How A Puppy Changed My Life

– This is a story three
years in the making. It’s the story of a
puppy growing into a dog, and a man getting over his
childhood fear of dogs. Say hello to the people, Bean! – What is this? – Beeeeeean!
– No! When did you go get him? – Down, yes. Sit. Yes, down. – Yes! Good boy! – I’m considering getting a dog sitter, just so we can have a date night. (toy squeaking) It’s 1 AM and he won’t stop fussing. The dog would growl at the baby. I was mortified. (cheery music) This is my puppy journey. (cheery music) (rock music) I am really afraid of dogs. We did a dog sledding video in Alaska and I was terrified the entire time. When I was three, a Doberman
jumped in my stroller, inches from my face, and was
just gnashing his teeth at me. And ever since then, I’ve been
really skittish around dogs. I always wanted a dog. I always wanted to have kids. And this idyllic family
afternoon of being at a park with a dog and some kids, and everyone’s playing
Frisbee or something. That just sounded so nice to me. But the peak of my attempts
to get over my fear was actually getting a puppy. My wife, Ariel, loves dogs so in preparation for having a baby we decided to get a baby dog. Let’s go to the first
time I ever meet Bean. I’m in the process of
surprising my wife, Ariel. She knows that we’re getting a dog but she thinks it’s
happening two weeks from now. (bright piano music) Okay, so it’s the morning of the surprise and Ariel is so excited. She has no idea it’s coming. She thinks that we’re getting
the puppy on Saturday. Hello, Bean! Hey, hey! You go on a big car ride? Surprise Ariel? Say hello to the people, Bean! Hello! Hello! I sneakily bring Ariel
in for a fake video shoot and then bring out our new puppy, Bean. – What is this? – Bean! – No! When did you go get him? – I got him earlier today! – No way. – It’s our new dog. – Are you excited that we
get to take him home today? – Oh god, oh yes. I’ve been looking
forward to this all week. – Ariel is really surprised and then we had a dog. So I believe we just
taught Bean a fun game. It’s called “Weeee!” (laughs) It’s called “Weeee!” Aka “Chase me!” Weeee! So we’re going on our
first walk ever with Bean. – He’s not actually walking. – He’s not actually walking though. We tried to get him to walk and he was, he didn’t really like his harness. It’s really fun,
– Yeah. But we keep thinking that
there’s something wrong with him. – Yeah, any time he’s
like “Ooo!” We’re like, “Oh no, what’s wrong, baby?”
– “What’s wrong?” – Looks like a Build-A-Bear dog. (laughing) – Whoa, hello! – We walk home with our new puppy Bean, our lives forever changed. How could I be afraid of little Bean? He’s a tiny little puppy with his paws barely able to hold himself up. – He just wants to give
you all the kisses! He wants to give you all the kisses! – Go get it! Heyyyy! No, no! Those first couple days of having a puppy, it’s almost like having a baby. Bean doesn’t want to go to bed. He’s just crying and it’s really hard. (puppy whimpering) He’s still crying and we
don’t know what to do. It’s really hard to not wanna comfort him. They fuss all night
because they don’t know how to sleep by themselves. (toy squeaking) We trained him to calm down right now. ‘Cause Bean is not wanting to take a nap. It’s 1 AM and he won’t stop fussing. This is the second week of this and we are just so exhausted. Didn’t sleep very well. – No, we did not. – And I think I made a huge mistake. I thought that it would be helpful if I picked up the dog. It turned out he just fussed
for the rest of the night. – He’s a little fuss muffin. – He’s a little fuss bucket. – Earplugs out. (giggling) – Bean just spilled coffee all over Ariel’s nice white pants. But look at the little guy! He’s so cute! How can you be mad at that
for more than a second? Suddenly Ariel and I
couldn’t just go out to eat whenever we wanted. Somebody had to go home to feed the dog, and also we couldn’t leave the dog alone for more than a couple hours at a time. We’re actually, we’re considering getting like a dog sitter just so
we can have a date night. We’re having a date night, I think with Bean, because he has massive separation anxiety. – Massive separation anxiety, right? – We were gonna go out, but no. Now we’re making pasta at home. – I don’t know what to do with him because every time that
I leave him for like, I timed it, and it’s actually,
what was it? It was like– – Three minutes and 15 seconds. – Three minutes. With a Kong toy. – Three minutes and he’ll start barking. – Until he starts crying. – I didn’t know the first
