How Are my Pets Doing?

so it’s been quite a while since my last
pet updates video and since then all of my pets have some sort of update to
share with you guys and I also love making these types of videos because
then everybody gets to see their favorite pets so then everybody ends up
happy and it’s a win-win type of situation so for the first pet update I
don’t actually have him here to show you guys because he has went from a salty
boy to a salty beast and that is saffron my crested gecko who is now a very
aggressive crested gecko so recently saffron has had a major
personality change and he has decided that anything that walks in front of his
enclosure is now a giant bug and he tries to attack it so I’ve talked to
some other reptile keepers as well as done some research on my own and I’ve
come to the conclusion that I’m pretty sure the personality change is due to
mating season and that he should eventually calm down in the meantime I
have purchased some crickets because he has a lot of pent-up energy and he just
thinks that everything that’s in front of his enclosure is just he wants to eat
it or possibly mate with it can’t tell you but I’ve gotten some crickets so
that he can like chase those around and hopefully get some energy out the next
update I have for you guys is on the rabbits so let’s go see them so Cleo is
currently in the IKEA doll bed which is surprising because I’ve bought this
and nobody literally has used it so thanks for at least using it Cleo
and then there’s Lola so both of the rabbits have been doing pretty well a
couple of weeks ago we actually decided to stop feeding them pellets because I
realized I was doing more harm and then good for Lola and pellets are necessary
in a rabbits diet really some rabbits obviously will do OK on them but Lola
just wasn’t so they now get their salads twice a day and they get timothy hay
unlimited nice bum but they’re doing pretty good
off of the pellets and yeah can you do a trick for me can you spin and spin
another thing I wanted to show you guys is this Ikea box that I kindly made them
for playing in look how destroyed this has gotten oh my gosh are you doing like
bunny home improvement you’re like renovating okay I see I get it. Do you wanna come outside yeah? come on So Isabella’s doing well for a old dog she’s
going to be 11 years old in December so it’s kind of crazy she’s still trooping
along, very tired, loves to sleep, still goes for her walks all the time but she’s
doing pretty good so here’s Sadie she is just playing with
a shoelace string but she is doing well I know a couple of you guys in my
introduction video were a bit concerned about the bell on her collar but is just
there so that we can locate her and once she’s not the size of a little bean she
won’t have the bell on her collar anymore so we won’t have to worry about
it so it’s currently 9 p.m. and both of the
hamsters are awake so I just got their little salads ready and I’m going to be
giving it to them now did you grab the cucumber and now you’re hiding from me
they always go in the corner so I can’t watch them eat it’s it’s horrible and
now it is honey’s turn for her salad Oh what’s that? A cucumber!? their favorite is cucumber when
I do give them their salads they don’t exactly love their dark leafy greens but
they’re good for them and they do eventually eat them but it’s not their
first thing they eat so here is honey’s enclosure I actually
added another thing into it just a couple minutes ago but this is from Ikea
it’s just a sea grass basket and I put some of the bedding in it I might put
some coconut fiber in here for digging but it’s safe for her to chew on and I
thought it would be fun so for Syrians I actually don’t have too many
updates on them because they’re just doing fine they are both healthy and
active and they’re just doing good it’s so hard to believe but honey is already
a year and five months old and she’s five months away from being two years
old so that’s crazy to me yeah you’re almost two years old that’s so crazy
that’s old! you’re is so cute and bumble is already a year and two
months old which is crazy because I remember her just being a teeny tiny
baby like just yesterday look how adorable you are
you’re just so fluffy and so perfect I love you! Oh look at you climbing, you’re such a good climber oh are you eating some of your dark leafy greens she never wants me to know that she actually eats them are you gonna do your little grooms? and mess up your little you got Bed Head miss yeah you and last but not
least we have Aspen so please keep in mind this enclosure here is not suitable
for a hamster this is a medical enclosure because she is being treated
for mites and other parasites the ringworm culture came back and it was
negative so we decided to treat for mites and other parasites so she’s being
treated with ivermectin with another drug mixed in as well and then you just
apply that to the back of the neck every two to three weeks for three times
so she’s going to have her second dose on the 28th as you can see there is
bedding on half of this side and then the rest is paper towel that’s just the
best way I think to keep it sanitized because if she does have parasites you
really want to be keeping the cage clean so she is having it cleaned pretty often
and this is the best way I’ve found to be keeping it clean she is doing good
though so I really hope you guys have enjoyed hearing all of these updates on
the pets and seeing them and hopefully it was enjoyable so ya guys thank you
for watching bye

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  1. Lol yes I know I suck at math and messed up with how long Honey is until 2 ? the only math I’m good at is figuring out floorspace, sue me.

  2. i know you probably won't see this but thanks to your channel i learned how to properly buy a hamster and today i bought a hamster!! thank you so much! please like this so she sees it

  3. Hi so I do not have the min of the floor space and this week I’m upgrading to an ikea Detolf cage!! I just want to know about the ventilation bc I don’t know if that is good for them. So if you could tell me the pros and cons about it:) also where did you get the top for bumbles cage?

  4. hey victoria! i just got my first robo today. i’m really glad that i came across your channel a few weeks ago! you’ve helped me so much when it came to getting educated about hamsters. i won’t make this too long but i learned a lot from you and thank you so much !

  5. Hey! I know this isn’t related to the video, but you’re always my first go-to when I need some Hamster care done! My Syrian, Pepper, is a huge fan chewing! And when I say that, I mean, she will collect all her chews, bring them into her hideouts. Or, If I place a new hideout in her tank, first thing she’ll do is take nibble ?. Recently, she upgraded to an IKEA detolf, But has been chewing the bars of the detolf most of the night. Not only is it loud, I’m worrying about her health, and the cage. Anything I can do to help solve this problem?

