cables) – That’s dangerous. / – That’s dangerous. They are all exposed. Oh my. (Ripped wallpaper) He chews up wallpaper, too? You didn’t say that. He even chewed up wallpaper. – He even chews up wallpaper? / – Yes. Oh my. – That’s rabbit poop, right? / – Rabbit poop. They can be contained if the rabbit is in a cage. This is quite serious. He stays in your eldest daughter’s room? Rabbit poop is all over the floor when she sleeps? (Her daughter is wearing a mask) That pee pad looks very dirty, too. (This is how we live) Let’s meet her 19-year-old daughter who loves Andre very much. Hello. (Who’s the daughter that’s in love with Andre?) You look nice, but selfish. Do you understand your mother’s concern? Rabbits are like hamsters and chicks. That’s why I brought him home. I don’t understand her concern. You promised to keep him in the balcony at first. But if I keep him in the balcony, in the fall, temperatures drop drastically. One morning, it was cold and I saw him sneezing. A rabbit can die from catching a cold. We live on the 1st floor, so there are many bugs. I was worried that bugs might bite him. He’s like family to me, so I brought him into my room. Kyubok, why don’t you ask a question? Okay. (Finally!) (His first question on an entertainment program!) (What will he ask?) What question do you want me to… (Entertainment experts have a fit of laughter) Ask anything you can think of. He’s asking you what you want to be asked. Tell us what you want to be asked. You’ve been listening to everything, right? Yes, but I am not curious about anything yet. Can I ask later when I think of something? He’s an honest actor. Listen to it a bit longer and ask a question when you think of one. You may be happy to be with the rabbit, but your mom is suffering from the mess. She used to clean up after him before. But I do it now that he’s living in my room. In the end, it’s my room that’s messy. It didn’t look so clean in the picture earlier. There was poop above your head. (Boo hoo) The rabbit chewed up all the cables. It looks so dangerous. So I keep all cables on the desk now. What about the air conditioner? Air conditioner… My family… Even when we would turn it on, mom would tell us to turn it off after 3 minutes. We never really used that air conditioner. Now that the rabbit has chewed up on the cable, she wants to turn it on. So you made the rabbit chew on the cable then. You’re lenient on what the rabbit does. But you got shocked by a hair dryer. I was shocked when I plugged it in. That’s dangerous. It only stung a little. So I just wrapped the cable with tape. She’s a very positive person. (She’s frustrated) If you have to wear a mask at home, you must be suffering, too. I normally catch colds easily, so my throat hurts when he sheds a lot. But if I can be happy with him by wearing a mask and a scarf, I’m willing to do it. But you… You thought of a question to ask, Kyubok? (He finally opens his mouth) You have a question! (Lee Kyubok asks his first question) He’s curious about something. You have to wear a mask at home. Your sister is suffering from atopic dermatitis. Aren’t you being too inconsiderate? She’s not suffering from it because of Andre. She’s has that for 17 years since she was born. It has nothing to do with Andre. Andre could’ve made it worse. No, it hasn’t worsened. She’s always had it. I know. Kyubok, she says it didn’t get worse. Why don’t you apologize to her? I’m sorry. He’s the star today. We asked her to bring Andre here today. (How cute!) He’s very sensitive to noise. He gets scared. We have to stay quiet. (Here comes Andre) Have a seat over here. Look at his big eyes. Oh my. His eyes are so big. (Big and cute) He is cute. I’m impressed that she raised him so well. What is Andre’s charm? If you look at him… (My brother Andre) (Wiggles his nose when he’s happy) (I may be shy despite my big body) (But I’m quite energetic once I get to know you) He has long hair that comes out like this. Do you see it? (His hair comes down to the front) Do you remember Moon Heejun’s hair from H.O.T? He’s so cute. I call it the Moon Heejun style. When I give him food, he runs towards me. It’s so cute. He licks me, too. (Not happy) Does he recognize you? He won’t stay away from her. He’ll stay put even when he’s far away from me. (Push) (Staying