thing about raising a dog. So I talked to a dog
trainer to help me out. – So tell me about what
you guys have been doing? I know you’re not fully confident in everything you’re doing so far, but I wanna know where
you guys have started, what you’ve done. – Ned is really good with commands. He’s telling Bean to sit everywhere. – Yeah, sit. Good boy! (laughing) Good boy! Sit! Good boy! (gasps) – Tray training has been a disaster. And he cries all night.
– Fussing. And whenever we leave him alone. – To a certain extent, a lot of that puppy crying
is very very normal. And you can’t get rid of it 100%. Until your puppy starts to understand and get used to the fact that being alone is not a bad thing. – How do we get him to feel that way? He’ll follow me into
all the different rooms. He’ll follow me everywhere
and sit on my feet and lay down there. – So what you wanna start with
is gonna be crate training. So with crate training,
what you’re trying to do is build a positive
association with the crate. So your puppy should
eventually view the crate as kinda like their safe
spot, like their room. Then you wanna fill it with all sorts of fluffy things for them to feel comfortable there. As he gets older he should naturally grow out of that a little bit but you can help him
along the way to make that progress a little bit faster. – So last night, Bean actually slept through the entire night
for the first time ever. It was incredible. I sang to him. I sang a lullaby that I
made up called “Babybies.” We felt like new parents just kind of creeping away
after the baby’s asleep like, “Oh, he’s finally asleep!” As time went on, I became
more comfortable having a dog. – He’s got teeth coming in
so he chews on everything. It’s just like this. – So what you really wanna
start with at this point in time is socializing a little. A lot of people will go
straight to “sit, down” cues, things like that. But there’s something called
the socialization period from four weeks to sixteen
weeks of your puppy’s life. And that is when your puppy is
like a brand new little spud. And everything you expose them to, they soak up and normalize. You want them to do
things like loud trucks, big crowds, escalators, things like that. Those are all things you
want to expose your puppy to at this point in time. – So Bean is about to meet
other dogs for the first time. Eugene brought over Pesto and Emma. Pesto, Emma, and Bean
got along really well. And Bean immediately
started playing with them. – We think he’s going
to be great socially. (chatter) – Get him! We are at the mall
trying to socialize Bean. We’re just gonna walk around and try and meet lots of people. It is week three and I’m taking
Bean for a walk to dinner. Ariel and I are gonna get dinner outside. Operation “Socialize Bean” is happening. So another dog just snapped at Bean and he got really scared. And I was getting all his flashbacks of all times that a dog scared Bean. I just feel really sad for him right now. Is he gonna be okay, Ariel? – I think they’re all fine. – He’ll be okay. ♪ We’re walking in circles,
we’re walking in circles! ♪ ♪ It’s fun to eat apples! ♪ ♪ Watch out for the table! ♪ Little by little I got
better at being a dog parent. I learned that when dogs jump up at you, that means they wanna play. And if you don’t want them to do that make yourself less interesting, not by going, “Ahh! Ahh! Ahh! Ahh!” but by closing yourself off and waiting for him to do that behavior that– (yaps) Making me look bad, Bean. It’s a big day, we’re
gonna give Bean a bath. We got this little chew toy
with sweet, sweet cheese inside. Yay, this is the best day ever! (whines) – Oh my God, you’re in the sink. – Here’s water, this is
the water, drink the water. You are so soft. No, stay in. (singing) – Time to bust out the big guns! – Washy, washy, washy! – Look at this! You are just washing him! – He’s so tiny! – It’s okay, it’s okay. Look at me. No! Where did all of your fur go? You are now just a little tiny doggo. She’s done. More cheese. – So this is called a clicker. It comes in a bunch of different forms and you can click one side. (clicking clicker) – Ooh, that is loud! – And it makes this nice clear noise. So a marker helps identify to your puppy what they did correctly and
when they did correctly. – It helps them connect
