How Animal Crossing Changed My Life

If you’re anybody right now, you know
that gamers everywhere can hardly contain themselves because in March we
are going to be gifted with what could be the greatest game of all time
starring Tom Nook and his nephews who I still don’t think have any idea what’s
going on. now I don’t know if you want to include like the side games like Happy
Home Designer, Pocket Camp or the other one, but in the main series this will be
the fifth installment. Animal Crossing and I
go way back but we don’t go too far back because when the first one was finally
released for America I was still a stinky toddler who had cashews for brain
cells. I eventually was gifted a Gamecube when I was about 12 years old and that
was by far the only good thing that ever came out of being 12. I was blissfully
unaware of the existence of Animal Crossing because all my time was devoted
to a blue hedgehog who has no right to be in this video because not everything
has to be about him. In fact, my devotion to this game was so severe that I
probably should have gotten my brain looked at. But of course, I had to
inevitably snap back into reality because the time in my life had arrived
to where I had to start going to..public high school. And I know what you’re thinking,
you’re thinking, “Hold on, hold on, you’re not 14 years old? Then why do you sound
like that?” Which, first of all, no I’m not 14 years old and I graduated high school
some years back now. And second, I don’t know why I sound like that I’ve
been asking myself the same thing for a very long time. Slander to my preteen
esque voice aside, the thought of high school horrified me down to my core
because I did not have a good time in school. At this point I had “upgraded” from
being picked on to being bullied. Basically, up to this point, I had been
sticking my head so far into video games just to try and drown out the reality
that people scared me. Like “real people” scared me
to the point where I thought I was going to pee my pants whenever I had to be
face to face with one. Now I’m not gonna act like I didn’t have any friends
because that was not true and it was because of them that
didn’t want to be homeschooled. I also didn’t want to be in complete and total
isolation even though most of the time it sounded very tempting. So, I decided to
face my fears in hopes that the people who had caused me irreversible damage
had realized that they had caused me irreversible damage and would stop maybe?
But that that didn’t happen, and for some reason I don’t know if it had anything
to do with me being in high school now and expecting people to have matured,
“Honey, you’ve got a big storm coming.” Really really hit me in the gut
differently that time, and I don’t mean that actually no one ever hit me thank
goodness. It hit me in the brain gut. Don’t know if that makes sense, but you
get it, you get it… it’s supposed to be symbolic… it made me very sad. I was so
discouraged and so worn out to the point where I didn’t even want to play games
as an escape anymore. All I wanted to do was lay in bed all day and hydrate
myself with my own tears. There were a lot of days where I missed school
because I would wake up and I would be so afraid to go that I would just lock
myself in the bathroom and let my stomach…. run its course. So on one of
these lovely days that I was having I was laying in bed just scrolling through
my phone you know really really living the best
life that I could be living, until a good old let’s play or as the “Alpha Gamers” call them, LP’s, crammed its way into my recommended. And that game was none other
than.. *ahem, drum roll please* (desk drumming), Animal Crossing New Leaf yay! I really should have sounded more
enthusiastic about that. Anyway, good job YouTube algorithm because you sure did
pique my interest and I was amazed by the absolute magic I was seeing on my
screen. I was immediately enamoured by these pixelated little animals on the
screen of this dude’s 3DS that I was like, “Hey I want those animals on my 3DS!”
But guess what. I did not have a 3DS, there was no 3DS for me. (yeah nice grammar loser)
So after constantly hounding everybody in my house about how much I needed to
have this, the holidays rolled around and I tore the wrapping paper off all my
presents like a stupid baboon. And in all its glory, a 3DS was in front of my very
eyes, and guess what came with it! “It was whole bunch of stupid instructions
and a stupid manual, no one reads these things!” After doing all that bogus 3DS stuff you have to do in
order to get it to actually work, I pulled this elaborate prank that
involved me telling my cousin five more minutes until his turn to play came, but it never did. It was everything that I had ever imagined it
being, but yet it had been nothing like I had seen before. Now some of you, I can