still) (I’m always very quiet) Andre. Andre. (Testing how close he is with the daughter!) (Will he go to his owner?) There he goes! (Andre is on the move!) (Is it Sejeong?) (Is he going to Sejeong?) (Where are you going?) Is he going to Sejeong? (“Animal Farm” emcee wants to join in) (Where is he headed to?) He recognizes his owner. Look! (To his owner) (But!) (What?) (Going towards his owner…) (Then he turns right) (I’m on an entertainment program) What is his favorite food? (He goes towards Dongyeob) Yes, I’m the host of “Animal Farm.” (I’ve been a fan of yours for a long time) He went to Shin Dongyeob. What’s his favorite food? He usually eats dry grass. Hay. Or rabbit feed. He also likes fruit, so that’s what I feed him. Oh my! Isn’t this for us to eat? Oh my! Isn’t this for us to eat? (Hang on, Yeongja) We got hay, rabbit feed and fruit. – What does he like? / – He’s eating the apple. It’s such a big piece. Look at him! He’s so cute! (Yum yum) Isn’t it amazing? What about carrots? (Second dish: Carrot) He’s ignoring the carrot. He’s ignoring the carrot. In fairy tales, rabbits like carrots, right? He won’t eat the carrot. He likes grapes, too? He likes grapes, too? Did you grab it so that you can eat it? If he’s not going to eat it, then… Let’s try giving hay to him. (Third dish: Hay) (I don’t want it) He’s been raised in a house. A banana. (Fourth dish: Banana) Oh my! (Bananas are my favorite) He snatched it from me. Oh my! Look at him! He’s eating so well. (“Andre’s Eating Show” begins now!) (She is in love with Andre) He doesn’t seem to shed much, but I guess he does. – Hop, hop. / – How amazing. (Hopping away to digest the food) How amazing. Oh my. (Thank you for the meal) He’s so cute. If he poops, our ratings would go up a bit. I hope he poops. Look at him. (The only one who isn’t smiling) Is Andre cute in your eyes? Yes, he is cute. But my daughter becomes so sensitive when it comes to the rabbit. So I can’t consider the rabbit to be cute. When her dad complains of the loose fur, she yells at him. She gets mad at us for not being understanding. She yells at you? She yells and talks back to us. – Hey. / – Yes? Isn’t it wrong to yell at your parents and glare at them because of Andre? I don’t do that. I just complain a little. (Then it wouldn’t be so concerning) Our younger daughter. Do you argue with your sister a lot over the rabbit? I think she’s lost her mind. Why do you say that? She loves Andre so much that it’s inconvenient. When she sleeps over at her friend’s house she calls me at night and asks to video call with Andre. (What?) She won’t let me sleep, so we always argue. When we’re in the room together she orders me around like Andre’s butler. She orders me to clean the room or get water for Andre or clean up his poop. His poop smells so bad and I can’t stand it. (It’s a concern) You once got mad because of Andre? I’m NCT’s fan and Andre chewed up my NCT poster. He chewed up 10 headphones, too. He even chewed up my jacket, so I got mad. My sister yelled at me for yelling at Andre. – She yelled at you? / – It was so unfair. She even put rabbit poop in my pencil case. (She put rabbit poop in her pencil case) (She’s causing so much trouble) What does that mean? Rabbit poop doesn’t smell at all. I’m used to it now. I can even touch it. But why did you put it in her pencil case? Kids hate it when it comes to poop. So I would joke around and hold it in front of them. Then they get grossed out. I was just fooling around. Andre chewed up your sister’s NCT poster. Why did you get mad at her? Andre chews on everything. We all leave our stuff on top of things. But she always leaves her things on the floor. She should take better care of her things. He wouldn’t understand even if she yells at him. But she keeps cussing and yelling at him. So you’re saying that it’s her fault. My sister and I both have the same NCT posters. I took good care of mine. Mine is fine. She just left hers on the floor. Then why don’t you give yours to her? Yes. That would solve the problem. (She isn’t responsible like that) Let’s talk to the younger brother now. Does your sister order you around? She tells me to feed him or give him water. I put it off and she yells at me for not doing it. She once pulled my hair. She pulled on hair? One time, I accidentally