the treat to the behavior. – Exactly, exactly. – Beanie, can you sit? (clicking clicker) Good boy! – Beanie, down! – Come on, you can do it! – No! – Beanie, beanie! Sit down. Good boy! (clicker clicking) – Yes! Now he’s getting it. Let’s go lightning mode. Sit! Yes, down! Yes, sit! Yes! Down, yes! Sit, yes! Down! (clicker clicking) Yeeeeeeaaaah!
– There we go! Good job! – Yes, yes, yes, Bean! I got to play with the dog clicker, I learned different cues, and by the end of the first month, Bean knew how to sit, lay down, he would come when we called, and he had an emergency
recall phrase called “Bean, come find me!” – Bean, come find me! (tapping ledge) (clicking clicker) Yes, good boy! Here! Over here! Yes, oh! Over here, yes! – That was used when all else failed. (tapping knee) Ahhh, good boy! Good boy! Sit! Sit! Shake! Oh, goodness! Ahh! – Sit! Shake! Yes, good boy! – Learning how to communicate with Bean actually helped me get
over my fear of dogs. As time went on we had more
and more tender moments that made me really appreciate the dog. I was able to transfer
those feelings of love for my dog towards other dogs. So it is the evening time and
I just came back from a dinner with my friends, The Try Guys. And I’ve had a little bit to drink. And all I wanna do is play with my dog. I just wanna cuddle with Bean. This is a big change for me. Previously, I would not want to have anything to do with dogs. (toy squeaking) Ohhhh, Bean! I just love you so much! I love you, Bean! Yeah, I just wanna hold you, ohhh! – Hi! – Ohhh. That one wants to touch you. He did so good. There was one part where
he was a little spooked but aww, he just seems to
really like the horses. We went to dog parks together, he would run around, we were getting closer
and closer to that idyllic Saturday afternoon at a
park with a kid and a dog catching a Frisbee. But then everything
changed when we had a baby. We had a baby! The baby’s here! He’s right over there! Suddenly, Bean was not our only baby. We had an actual human baby that we devoted way more time, way more energy, way more our of tender loving care and Bean, a dog, was kinda relegated to second-class status. We didn’t go to the dog park as much. We didn’t get to run around as much. And Bean became more
protective over the baby, which means he barked a lot more. Which seems very sweet,
until the baby is napping. It is a god damn nightmare! We’d enlist my sister to take him on walks or take him to the dog park. He would even spend the
night at my sister’s house because it would be a more
fun experience for him. And as Wes started crawling around, and interacting with the dog, all of a sudden I became terrified that Wes was going to
develop a fear of Bean because any time Wes saw the dog, all he wanted to do was grab
a big ol’ handful of his fur and yank him! (growls) – Bean, stop it! No! It’s okay, Wes. The dog would growl at the baby. I was mortified. I’d done something horribly wrong and now my one year old
son is going to be afraid of dogs forever. It’ll take him 32 years and a
whole bunch of YouTube videos to get over it and then he’ll have a kid and that kid will be afraid of dogs too. Ugh! But as Wes started
eating more solid foods, suddenly they had something in common! Snacks! That’s right, any time Wes ate meals he would have a little bit in his hand that he would slowly drop
on the floor for Bean. And then Bean was so excited. “Hey, this little baby
that used to grab my hair “is now feeding me snacks.” Little by little, their
cold relationship warmed up because of snacks. (lapping milk) (laughs) Yeah! What are you guys doing? Oh my gosh. Now Bean is three years old. He’s officially no longer a puppy. He is full on dog. And Wes, my baby, is a year old. They’re both growing up together and we finally had a nice summer day in our backyard where Wes
was able to take a ball and throw it a little ways, and then Bean went and grabbed it and brought it back to him. I finally have that
idyllic Saturday afternoon with my family and a dog. And as for me, now when
I go out in public, if a dog starts barking at me I don’t just run faster. I’ll walk over, say hi. And then keep running. I still get spooked if I’m
walking down a dark alley way and a dog suddenly barks
but I think everyone would get scared in that scenario. And now even though I did have a traumatic childhood experience, I’m not afraid of dogs anymore. If you love dogs, I hope this made you think of your dog. Yes! Oh yes! (upbeat music) He says, “Ugh. Mommy’s gone. “Now I have to play with the dad.” Beanie, let’s play! Let’s play! Let’s do fun things together, yay!