hear some of you now. You are angrily typing comments such as, “You started with New Leaf? You’ll never know the struggles we went through in the old games.” I’m
sorry, I’m sorry that I don’t understand the troubles that all you elderly folk
went through, but I was having the time of my young life. That holiday break was
a bit of a healing point for me. I lived and I breathed Animal Crossing.
I ate it for breakfast every morning. (yeah haha so funny) and that was something that I really, really
needed. So I knew that the holiday break I was on was going by really, really fast,
but I wasn’t aware that I had lost concept of time completely. I already
mentioned that I knew I was going to be excited for this game and I knew that I
wanted to have this game, but it turns out that I was way more invested than I
had ever pictured. I was playing this game all day, every single day of my
break there was not one second where I was like, “all right yeah I’ve had enough
of this, I’m over it.” I was really starting to get to know my villagers, and
I couldn’t talk to them directly but it felt really good to have them as an
outlet. Of course, the day that I had to go back to school, I wasn’t excited
because I don’t know if anyone’s actually ever excited to go back to
school? And if you are, good for you, but over that short week and a half I felt
like I had done something so monumental for me and for my health.
And it’s not like I stopped playing it over winter break, I continued to play it
for a very long time. To a lot of people, it seems super unrealistic to say that a
game changed your life. Especially in only
a week and a half’s worth of time. But even in that short amount of time, it feels
like the negative weight that I had been feeling wasn’t as heavy. New Leaf was a
game that I played constantly. I played it throughout all of high school, and if
it did so much for me in such a short amount of time, imagine what it did for
me over the course of four years. Sometimes I feel kind of stupid saying
this, but I really don’t know who I would be today if I would have never played
New Leaf. I was really stuck in my own head before I had gotten this game. When
you’re stuck in your own head, all you can think about is how miserable you are.
You just want to crawl under your bed and you never want to come out, ever
again. When you’re like that people think you’re selfish and they think that you
are super absorbed in yourself, and that could not be further from the truth.
It’s weird to say and I feel kind of dumb saying this, but the villagers in my
game had allowed me to become closer to the people in my actual life. To this day,
I still don’t know how exactly to explain that. It’s still so bizarre to me
that one little game was able to make its way it’s that deep into my mind in
order to do that for me. Of course it’s not like I went back to school and
people just stopped being mean to me all because I told them about this video
game that made me so happy I didn’t care what they said anymore, because I’m
pretty sure if I would have said that I would have made my situation a lot worse than it was. It’s way more complicated than I’m
making it seem, but I kind of just realized that, you know, I have more
important stuff to worry about than that. What I can tell you right now is I don’t
remember every single detail from four years of my life, it’s just not possible.
What I do know, is that through the course of those four years, and even up
till today, Animal Crossing has without a doubt changed my life. If you watched this
the whole way through, I can’t even begin to express how much I appreciate it. I
have tried to make this video COUNTLESS times I just could never get it to turn
out the way that I wanted to. With New Horizons being released soon, it
inspired me, and I was kind of able to finally get a grasp on how I wanted it
to turn out, and I am very very happy with this one. Unfortunately I do not
have a lot of time with spare, ever. I’m always busy, I’m always running around,
I’m always doing things, but I sat down very early, which I never do, and made
this and I am just so happy that I did. This video means a lot to me, and it came
right from the deepest pits of my heart so I hope that you enjoyed it. Again
thank you for watching, and if you want to leave a like and subscribe and do all
that other *gibberish* that would be super cool, and I’m gonna stop now
before I butcher the outro because I tend to do that. you

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  1. I honestly never thought that I was going to get this video out. This one took me such a long time because I was never happy with it no matter how hard I tried and no matter how I went about it, but I am so happy that I decided to try it one more time. This video means a lot to me and I hope that y'all enjoy it. For the people who use games and gaming as an escape, this one is for you. Also, captions are available! 🙂

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