kicked Andre and my sister saw me. She hit me on the back of my neck with her hand. – With her hand? / – Like this? Like this? You must be the one with the biggest concern. Here’s the true victim. (We’re all victims!) My sister sometimes leaves school early to see Andre. She leaves school early? To see her rabbit? I don’t get to see him much during the day. I didn’t leave school early. I just came home a little earlier than usual. What? I have no choice. He’s all I can think about. So that’s why I come home early. Maybe you’re just using him as an excuse. You hopped out of school to see your rabbit? (How corny) (That gave me chills) I’ve been looking for the right timing to say it. I was thinking of making that joke, too. I’m glad I didn’t make the joke. You skipped school at times, too, right? No, I never skipped school. What about private classes after school? Well… – She did. / – She must have. What do you think of this? She’s our first child, so I didn’t know how to raise her. You’ve been lenient on her? Yes, so she grew up to be selfish. When do you think she’s most selfish? When she thinks she’s right, she never changes her mind. When we eat out, she insists on choosing what we eat. – She does? / – Yes. She used to attend arts high school and then she dropped out. Why? She didn’t want to spend so much time at school. So she’s studying for her GED. She needs to study, but she’s busy with her rabbit, – so we’re… / – You’re worried. (What should I do with my daughter?) (Gee…) What is it that you want from your daughter? I want her to leave Andre in the balcony. Andre in the balcony. I also want her to focus on studying for the exam. Can you keep Andre in the balcony as your mom wishes? I don’t know. You should compromise that much. You’re missing something though. I’ve been hosting an the animal program for years. Many times, what the owner does for their pet was actually making the pet suffer. For Andre? How would you feel if Andre is suffering because he’s staying in the room with you? What if you’re doing something that he hates? Right? You’d be sad, right? So I will ask you some questions to see how much you know about rabbits. (Quiz: All about rabbits) What’s the right temperature for a rabbit? You can find it on the internet very easily. An owner would know that. She loves him so much. – I’m sure she knows the answer. / – Sure. How many hours of exercise does a rabbit need daily? Two hours? Right? – Nope. / – She got all of them wrong. In order to keep a rabbit in a house, you must maintain 25 degrees Celsius in the room. Keeping a rabbit in an unventilated room could be bad, too. A rabbit needs 4 hours of exercise per day so it’s better for him to be in a larger space. Why don’t you want him in the balcony? There are so many bugs in the balcony. Rabbits aren’t susceptible to heartworms. He’s safe. Rabbits are more immune to bugs than dogs are. But you will have a lot more work to do if you keep him in the balcony. You must keep the right temperature in the balcony and keep it a safe environment for him. But it’ll be more beneficial for Andre. My cousin raised her rabbit in the balcony for 12 years. Keeping him in the balcony isn’t as dangerous as you think and it has more benefits for him. (Keep him in the balcony for Andre’s sake!) Let’s start with you, Kyubok. I think it’s a concern. It’s a concern for the mother. I think it’s a concern, too. It’s a matter of being responsible. You must take responsibility for Andre. You must study if you dropped out of school. It’s a concern for mom. Press the button if you think it’s a concern. (What does the audience think?) 5, 4, 3, 2, 1. Please stop. Please say a word to your mother. Mom. I didn’t know you were so worried about me. Oh my gosh… She feels really bad. She loves her parents. She cares about her parents, too. – Why are you crying? / – Tell us. She didn’t want to hurt her family. You knew this all along, right? Yes, but I didn’t know the balcony was better for Andre. Your mom wants you to keep Andre in the balcony. Answer her. I’m sorry, Mom. I’ll work harder from now on. I’ll keep him in the balcony. Please show us how many votes they got. What’s the result? They got over 100 votes. 137? (They got 137 votes) (Warm applause!)

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