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  1. I absolutely loved this video. It's so great that you chose to get over your fear of dogs by getting one, Ned. You have a beautiful family, completed by the adorable little Bean. Because of him, it's likely Wes will only love dogs more as he grows.

  2. Well, I have the same trauma that happened to me as ned when I was a kid. The dog literally jumped and almost bite my face. That’s why I can’t touch it neither near the dog.

  3. This video is so adorable. I love your relationship with Bean. Training is very important when there are major changes in a dog’s life. I know when I have my own kids that my furbabies will love them fiercely.

  4. I was the first baby in a house with a dog. I totally grabbed at him and thought it was the joy of my life. The difference? He was an older dog. Probably about seven when I was born. So he put up with a LOT of shit, because he knew he was the adult and I was the baby and it was part of his job to love the baby. I think if you'd gotten bean a little older, or a little earlier, or had wes a little later, it might have been less scary in terms of barking at being grabbed, but of course hindsight is 20/20! It's nice to get a dog maybe five years old from a shelter, because then you're not dealing with baby energy and instincts, and the dog has mellowed out. And senior dogs are wonderful, they're so sweet and just love cuddles, but they jump and even bark way less!
    Growing up with a dog is a great thing for a baby. Even if they get snapped at once in a while, it helps them learn that animals are creatures who have boundaries you need to respect. And that's helpful growing up. As an adult who adores dogs and all animals, I'm so glad and grateful that my parents had a puppy to prepare for having a baby. I think it was great for everyone, honestly.
    Good job plowing ahead to pursue your dream! Even childhood trauma can't stand in the way of a man's white picket fence. I'm sure you, Ariel, and Wes are all gonna be just fine. 🙂

  5. Bean was soooo cute as a puppy. Glad you conquered your fear of dogs Ned! And Bean learned to like Wes. I was attacked by a big dog when I was a tiny tot. It jumped a fence, dragged me off my tricycle, and was trying to tear my belly open. Fortunately, even though I was a block away from my house, my own dog saw it happen. He smashed through a window and came charging in to rescue me. He was only six months old at the time, and not as massive or shaggy like the other dog, but he made up for it in sheer will. I might have developed a fear of dogs after that if not for my good doggo.

  6. Actually it is okay to know that dogs can bite too It is a good life lesson, I know the baby may be little bit too young to remeber that, but I think it stays instinctually on him Animals can be cute, and scary, dangerous too The life in general is like that, try, fail, expierence, learn, right ? You guys mostly live in the big cities where all dogs, pets around you is trained to behave a good And you often forget about that they can bite too And when you see astray dog or other animals in the towns and villages(in the cities too if they were existed), you better do not try to pet them, because they are not trained like a city dogs, they grew up a little bit more natural They can bite you, and unfortunately, stray dogs sometimes are infected with rabies, and it is deadly, uncurable disease So beware And that's why it is important to baby to know that dogs can bite too

  7. If you don’t bring a scent-blanket from the litter you aren’t probably getting it from a good breeder or foster family. Tbh I’m let down that they didn’t adopt! You can clearly tell this dog is expensive. Poodles and labradoodles are $3,000 in Seattle.

  8. See how Bean would not look at Ned in the last frame? Spend more time with Bean, Ned. He’s upset at you.

  9. My daughter was scared of dogs so we got one for our family. Gypsy was so careful and gentle and slowly my daughter's confidence grew now we have two dogs and my girl has them sleep with her shes now a full on dog person. So amazing watching them bond

  10. Wes looks so much like Ariel, it kinda blows my mind.

    And I agree with the other commenters that Bean was being a good dog and wasn’t being aggressive with Wes at all, despite being provoked. Kids need to be taught how to interact with dogs more gently.