    Edit : I checked the bars through the glass, she hasn’t been breaking down the bars, just scraping off the paint with her teeth when she bites.

  6. Is it possible for a hamster to be allergic to a type of carpet? Whenever I put him on my carpet to play in his playpen, he scratches a lot. I never see him scratch in his cage or on me. The carpet is clean. Idk maybe I’m just overthinking but I notice him scratching when he’s in the carpet?

  7. I'm getting a hamster soon and if I had not watched your videos I would have failed so badly ? THANK YOU!!!

  8. Your pets are so lucky they have such an amazing owner they look happy ? also it’s ok you messed up the math the other day I forgot what a banana was ?. Have a nice day! ????

  9. love this video, love your channel and love your pets and i love you. Thanks for another great video i enjoyed it very much<3 <3 !!

  10. Why would people be worried about the bell on the cats collar? I've never owned cats so I'm just curious

  11. I love Syrians, I have a Dwarf Robo currently though and I’m saving up to get him a big cage to give him the life he deserves 🙂
    Also Honey reminds me of my first hamster lol

  12. My hamster is 1 year and around 7 months old but she’s extremely active and good so I think she’ll live a long while

  13. Aww they are so cute! I just wanted to let you know that the wooden hosue you have in bumbles cage can be dangerous? because it is coniferous wood

  14. Victoria i really need your help! I am in panic and I don’t know what’s wrong with my hamster:( last night I spotted red bedding in my hamsters cage and the bedding is originally white so I was really easy to see! And I checked to see if she was bleeding and I don’t see another around her and I also checked her stomach area and there is nothing. But her nose does seem a little red. She always bites the bars and I don’t know if she hurt her nose or something. Or it could be from her rainbow bridge that I made and the color came off. I am in panic and she’s only 4 months old she just turned four months today?

  15. Hi Victoria, I love your channel and congrats on your new cat!! I recently had to put my cat down, he was the sweetest boy ever but developed a pretty sudden and severe pancreas infection and his heart failed when he began treatment. But seeing Sadie reminds me of all the good times with my cat when he was little 🙂 Thanks for giving me a cute kitten fix! She’s just adorable, and her name is perfect! Just curious, how is the litter box training going? And are you planning on having her be an outdoor/indoor or an indoor-only cat?

  16. Love you Victoria! I have a question: My Syrian hamster was recently ill with a respiratory infection, and has been treated in her normal-sized cage. Should I do a full bedding change even if she is already cured from her illness? I am not sure if her bedding is still sanitary. BTW, your pets are adorable <3

  17. Hi! I love your channel and your videos are so awesome! I have a YouTube channel with my pets and it would mean sooooooo much if you checked it out and maybe subscribed…. ????

  18. Hey, I just bought a new hamster. I'm using care fresh bedding, the hamster keeps getting it stuck in his nose?? I also have sand on one side of the cage but is there a different type of bedding you recommend

  19. Could you make a video about how to transition animals on or off foods. And how do you introduce new foods? Is that process the same for all pets?

  20. I am getting a hamster and am using a mix I found with 6% fat 12% fiber but only 13.5% protein. I plan on adding in mealworms to a) add animal protein as I know hamsters are omnivores but also to balance out the protein levels. I have been wondering how many mealworms to add in with the 1-2 tablespoons of this food that I am giving to my hamster.

  21. I’ve missed you so much!!!! I’ve been dealing with a lot and haven’t been on any social media but I’m back and I’m so glad to watch ur videos again (:

  22. I am so excited because my parents are getting me a hamster next Saturday.
    – 8/26/19

  23. so im really sad because my parents won't let me get an ikea retold. i really tried yo show them how bad it is for a hamster in a small cage so they agreed to a bin cage. im thankful i get to at least give him a bigger cage. (also im not doing this but i just want to know if having the right amount of floorspace can you do the critter trail cages that add up to that?) sorry im asking way too much questions!

  24. Hi I’m a huge fan!! I got a hamster the other day ❤️ I have a question what fruit and veg are you aloud to feed hamsters?

  25. Aww so cute! Wow! Time has flown by! I remember when you first got Honey, and I remember when Bumble was born! ❤️?

  26. I have 2 Syrians! Teddy and honey however I’m sadly going to have to put honey down and I’ve been crying about it a lot as she’s still very young but I don’t want her to be in pain because she’s made my whole family smile a lot so I want what’s best for her. However my mum and me have been doing a lot of research on rabbits and how to keep one happy and healthy so I may be getting a rabbit (probably 2 so he or she isn’t lonley) when I get over honey. I’m going to miss her a lot ?

  27. Do you still live with your parents and if so how do they let you have all your pets:( I’m only allowed to have one dog and a hamster :/

  28. I love your videos!!!! They’ve really helped me see how much people underestimate hamsters! And I was wondering, where do you get your moss from?

  29. I know this has nothing to really do with the video but I just wanted to say thank you so much for all your videos they’re very informative and help me & so many other people and you put so much time and effort into them and really know your stuff too! 🙂 thank you for recommending the whimzee dog chews I got one for my Campbell dwarf and she lovessss it and they were super cheap too! Also just a random note I don’t know if you’ve ever given these to your hamsters but I picked up some willow sticks too (petsmart sells a pack of about 25 for only 2 dollars) to try them out and see if she liked them and she also lovesss them. She literally debarked the whole stick in less than 24 hours haha. They’re all natural too so that’s even better and they would look really good in your hamsters cages as well since they kinda go with the natural theme. They’re actually good for rabbits too and pretty much all rodents and small animals 🙂 and another positive thing is that they contain natural painkilling affects in small doses for small animals so if any of your small animals ever has an injury or gets sick they’re great to give them! But don’t worry they’re safe to chew even without injuries or illnesses! I really recommend them

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