  11. When I was 4-5, I was attacked by a German Shepherd. But for some reason, it didn’t give me a fear of dogs. Large hyperactive dogs cause like 1/10 anxiety, but other than that, I guess I was lucky. I’ve got a tiny scar under my nose, barely noticeable, from the incident. He messed up my face. I begged my grandma/mum + dad not to punish him. He just got excited over a tiny person. He didn’t know his own strength. At the ER I told the doctor that I was mean to the dog.

  12. My vet tech brain the entire first third of this video was screaming "IS HE FULLY VACCINATED YET? HE SHOULDN'T BE AT DOG PARKS IF HE ISN'T FULLY VACCINATED"

  13. Has anyone noticed that they keep changing the video names lately? Like they will put out the video with one name, then a few days later it's named something different. It's really weird and I don't get why their doing it, and every time it happens it gives me a Mandela Effect type existential crisis. I wish they would stop.

  14. I loved so much of the type of training they did with Bean! It's so great to see really solid training methods promoted like this! The only thing I wasn't huge on was Ned's reaction to Bean growling at Wes. I really hope they didn't punish him for it, because growling is a very good thing. Growling is an important warning, and people that punish away a growl are the people that claim their dog "bit out of the blue" (it didn't they just didn't see the more subtle warning signs that a dog will give before resorting to a growl). It's far more important to teach Wes to respect Bean's space than to teach Bean that he has to accept uncomfortable or painful interactions with Wes.

  15. Lol I love that they changed the title! ? ❤️ Love this video, Bean is my favorite he has such a big personality.

  16. Thank you, bean looks and acts so much like my first dog rusty who passed away just over 2 years ago, i love and miss him so much, it was nice to be able to see this video. Thank you!

  17. When my family went camping, we went to get firewood in a shop, which was way back in the woods. One or two giant pit bulls starting growling and barking at us. I was 3, my sister was 5, and my little brother was 2, so my mother was terrified. When we were speed walking down back to our camper, trying to get away, we found a cabin who let me and my siblings in till my mom and big brother came back with our truck. We now have three dogs and met the guy with the dogs in church who apologized. Not all dogs are scary <3

  18. When you get a new puppy to help it feel comfortable at night you put a hot water bottle in their bed with them because it feels like they are sleeping with their litter and a clock underneath their dog pillow to simulate a heartbeat. I did this with my dog when I got him and he never cried once????

  19. Tbh Bean wasn’t being super aggressive. He did growl but he also moved away and extricated himself from the situation (grabby baby). I’m not a dog person myself but I’m told by dog people that they’re extremely patient with babies and baby animals but still, having someone yank your hair must hurt.

    Also, Wes didn’t even seem that bothered. Almost like an innate understanding of “Ok, won’t be doing that again.”

  20. I know it’s 3 years too late but you should’ve given Baby Bean a hot water bottle in his sleeping area so he could feel the warmth like he used to from his mother

  21. Hi Ned, I don't know if you'll see this but I'll write it anyway, because of the chance that you will see it ? This video was so beautiful to watch. I'm only a few weeks away from getting a puppy to train as a service dog for myself. I'm very excited and nervous at the same time about it and sometimes my anxiety tells me it's not such a good journey to embark on (pun not intended.) But watching this video and seeing how bean helped heal a part of you which was affected by trauma really spoke to me. Thank you so much ? my dog will be trained to help me cope with my ptsd and anxiety disorders. And the care and love that went into this video touched my heart. It makes me feel that if bean could help you to grow and heal Ned. Then maybe my service dog will help me too.
    Thank you ?

  22. this is cute, but I am starting to wonder if Eugene is ok. We haven't heard from him in a while. And the last thing we heard was a super huge big deal. I want to know he is doing ok ?

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    Flash forwards to years later and my dad brings home a baby German Shepard who then grows up and is trained to be his service dog. Growing up with a puppy who became a rather large dog pretty much slowly erased my fears and now I really want a puppy for myself

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